Suppressors From Freedom Armory Machine Works

In less than a week, Freedom Armory Machine Works will be debuting the Dragoon 5.56 and 7.62 at this year’s SHOT Show. Including features of being fully disassembled for cleaning, machined from solid titanium bar stock with no welds and being rated up to .300 Weatherby Magnum (7.62 version), the Dragoon brings a lot to the table.

The Dragoon 5.55 and 7.62 is available in a direct thread or one-handed quick detach mounting system.



Although decibel readings don’t necessarily tell a silencer’s whole story, one detail I especially appreciate is that they outline their sound reduction testing procedures here:

Following the standards & procedures as outlined in Paulson, Alan C., Silencer History and Performance, Volume 1 chapter 5

1.0 meter to the left of muzzle 90 deg to the bore axis

1.6 meters above non-reflective surface

No reflecting surfaces near by

10 rounds are fired & averaged to determine performance

Atmospheric conditions are recorded

B&K 2209 meter
B&K type 4136 ¼” microphone
B&K type 4220 pistonphone

Many things can impact the performance of a suppressor (partial list):

Major impacts:
Host weapon
Barrel length

Minor impacts:
Local atmospheric pressure
Wind direction & velocity

Of course, they also manufacture a few other silencer models:

Freedom Armory Machine Works – Minuteman:

Introducing the Minuteman Suppressor from Freedom Armory Machine Works.

Freedom Armory has revolutionized modern suppressor technology with the first and only design using our patented* Gas Indexing Technology (GIT). GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack to take advantage of differences in pressures between handguns and rifles. This provides the optimum in sound reduction capabilities on a host of different firearms allowing you to re-configure stacks as you transfer the suppressor between a handgun and a rifle.



Introducing the Grenadier Pistol Suppressor from Freedom Armory Machine Works.

Second in the family of revolutionary Freedom Armory suppressors that utilize our patented* Gas Indexing Technology (GIT), these .45, 9mm and 9mm CQB suppressors are balanced, lightweight and extremely robust. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack providing optimum sound reduction capabilities for a host of handguns and rifles.

Existing suppressor technology allows for only partial disassembly which greatly compromises cleaning abilities. Grenadier® features Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) that permits complete disassembly of all components, including piston housing, without the need for any special tools.




I will be swinging by the Freedom Armory booth at SHOT 2017 for a closer look.


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  • Jack Morris

    The baffles look an awful lot like the ones in my SWR Spectre II with the addition of what I assume are indexing notches. Not a bad thing by any means. The Spectre II is an awesome silencer!

  • micmac80

    How do they sell these 150$ silencers for 1000$ ?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      The NFA.

      • Ebby123

        But not for much longer! 😀 😀

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          That’s the hope!

  • derfelcadarn

    Because making a pistol have a barrel has long as a rifle makes them so much more effective. Any advantage quiet might have provided is negated by the loss of concealability.

    • Goody

      You think these are meant to be carried? No, meant for home defense or just making range sessions more enjoyable.

      • iksnilol

        You can also screw it on pretty quickly (for that inpromptu assassination).

        Or carry suppressed in a vertical shoulder holster.

  • Lee M Attinger

    It looks like an F1 can with a couple of aesthetic touches added. You can literally order an identical baffle stack off amazon. No thank you.