Knives made of Mosin-Nagant Barrels

Dmitry Shevchenko is a Ukrainian knife maker, who among conventional knives makes ones from all kind of unusual sources. For example, ha has knives made of motorcycle engine piston connecting rods, cables, bicycle chains etc. However especially interesting are his knives made of Mosin-Nagant rifle barrels.

Knives Dmitry Shevchenko (4)

Dmitry used a Mosin-Nagant barrel found in places where WW2 battles took place. As you can see in the picture both the bore and outside surface were badly corroded by rust. After all, this rifle must have been under the ground for 70 plus years. So probably the rifle was in non-restorable condition and the knife maker turned it into a work of practical art.

Knives Dmitry Shevchenko (3)

One of the knives is made of the chamber with seven or eight inches of the rifled portion. Dmitry cut the chamber in half and made the knife’s handle out of it. Then he flattened the rifled portion and made the blade from it. The breech threads are also retained. He puts a 7.62x54R cartridge in the chamber/handle making it look like a cutaway. Of course, the cartridge has no practical use there and is only for decoration.

Dmitry also made a couple of knives entirely from the rifled portion of the Mosin-Nagant barrel.

Knives Dmitry Shevchenko (1)

Another one has a 16 gauge shotgun brass case as the knife’s handle.

Knives Dmitry Shevchenko (5)

Here are a couple of videos from Dmitriy’s YouTube channel showing these knives.

I think the idea is wonderful. Plus, these knives may also have a decent quality too.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Giolli Joker

    Good looking, although I guess that steel can’t be hardened to a knife worthy level.
    An edge in something like W1 from a file or similar would make these great.

    • Rick O’Shay

      There’s no reason you couldn’t harden it to hold an edge better.

      • Giolli Joker

        There could be a few reasons.
        Barrel steels usually have lower carbon content than average knife steels, and on basic carbon steels that is the element that drives hardness and therefore edge holding properties.
        Specifically it is hard to now exactly which steel was used in the Mosin barrel manufacturing, so the heat treatment can hardly be tailored to get the best from the material.
        Looking at few ideas floating on the net about these barrels, maybe the steel could get a hardness of around 45 HRC, where knives are normally in the 55 to 60 HRC range.

        • Rick O’Shay

          TIL. Thanks for that.

        • BryanS

          Its easy to know what was used in Russian barrel production. Everything laying around 🙂

  • M.M.D.C.

    I checked out his website. Beautiful stuff. I especially like the chain damascus knives.

    I saw plenty of connecting rod knives, but no piston knives.

    • Klaus

      Can not find a website just some videos. Could you post the link?

      • M.M.D.C.

        If you go to his youtube channel he has an “about” section with a web address.

    • Al Brautigam

      Pistons are aluminum. “[M]otorcycle engine piston connecting rods” is awkward, but he’s only talking about the rods.

  • Major Tom

    Better than letting the old rusted Mosin rust away to nothing. Bravo.

  • Nicks87

    Finally somebody found something useful to do with a Mosin Nagant.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Beat me to it.

    • Vitsaus

      Likely the best comment on this site all day.

    • Anonymoose

      Other than importing them again so people can buy them?

      • Nicks87

        You know I’m just kidding but I cant believe how the price went up on them. I came across a short “paratrooper” model with the folding bayonet. I almost bought it but they wanted $500 so I passed.

        • Anonymoose

          That’s because they haven’t had any import batches in the last few years, and so pretty much all the nuggets are in private hands now. AIM and J&G have some hex 91/30s for $279 and $269 (for Izhmash), but that’s still twice what it was a couple years ago. Thanks Obama.

    • noob

      rifle was fine *crying face*

      • DW

        Rifle is still fine comrade, you now have an obrez to go with your knife

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    That knife is probably worth more than the Mosin would be. Pretty cool.

  • Rick O’Shay

    I’d buy one.

  • Don Ward

    Those are terrible. I’ve seen better ideas from high school students in metal shop. If you’re going to do a gimmick like this, at least make the knife usable.

    • RocketScientist

      Post some links to the superior hand-forged custom knives YOU’VE made, big man. And these are actually FORGED, not just stock removal. I’ve yet to see a high school metal shop class with a forge, anvil, hammers and tongs.

      • Tinkerer

        Hey, he must know what he’s talking about. After all, he’s an Internet Ironsmith, working all day at his Internet forge with his Internet hammer and Internet anvil.

      • Don Ward

        BS. I don’t have to hand forge knives to point out shoddy and tacky designs. It’s called having taste and discrimination. But if we are measuring e-peen I am related to someone who does make actually useful functional and aethetically appealing knives. Any other dumb remarks?

        • RocketScientist

          Alright… so you’re backing off your “seen better from a high school metal shop” comment. As for it being shoddy and tacky, shoddy implies badly/poorly made, which these are not. There’s good finish, no visible inclusions or seams, straight lines, consistent proportions… if you HAD ever swung a hammer to shape iron (and no, knowing a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who used a belt-grinder to “make” a knife doesn’t count), you’d know to get a finished product like that takes a LOT of effort, skill and experience. So definitely not “shoddy”, they are well-made knives. As for tacky, well, thats a matter of taste. YOU make think they look tacky, but that doesn’t make it so. And the effect the guy uses is known as Brute de Forge and is quite popular in extremely high-end custom knives by well-renowned knife makers. So again, it’s a matter of taste; cant “prove” one way or another. But I CAN say that among discerning high-end knife collectors and bladesmiths, that aesthetic is considered to be pretty desirable.

        • iksnilol

          I am related to a minister and (another) that will most likely be a minister during his political career.

          Does that mean I am a good politician?

          • Dan

            Yes you have my vote.

          • Legolas

            And my bow.

          • BryanS

            And my Hammer!

            (hey, its even relevant. Full circle, woo!)

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Need more info. Are you a good liar? er… lawyer?

          • iksnilol

            I did almost kill a guy in front of like 20 witnessess and I didn’t get arrested (tho I was a minor).

            Where does that put me?

          • iksnilol

            Also, my brother is a lawyer, the politically succesful one.

          • Paul White

            God I hope not, you actually seem pretty cool

  • Analyst_NYC

    So this is where all the Mosins have disappeared to

    • Vitsaus

      No, they’re all piled up in some neckbeard “sheepdog” mother’s basement.

      • Ryfyle

        So they’re acting like a “Gun Cyst”. Were going to be pulling Mosins out of basements for centuries. I don’t know why anyone would have more than one.

        • Cymond

          I had more than one.
          Keyword: had

        • JohnHR

          I’ve got three. A 1929 Hex, a 1944 rounded receiver and a 1944 carbine.
          The wartime 1944 rounded will (scoped) shoot a 4-6 inch group at 400 yards using brass cased 180 grain.
          They are fun to shoot and more accurate than gun snobs want to give them credit for. Not to mention that a day at the range won’t set you back a lot of money for ammo.
          I’ve got high end Weatherby’s, Springfield’s and a host of other rifles but my fun guns are Mosin.
          They are being used, not cluttering up a corner of my basement. Come to think of it i don’t have a basement.

          • Nils

            Yeah, when a box of ammo costs less than $20 and it’s a bigger caliber, it’s hard to say no to Sergey Mosin’s gun.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Now attach a bunch of cheap Tapco stuff to the knives!

  • Disarmed in CA

    We shall beat the swords into…. more swords!

    • pithy

      *slow clap*
      Bravo to you, sir!

  • criterionbarrels

    That’s pretty cool. Great way to find a use for unserviceable barrels!

  • DanGoodShot

    Very cool.

  • Nick

    Where’s the drilled and tapped version with the ATI stock?

  • Wolfgar

    Now you can honestly say your knife may have shot a NAZI

  • Tierlieb

    In general, steel that is good for a barrel is not ideal for a knife. Too little carbon and too many elements meant to improve durability when heated.

    We had a few old MG42 barrels found by people with metal detectors and made knives out of that. I highly recommend cutting the barrel open along one side and forge-welding a carbon steel into that. Otherwise it is nice too look at but a bit disappointing to use.

    I assume the maker presented here did that but simply did not show it. He surely knows his way around damascus steel for sure. His cable damascus is really pretty.

  • CS

    This makes me want an 18″ barrel AK or AR and then have someone make the last 2 inches in to an intergrated knife/bayonet.

  • L. Roger Rich

    Neat war art. I’d hate to do it nowadays with one as they are no longer imported. Iv’e got several WW2 Navy war art ash trays made from shells.

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    Finally one can hit something with a nagant.

  • jonp

    I”d buy one. What a great conservation piece