Sirearms Concealment Furniture, A New Twist

Sirearms posted up a teaser video of their new concealment furniture. We have seen other manner of concealment dressers before but Sirearms has a slight twist on the idea. They are using some sort of camming magnet.

You can pull the drawer out using the knobs on the front of the drawer. Put the drawer back and twist the knobs. Then when you pull the knobs the drawer stays put and a hidden drawer is pulled out to reveal two handguns.

At first glance I thought the knobs may be using printable magnets as seen on Smarter Everyday.


However if you look at the photo I posted at the top, you can see what appears to be a metal bracket and a circular recess. I think the knobs are rotating a magnet on an arm. By rotating the knob, the magnet is moved away from the metal bracket and so the door of the drawer cannot pull the main drawer out. It is an interesting take on the concealed drawer concept.

Nicholas C

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  • Dickie

    Like it

  • Anonymoose

    Looks better than the usual derp-shelves.

    • Swarf

      Yeah, I agree. The concealed furniture market is catching up to the IKEA level tastes. Which I don’t mean as a sarcastic insult. Shocking, I know.

      For the longest time, all you saw was super high end one-off custom work or JoeBob’s Overstuffed Everything-Comes-With-A-Cupholder! Rent To Own level quality.

  • Cymond

    It could also be done with some kind of rotating mechanical latch, instead of magnets.

    • John

      I was thinking that. A discreet mechanical latch on the handle and possible even a subtle lock/key for a second layer of security – turning it one way unlocks the normal drawer, turning it the other unlocks the latch mechanism and makes it usable. One would still need to know about the latch to pull it open though.

      • Seth Hill

        That would be a better system for people that have a tendency to cram a lot into a drawer. With the magnet setup if something catches and prevents the top section from opening, then the bottom will be accidentally exposed.

        • Jeremy Nettles

          Exactly what I was thinking.

          • John Swinkels

            Guys get with it,why would you use an old mechanical action instead of rare earth magnets.I use 12 volt electromagnets with a 500 lbs locking force,a printed signature magnet.That guy is a genious .

        • John Swinkels

          Seth put 2x rare earth magnets together the size of your dime and i will buy you a beer if you can pull them apart.

    • Grey Beard

      I think you may be on to something as it appeared to be 2 different drawer slide brackets to me. If that were the case it would seem that a simple rotating latch would work.

  • Giolli Joker

    Very nice.
    It could be done even without magnet, although the magnet should assure more consistency over time.

  • Edeco

    FNX on an HK cloth… well, ok, if it gets used to wipe crud off of the FNX, with the part with the logo on. Otherwise, blasphemy.

  • John E Davies

    Nice, but to any burgler who is not out of his head on crack, the heavy duty “tool box grade”ball bearing slides are a dead giveaway that something is hidden. Not to mention that when he pulls out the clothes looking for cash he will see the high false bottom. Otherwise, well done. I will pass though. JD

    • Swarf

      You solved your own problem in the first sentence.

      • Vizzini

        Having been the victim of burglary before, I can attest that while they are certainly not smart, they are destructive. They’ll rip a chest of drawers apart, pulling out all the drawers just for the heck of it. High probability they’d detect something like this.

        • I was just thinking that; every tossed room I’ve ever seen had dawers that were just yanked the hell out and dumped. For a chest of drawers it would be better to have a false back panel or something that wouldn’t be obvious even if it were tipped over.

        • Fred Johnson

          So, it’s really meant to hide guns from your own family, then. Still not a bad idea.

    • Random Disable Person

      The top drawer is bad choice since it is closest to their face. Meaning they would recognize the depth difference easier. Now make it 2-3 drawers down and the angle and side view is less obvious. Especially when you get a way from taller dressers. downside there is lower is easier for small kids, which can be clever to their own detriment.

      Criminals are smart and inventive, see any jail/prison’s collection of improvised contraband for a realization. Not all crooks are dumb, some could make decent livings honestly if they put the brains to better use. With some needing a better break at life, from starting off in place with low potential and opportunity.

      the sad fact is due to firearms shape and length, having them accessible usually means a few places thieves look. Add to that a good percentage knows their target has certain items before breaking in….. Their odds of hunting for certain items increase likely hood. Dummy furniture is becoming well know. Perhaps it time to have a cheap metal cabinet with locked rifle sleeves with broken air guns in them. Hoping they grab those and run before opening them.

      Honest people are at the disadvantage to criminals. We have to work and live a life. The scum just watch and study for when to steal. Between their stays in prison, that the police and courts have to actually deal with.

      • Ripley

        Easy. Just fill the top drawer with cash and cocaine and the thief will not even think further to steal the guns.

        • Random Disable Person

          Only if someone cuts that cocaine(any powder that fakes numbing could work I guess) with ground up Altoids….
          Not lethal(no homicide charge) and they’ll think it is the really good stuff for opening up their sinuses, before the real burn hits. Just imagine them trying to stop that burn.

          Plus use disease ridden dirty strip club cash and hope they use it to snort the crap up. If lucky maybe they’ll get fluid transmitted type diseases .

          Might as well make the gift keep on giving 😉

  • I might try to diy one of these

  • Don Ward

    This is legitimately retarded and irresponsible. Store your guns in a safe or a locked location people.

    • Stevo

      What’s irresponsible about it?

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    Stealth drawer on the bottom.
    Kewl video on the printable magnets.

  • jerry young

    I always check these type of things out looking for a better way to keep a handgun secure but easily accessible compared to the gun vault I have to lock away a spare gun that may take time you don’t have to retrieve it, this looks pretty good the only drawback I could see is when you open the drawer normally the extra thick front might give some hint to a second drawer kind of like hanging a 4 inch thick shelf on your wall and putting a picture with no weight on it, I’m going to have to look further into this one

  • Charles

    I will go with the gun safe plus a very extensive home security system. Not cheap but peace of mind. Every door and window covered with both open and vibration sensors, motion activate cameras, etc. And forget landline connection. Wireless. They know to cut the telephone line first. Cheap? No. Worth the sense of security? Yes. Oh, and don’t forget the dog!

  • uisconfruzed

    Great post!