F.A.V.S. “Stradivari” Single-Shot Bullpup Hunting Rifle

F.A.V.S. is an Italian firearms manufacturer, which is best known for its Stradivari rifle. It is a single-shot bullpup rifle, with a falling-block action. It looks pretty unusual, especially for a hunting rifle. Nevertheless, it is one of the most efficient bullpup rifles with overall length only 2 3/4 ” longer than the barrel length. As the name suggests, it is named after the famous Italian violin maker Antonio Stradivari.

Stradivari (9)

F.A.V.S. was established in 1957 by an Italian hunter and firearms designer Francesco Guglielminotti. He designed the Stradivari rifle in collaboration with his son Ali. Since 2003 the company is run by the sons of the founder – Ali and Edi.

Alì Guglielminotti

Ali Guglielminotti working on Stradivari rifle.

In order to work the falling-block mechanism, the shooter must pivot the buttstock upwards, thus lowering the block. At this position, the gun extracts and ejects the spent case and is ready to be loaded with a fresh round. Stradivari rifle is also advertised to be very safe with four different safeties.

Stradivari (1)

The rifle features Lothar-Walther barrels and several wood options and finishes. F.A.V.S. offers the gun in three configurations with three barrel length options. The three models are called mod. K, mod. M and mod. L with 19.7″ (500 mm), 24.8″ (630 mm) and 29″ (740 mm) barrel lengths respectively. The overall length of the gun varies from 22.45″ (570 mm) to 31.9″ (810 mm) depending on the barrel length. The weight of the gun also differs from 6 lbs to 7 lb 13oz.

Stradivari (3)

Stradivari (10)

Stradivari rifle is chambered in one of the following calibers: .222 Rem, .243 Win, .25-06 Rem, .270 Win, 7x64mm Brenneke, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield and .357 Maximum. The MSRP of the rifles in Europe is from € 2490 to € 2888, which roughly converts to $2620 to $3040 by today’s rates. Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the availability of this gun in the USA. For more detailed pricing information you can take a look at the price list on manufacturer’s website.



Website: www.favsarmi.com
Address: Via Nazionale 35 – 10050, Villar Focchiardo TO, ITALIA
Phone: ++39 011 9645006

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • LCON

    I thought it was Klingon…..

  • AMX

    Competition for the Pfeifer SR… interesting…

    • gusto

      you beat me by 2 hours

      the pfeifer has got a sleeker and less complicated look imo

      • BaldEagle

        It may look complicated, but it isn’t. Its falling block mechanism and its automatic safely make it quite simple.

        • Tassiebush

          What is the reloading process like? I am looking at the pictures but not entirely sure what the steps are? I can definitely see the appeal! It seems so handy.

          • BaldEagle

            It’s like many other single-shot rifles. Press button, open – the spent case gets automatically ejected, and quite energically, too. Insert fresh round, close. Aim and press automatic safety on the forend – ready to fire.

    • Tassiebush

      Wow I wasn’t familiar with that either http://www.pfeifer-waffen.at/en/sr2sr3-series/pfeifer-sr2.html

      • Jesse

        Thank you for this link! I saw the Pfeifer on Reddit or some gun forum a year or so ago and then completely forgot the link or the name. It’s been stuck in my brain since then, but I couldn’t remember how to find it again.

        • Tassiebush

          Thanks I reckon it’s always cool to have a link.

          • Dougscamo

            Checked out the link…cool! I have a laptop that won’t play embedded videos so I have to go to youtube….on a tangent here but stay with me….checked out newzealandgunsandhunting (one of the queued videos after the Pfiefer) doing testing on Mauser M12 Extreme in 6.5X55….turned on the captions and then laughed my a$$ off…try it….

  • willam

    I saw one of these at the shooting range about six months ago and simply had to go and talk with the owner about it. The owner had a ZEIS scope on it and used it for big game hunting all over the world and even let me take a shot with it.

    These are beautiful weapons and also great conversations starters.

    • RSG

      What country?

      • william


  • JoshCalle

    That’s the stupidest looking thing I’ve ever seen and I want 3 of them

    • Russ Kell

      Hah! Right there with you.

  • Anonymoose

    I remember reading about these years ago. Always thought they were really interesting. A shotgun version with like a 36″ barrel for trap shooting would be pretty cool.

  • Blake

    The 29″ version in 7mm Rem Mag would be an excellent example of what I was talking about in an earlier post. It’s about the smallest way to build a really long-barreled rifle so that all that powder can have time to do its job…

  • ??
    • John Yossarian

      Now I understand the cheek weld – It’s meant for the opposite of a turkey neck. A “turtle neck”? Scruching one’s neck into the shoulder.

      Makes it look a little like playing the violin… Now think of his support hand holding the stock, where it has finger grooves. Rather neat.

      • Giolli Joker

        I think that holding point on the stock is needed while opening the action.
        If I remember correctly the black bar in the slot on the handguard is a safety that needs to be pressed to allow the trigger to disengage.

  • Tassiebush

    It seems overly complicated but I just can’t help but like it.

  • BaldEagle

    I own a .30-06 M model and it is very finely crafted. Only downside is the single-shot mechanism, but you can’t have everything, right?

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Are you in the US?

      • BaldEagle

        No, Italy. Pretty close to where they are made, actually.

    • Zebra Dun

      BeeJeebus a 30.06 model?
      Now I really want one!

  • Giolli Joker

    Next it would be interesting to read an article on the Concari Revolution.

  • Edeco

    Handgun version plz. Also magnum rifle version. How spirited is the extraction? Barrel probably not free floating right? Great concept.

    • sprky777

      The scope is mounted at the muzzle, no need to free float.

  • DW

    …aaand a shoulder thing that goes up.

    • Ned Weatherby


    • Archie Montgomery

      Too funny! But no doubt some nitwit liberal would find something about which to moan.

  • Mick Finn

    Kill it with fire.

  • Jim Slade
    • Giolli Joker

      That should be the fancy DeLuxe stock configuration… It is pretty.

  • Sianmink

    That’s really neat.

    Imagine how handy that’d be in the ‘K’ size. MMmfffff.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    If there is one thing I know about bullpups is its that everyone complains about their triggers.

    If theres one thing I know about hunters and their rifles its that they are trigger snobs.

    I wonder how this works out.

    • BaldEagle

      You have a point, its trigger isn’t probably the best i’ve felt. But it gets the job done quite well, trust me.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        And I would expect its top notch compared to other bullpup triggers. With a focus more on precision and a price tag like that I would hope so.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Ever felt a Desert Tech SRS trigger? They’re FANTASTIC. Match-grade, even.

      So, it’s definitely possible with a bullpup design.

  • William Elliott

    this just screams for a suppressed version…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      300blk, bolt, suppressed. I’d buy one in a second.

      • iksnilol

        If it was a bolt action you wouldn’t have it nearly as short.

        • Wow!

          SBR bolt action :D. If you are going with a dedicated suppressed option, mind as well stick with a 6″ or smaller barrel. Plus with a folding stock you can get it smaller than a bullpup

          One of the big improvements in bullpups I predict that will bring it mainstream is when people start putting an adjustable stock and make the receiver fold at the chamber. I made a bullpup in 5.56 about 4 years ago with that concept (bottom eject behind the magazine feed lips like a p90 which I was pleased that Kel Tec incorporated into their RDB, although the Desert Tech MDR style of ejection seems a bit more compact of a design) and it allows the rifle to be folded in a 7×7″ space (if SBRed) which is perfect for a backpack or purse. I had an idea to produce it for citizen and law enforcement for a while but the issues with BATFE is too much of a headache for me to bother with. One of these days if no one figures it out or if gun control lobbies gets as bad as it was getting during the first 4 years of Obama, I’ll make and distribute a PDF so anyone can make them at home.

  • Jake

    this christmas we will be seeing an all black polymer version in 300 AAC.

  • gordon

    F me! That is a cool looking rifle. I’d like a .30-06, 24.8″ bbl, suppressor. I really shouldn’t read gun websites.

  • UCSPanther

    One of these in 45-70 or .444 marlin would make one heck of a brush gun…

  • Critter

    I need one of these in a bizarre metric caliber with a Zeisse scope, because reasons.

    • Jim Slade

      You’re in luck. TFB next week: “2.7mm Kolibri > .45 ACP”

  • Cal.Bar

    So….. by the 18th century they were making hunting rifles with TWO barrels, shotguns with TWO barrels which led to development of multi-round bolt action and semi-auto rifles…. all so we can go BACK to SINGLE SHOT hunting rifles again????? Who would actually HUNT with that thing. If I spend all bloody day schlepping through the woods freezing my butt off to find something to shoot, if I find it, a damn well want at least ONE follow up shot!

    • gordon

      Dual wield;-)

    • Tassiebush

      There are definitely hunting scenarios where rapid follow up shots are needed but I reckon there are lots of types of hunting where the reloading speed of this would be okay. I’d definitely hunt with it.

    • iksnilol

      Hey, us professionals don’t really need more than 1 shot. I mean, I like having a magazine but that’s just for double duty in case something really needs killin’ (dangerous animals and whatnot).

    • hacedeca

      Ever thought about the difficulties of a poachers (or assassins) life?

      You need an “easy-to-hide” weapon! A very italian rifle…

      • iksnilol

        Nobody appreciates us pro assassins nor the struggles we face daily, so thank you for recognizing us.

        • hacedeca

          Yeah, I’ve seen this documentary lately:”Assassin’s Creed”. That widened my heart…

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        When you’re hiding out in a clothing rack at the Gap, protecting the mayor’s nephew from Russian mobsters.

  • Tim

    Perhaps once Italy falls out of the euro and back into the lira (monstrously devalued) we can import some of these beautiful b!tches.

    • BaldEagle

      Y’all import one Italian firearm now and we will have the money to get our butts out of the Euro death trap 😉

    • BaldEagle

      Granted it will sound immodest, but, if i may say, we make fairly decent ones 😀

  • Ryfyle

    I do like kooky space guns with wood furniture. Who would have thought that the Falling block would find it self on a bullpup.

  • Mark

    I dunno how I feel about putting my cheek on top of a hunting rifle action. A bullpup 5.56 is one thing but 30-06? That’s a lot of horsepower to be resting your face on if something goes bad.

    • iksnilol

      They both have about the same pressure.

      And a falling block action is ridicilously strong.

      No worries.

  • Tassiebush

    Another tfb commenter made a martini cadet action based bullpup for dirtbike based hunting. The concept has merit!

  • Madcap_Magician

    That stock is oddly beautiful.

  • Ryobiwankenobi

    Could a Sig style brace be installed on the model K. That would be an excellent pistol in 357 Maximum.

  • Evan

    It looks so stupid, I need one.

  • 22winmag

    This would make a nice raccoon gun for night-time with my Vampire 3x.

  • nick

    neat ! you can just see the movie now where the “WDMOA” (well dressed man of action) take it from his expensive luggage to make that impossible single shot kill…then, go for a martini !

  • Zebra Dun

    It looks like something,
    A. Out of the old Charleton Heston planet of the apes movie.
    B. something only a Wookie could love.
    I want one!

  • Benjamin Goldstein
    • Dougscamo

      Now that is cool!….unfortunately Martini is not easily found in my neck of the woods….

  • L. Roger Rich

    Pretty and kind of cool but Ain’t worth $3000.

  • gregge

    Finally, a rifle that actually has a shoulder thing that goes up!

  • josh

    the only bad thing i see is on the shorter barreled models.. that has got to be brutal on the ears. This would be a great rifle for a suppressor.

    Also, like someone already said, put that 29″ barrel on there and really use the full potential of a given round, (264 WM would be my choice).

  • Archie Montgomery

    I’m sure the rifle is very functional and safe. However, at first sight I am not warmly disposed.

    Price around $3,000.00 U. S. dollars? As Maynard G. Krebs would say, “Oh, come now!”