Blackhawk Expands AR Parts & Accessories Business


Without any doubt in my mind, the AR-15 is the rifle of both today and the future for American shooters. The guns are reliable, easy to shoot, easy to maintain and are very easy to modify for even novices. Quite literally, you can build one of these guns from a block of aluminum that has only been partially machined using hand tools. I suspect that this market will continue to grow as more people discover these rifles and current owners decide to spend more time customizing their existing guns.

Blackhawk previously entered the AR accessories market with several items like its Blaze trigger kit. For 2017, the company is expanding its line of AR products to include a new charging handle, pistol grip and stock.

The No Latch charging handle dispenses with the normal latch and uses a leaf spring instead. This allows the latch to be ambidextrous without having to add any additional parts. Also, Blackhawk added a rubber overmold to the handle to increase traction between it and the shooter’s hand or glove. The charging handle remains low profile so as not to interfere with any optics. Overmold pieces will be available in a variety of colors.


Blackhawk’s new pistol grip uses the Knoxx name, but it does not have any of the normal recoil reducing mechanisms that the Knoxx stocks are known for. It has a slightly different palm swell and grip angle than the normal A2-style grips, plus is textured and does not have any finger grooves.


Like the pistol grip, the A-Frame stock uses the Knoxx name but doesn’t use the typical recoil reduction systems. The stock is similar to other M4-ish stocks with an adjustable length of pull, but it includes a fit adjustment screw to eliminate play between the buffer tube and stock. Also, the stock has multiple QD attachment points and a rather thick, honeycomb recoil pad.

At the time I am writing this, prices have not yet been announced on these products.

Richard Johnson

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  • Mmmtacos

    I’m generally not a fan of Blackhawk products but that charging handle actually seems like a pretty good idea. Interested to see how it holds up over continuous usage with the leaf spring and overmold.

  • Bill

    I wish Blackhawk had greater plans than to become the WalMart of tactical stuff.

    If you need a recoil reducing stock or pistol grip on a 5.56 AR you have issues.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Maybe it’s for the .458 SOCOM operators like James?

    • DanGoodShot

      I wish some manufacturers would stop putting their name sooooooooo large on their products. A small crest, logo or lettering fine. But when your name takes up over 90% of the surface area thats just ridiculous to me.

      • Shane Tomlinson

        Totally agree.

    • AR-10s use the same buffer tubes, don’t they? Battle rifle cartridges could use a bit o’ tamin’.

      I agree that the RAW POUNDING FURY of .223 Rem is hardly a shoulderkiller, but quite a bit of filthy lucre has passed over quite a few palms for the sake of huge honkin’ AR compensators that primarily serve the purpose of clearing out adjacent lanes at the range, so this ain’t exactly beyond the pale.

      • Bill

        That’s ironic: “Raw Pounding Fury” was my porn name back in the 80s.

  • Skunkeye

    “you can build one of these guns from a block of aluminum that has only been partially machined using hand tools.”

    And you only need about a hundred other precision-made factory parts to do it! 🙂

  • Jack Morris

    Maybe I am not understanding the build concept, but replacing a coil spring with a leaf spring seems like a downgrade. Don’t coil springs have a longer service life than leaf springs? I was also under the impression they were less prone to breaking.

    • Bradley

      The leaf spring is replacing both the spring and the latch. The concept is there doesn’t have to be a complex mechanism for ambidextrous use. I have the mega arms which does the same thing in a different way, aND it’s really nice. As far as the durability of this design goes, who knows. After using the mega arms though I’ve decided not having a latch handle is pretty nice.

  • lawbob

    Wonder if that overmold will do the same as the RTV trick for gas blowback.

  • diana pierce

    Aside from possibly metal and plastic new-tech… and piston.. little can be done besides cosmetic enhancements….little needs be done. as long as conventional ammo is used. When new ammo tech comes about .. then we’ll probably see new designs not yet imagined. I want to see developed a sight system based upon what the shooter sees and where the muzzle is pointed. And possibly a verbal command to make adjustments and also to fire away,

  • Skunkeye

    I wouldn’t expect too much subtlety from a company that has an exclamation point at the end of their name…

    • DanGoodShot

      Ha! You have a very good point

    • whit3

      You won the Internet with that comment!

  • As someone who dearly loves the nylon set screw on Aero Precision lowers which eliminates upper/lower slop, I am Most Definitely Interested in that stock and its capacity for eliminating stock/buffer wiggle.

  • iksnilol

    What about removing the logo? Might be some work but probably worth.

    • DanGoodShot

      Could. But I don’t have the time or tools to make it look good. I know cosmetics are not a big thing for some. If I was on the battlefield or this was to put food on my plate I wouldn’t gave a rats a$$ either. But I do. The bigger thing for me, I don’t like giving a company my money to be their billboard. Now, If a company is willing to give me a huge discount(70%+) so they can plaster their name on the product extremely large… then yeah I’ll buy it! 😉

      • iksnilol

        That makes no sense, its their product, they can do whatever they want with its design.

        • DanGoodShot

          Its their product until I buy it. Think of a truck. Small emblem on the front and back, I have no prob. Company name in big ol’ letters across the doors, I’m not gunna buy that. Same with anything else. Just my feelin’ on it.

          • iksnilol

            Well, I don’t like logos (considering debadging my car to be honest, though that is standard in the EDM scene 😛 ) but I do maintain that they can do whatever they want with their design.

            Though like you said, I most likely won’t buy it without defacing it.