[SHOT 2017]Smith & Wesson Performance Center To Introduce New M&P Pistols as well as Performance Center Slide Kits

So I am always enthused to hear about new guns coming to market, after all, more guns on the market means more variety and more things for me to shoot. I like excuses to go shoot. In a rather long press release, the Performance Center released their plans for 2017, among them was the new Performance Center Shield .45 that we leaked a while back. What we didn’t know was coming was the slide kits.

OK, so I know you are sitting there thinking, “Patrick, slides are lame. Get over it.” You couldn’t be more wrong friend. The fact that you can now upgrade that tired old police trade-in gun with a ready made kit from Smith is nothing short of outstanding. It leaves me wondering if it will be possible to pick up one of those ultra cheap Gen 1 M&P .40 guns that flooded the market when police departments all over the US dumped them and fit the new slide kit (one chambered in a respectable caliber like 9mm) and changed the ejector out for the appropriate part.

I guess that is a question that I will need to ask the folks at the Smith booth once I swing by. Think of the possibilities!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Smith & Wesson Performance Center.

New Performance Center M&P Pistols

Since 2006, the Performance Center has gained a reputation for taking standard M&P pistols and adding the Performance Center touch.  The new Performance Center M&P45 Shield™ pistol (sku: 11629) follows in this tradition.  Consumers will quickly notice the factory ported barrels and slides. The factory porting helps keep muzzle flip down which assists the shooter to get the pistol back on target faster.  The Performance Center M&P45 Shield pistol can be purchased with either adjustable HI-VIZ® fiber optic sights or Tritium Night Sights (sku: 11727.)
Consumers will want to see the new ported M&P pistols in the Performance Center catalog.  Available in multiple configurations, the full-size pistols can be purchased in the standard 4.25” barrel or the 5” long slide.  Both barrel lengths can be available in two of the most popular pistol calibers, 9mm and .40S&W.  Shooters will appreciate the fast acquisition with the HI-VIZ sights and they will be quickly back on target with the reduced-recoil from the factory ported slides and barrels.  A Performance Center sear and an adjustable trigger stop provide a smooth shot with reduced over-travel.


New Performance Center M&P Slide Kits

For the first time in 2017, customers can “hot rod” their M&P pistol with the new Performance Center C.O.R.E .™ slide Kit (multiple skus).  Each slide kit comes with a ported barrel and slide.  The slide is cut to accept five different optic mounting plates.  The white-dot front sight and drift-adjustable rear sight allow for easy target acquisition.  Also included are three C.O.R.E. style palmswells.  The patented interchangeable palmswell system allows the user to customize the grip and feel of their M&P, enhancing the pistol’s natural 18 degree grip angle.  Slide kits are available for a number of different pistol configurations.



    Wow thats a lot of ports on that slide. I wonder how much more muzzle rise is reduced with 6 ports instead of just 2 at the end and how much bullet speed is decreased with 6 over 2.

    • Dustin Heaton

      If it’s like the 9mm shield, then just two of them are ports and the other 4 are “lightening cuts”

  • Beju

    “It leaves me wondering if it will be possible to pick up one of those ultra cheap Gen 1 M&P .40 guns that flooded the market when police departments all over the US dumped them,”

    That would make sense if you’re going to replace the trigger, slide stop, and striker anyway (and whatever else breaks on them).

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      That would be the plan. I have a M&P 40 (shiver) and would love to convert it to a CORE in 9mm. I don’t like it enough to buy a whole new gun though.

      • Beju

        I know a guy who works in a small department that was probably one of the last to switch from revolvers to semi-autos around 2010, IIRC. They switched to M&P 40s because the boss liked S&W and the idea of .40 cal. I don’t know if they were new, old stock, but they had a couple guys with broken strikers after a few hundred rounds. The guy I know had his slide stop break while he was taking a master pistol instructor course at the state police academy. Fortunately, it was the left handed side that broke off, and he’s right handed. Apparently the slide stop was the first redesign, not the second.

      • BeoBear

        That is exactly my thoughts. I have an M&P40 that came with a horrible gritty trigger that has since been remedied with an Apex Tactical DCAEK. I’ve been looking for good deals on a 9mm conversion barrel but now I’m thinking that one of these slide kit’s is the ticket. I was also planning to have my slide milled for an extra RMR I have so this kills two birds with one slide.

  • diana pierce

    I thought SW Shields were all the rave back then ? what happened . Did everyone score a ‘miss’ ?

  • Bill

    I wonder if any original police M&Ps ( outside of the SWATTERS and the few cops who are gun nuts) have actually been shot enough to need replacing, and how many agencies are drooling over the thought of new pistols when their old ones have maybe 10K rounds through them, if that.

    I like all the PC mods, but absolutely no ports.

  • Nick

    They should offer them with or without ported barrels, integral porting on a 9mm is kind of pointless (in my opinion).