D&H Tactical Magazines

D&H Tactical is a subsidiary of D&H Industries, which is a large metal products manufacturing company specializing in metal stamping, deep drawing and welding. As the name implies, D&H Tactical makes firearm related products. Particularly, they manufacture various magazines.

According to the information from their website, they have several quality control procedures to maximize the quality consistency of their products. As an example, they pull out several magazines from each lot and put them through mil spec destructive tests. Also, each D&H magazine passes individual inspection to ensure proper feed lip dimensions and spring compression.

Besides standard AR-15 GI pattern magazines, D&H tactical also makes several caliber specific magazines and a dedicated blank firing one.

D&H Tactical (4)

The blank firing training magazine has same outside dimensions as standard ones to fit in the guns designed for STANAG magazines. However, these mags have internal plugs, which don’t allow loading them with live rounds. This way it prevents possible accidents during blank firing exercises. As in the case of many other training products, the magazine body is painted blue. It also has a shortened follower to fit the reduced internal space.

Among caliber specific magazines there is a 7.62x39mm one for AR-15 style rifles.

D&H Tactical (1)

These are made of carbon steel with distinct curved body and chevron shaped embossings presumably stamped for structural strength.

D&H Tactical also makes dedicated .300 Blackout and 6.8mm Remington SPC magazines. The latter has a capacity of 25 rounds.

D&H Tactical (2)

D&H Tactical (5)

They also offer 10 and 20 round 7.62x51mm NATO magazines and 7 round 1911 mags.

D&H Tactical (6)

D&H Tactical (3)

Most of D&H magazines are possible to order in one of over 70 colors and hydrographic patterns.

D&H Tactical (8)

The company doesn’t have direct sales and to purchase their magazines you need to go to one of their dealers. You can find the list of dealers by clicking here.


D&H Tactical (1)

Website: www.dh-tactical.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dhtactical

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • joshv06

    Lots of ads lately

    • Hrachya H

      This is not an ad.

      • Joseph Goins

        “This is not an ad.”
        If it isn’t a a review, then it is a product placement. I’m not saying that you or TFB is getting paid for the article, but it is actually less informative than a Sootch video because he actually got his hands on the product. All you are doing is saying “check out this cool link I just found online.” It isn’t worthy of getting posted and represents a departure from what TFB used to be.

        • Edeco

          Yep, if not hands-on, deeper research would be nice. Get me some numbers on their quality program and what kind of overhead they’re running for instance.

        • We definitely aren’t being paid for this or any article ever period.

          • Joseph Goins

            No one accused TFB of that.

  • Edeco

    Sounds legit as far as it goes. Now, you can’t just say specializing in a good set of relevant processes and hint at SQC and have me won over. *wags finger in air* But you’ve got my attention.

  • it’s just Boris

    I think I’ve seen those 7.62×39 mags on the Bravo Company website.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      question is, do they work? if they do i might be reconsidering my choice of 5.56 for by build

      • Russ Kell

        I’ve had very good luck with Gen3 CProd mags for 7.62×39. One bad apple out of 12 mags. The rest run like clockwork.

  • Mr. Fosi

    I have several of their 5.56/.223 mags (bought from PSA) and I’ve never had an issue with them.

    Fit great, eject right, feed properly, every time. I didn’t know they also did 7.62×51… I’d like to get a few of those too.

    • Maximilian Johannes Benning

      I’ve got some too. They don’t like steel case, at all, though. I have a whole lot of FTF’s with these, with Wolf and Tula.

      Recently had a more complex issue where the bullet tip was stuck in the chamber and would not chamber further. The BCG locked on to it and I wasn’t able to free either the BCG nor the bullet, so everything’s locked up.

      If a mag can’t feed steel case reliably, it’s a no go for me. Absolutely no SHTF mag.

      • Mr. Fosi

        You know your own experience and I won’t cast doubt on in.

        What I will say is that I shoot about ~60% steel (say 80% Tula and 20% Wolf) and I have had exactly zero FTF or FTE (not a mag issue) issues in ~1200 rounds. I’ve had some light strikes.

        I’m not part of the “AR’s like it dirty” school, so I clean mine, with special love for the chamber, after every Russian session.

        I don’t see how your bullet-tip-stuck-in-chamber issue is a problem of the mag. Doesn’t sound like any of the typical Type malfunctions.

        If the extractor can grip the rim, it isn’t a nose-up, so the round actually cleared the feed lips and traveled the feed ramp properly. Then it ran into a problem in the chamber. That’s not a magazine problem. Unless I am misunderstanding you.

        • Maximilian Johannes Benning

          Hey, yeah you’re right, it’s probably not a magazine issue. I’m still pretty new to this and didn’t know what exactly caused the malfunction.

          I’ll try cleaning the gun well and report back.

          I’m using the D&H mags with the Magpul followers, by the way

          • cutamerc

            I’ve got a little over 5k rounds of steel (wolf, tula, whatever) using the same batch of D&H mags, no problems whatsoever. Great price too. For what it’s worth, my rifles are filthy and are usually suppressed.

      • n0truscotsman

        If you shoot steel case, polymer mags are the best, hands down. The higher friction of aluminum mags can cause FTF issues with steel and aluminum magazines. I’ve had a couple problems with D&H, brownells, and other non-poly mags.

    • n0truscotsman

      I haven’t had issues with them either. I’ve had to crush a couple, because their feed lips were out of spec, although that isn’t abnormal after I’ve used mags for a couple of years consistently.

      They have been overall better than those overpriced steel HK ones though.

  • Tim

    D&H is my preferred metal mag for the AR. I have 20 or so and have never had an issue with any of them.

    They have been hard to procure the last few years.

    • Paul White

      Just watch the sales at Palmetto State Armory; I split with a friend when they had them down to 6 a pop (I now have more than I’llever need).

      • Tim


        Thanks for the heads up!

      • Russ Kell

        Heh. We did a group buy with a bunch of range buddies on both the D&H on PSA’s $5.99 sale and Primary’s $6.60 Gen3 PMags. Everybody is quite happy at this point. Sleeping on magazines at this point, but happy 😉

        • Paul White

          same here. I think I’ve got ~30ish magazines myself. I think. a few piles anhyhow

      • I’m pretty sure one of the Christmas sales had these mags down to $6.99, but they’re up to $7.99 again. I’d bet they drop again around President’s Day in February.

    • Joseph Goins

      BCM. $9.99.

  • Joseph Goins

    This article reeks of product placement. Not once in the article does the author actually say how well or poorly the magazines function.

    • Ratcraft

      That’s what the comments are for. Bough my son 6 of the $6.99 aluminum mags 2 years ago. They work so well I have bought a lot of them since. Got 20 @ $6.99, free shipping, no tax from PSA in November. No hiccups or issues at all. $140 for 20 mags in my hand. Not bad.

      • Joseph Goins

        The article s no different than a Sootch video where he is essentially quoting from a company’s website and brochures.

    • Hrachya H

      Joseph Goins, I have no experience with the magazines, so can’t tell how they perform. This is just an informational article …just to let people know about a company and its products. I have no relation to them whatsoever.

      • Joseph Goins

        I’m not saying that you or TFB is getting paid for the article, but it is actually less informative than a Sootch video because he actually got his hands on the product. All you are doing is saying “check out this cool link I just found online.” It isn’t worthy of getting posted. TFB didn’t used to be like this. Pretty soon, it will be as bad as The Truth About Guns.

        • Maybe not a review, but SHOT Show is coming up and TFB will be posting dozens of articles on new stuff without having a full review. It’s informative and provides readers with an understanding of options. I’m O.K. with that, though reviews are always better.

          • Joseph Goins

            …which can be expected for new products. D&H has been around for a long time. It’s apples and oranges.

          • I get that, but I have not seen an article on D&H magazines here before, or at least not recently. Since this is a blog for new and old firearms people, and international, I still think an “info” article is fine.

  • Burner

    DH has been a military contractor for ages, they make good stuff. and like the other dude said, this is an advertisement veiled as a blog post, what the hell is going on with this blog

    • no soup for you

      I tried to comment on your comment, and it just goes for “moderation” now. That didn’t used to happen. What gives?

      • Burner

        Hirt feelings report?

    • WE don’t write advertisements. It’s general information on a company making good magazines.

  • Hoplopfheil

    If those 7.62x39mm AR mags actually work, put me down for a few.

    I think it’s time I built a 7.62×39 upper for cheaper range fun. It’s that or buy an SKS…

    • Russ Kell

      The Gen3 CProducts mags I have worked well for me. I’ve got a couple 10s (for bench), a couple 20s, a few 28s, and a handful of 30s.

      One of the 20s has a feed lip issue I’ve not been able to solve, but all of the others have run like clockwork on my 7.62×39 SBR upper.

      That said, I’d like to try a few of the D&H. I’ve got a tub full of their (PSA) 30rd AR mags. They work great.

      • Hoplopfheil

        Does your upper have dual feed ramps? I’ve read that those are the biggest problem plaguing 7.62×39 ARs.

        • Russ Kell

          It does. No issues with the ramps so far. Feeds without issue.

          The single issue I had was the carrier outrunning the magazine follower (majorly over-gassed). Tried one of my SLR rifleworks adjustable gas blocks but the port on the gas block was soooo much smaller than the port on the barrel that even at full gas it wouldn’t cycle.

          Ended up dropping in an H2 buffer and that has done the trick. Run great now. About 2K downrange with no issues (other than being a dirty beast).

          I used a KAK 11″ Melonited barrel with carbine gas length.

          I’ve run Wolf (various types), Tula, Herterz, and Silver Bear. All run fine.

          • Hoplopfheil

            Awesome info, thanks!

          • Machinegunnertim

            The TUBB flat wire magazine spring may have alleviated that issue as well. I had heard of a guy who’s AR bolt was outrunning the mag when shooting .300 blk. in full auto.
            The flat wire spring fixed the issue. I’m thinking the original magazine spring was not designed to work with the heavier projectiles.

          • Russ Kell

            Thanks, Machinegunnertim. I didn’t think of that. I’ll try it out since I’d like to have my regular buffer in this SBR lower and one of the caliber uppers I run on it does not like the H2 buffer.

          • Machinegunnertim

            No problem. The flat springs have several advantages, but they cost too much for most people.

  • Not Gersh Kuntzman

    Apparently the FN “factory” OEM SCAR 17S magazines are also D&H magazines. They have their CAGE code stamped on the body by the four digit date code.

  • Hellbilly

    These magazines will not seat in my Bushmaster M17S bullpup, yet every other AR15/M16 magazine I have does (various USGI, Magpul, Orlite, Thermold, and others). It perplexes me. They work fine in my ARs.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Where can you actually get one of their colored mags beyond direct order?

    PSA lists a pink one, but it hasn’t been in stock for forever.

  • Pandaz3

    I have a couple of 5.56 to try (It’s been a year or better so it is time.) I also bought at the same time a couple of 7.62 mags for my DPMS pattern AR-10. They seem to fit and function and have little witness holes for 5, 10, and 15 rounds remaining, I really like that. I have not shot them. If you have a Armalite AR-10 that takes Pmags, these should work. They do not work in Armalite AR-10’s that are designed for Armalite’s proprietary metal Magazines. (I have one and tried.)

  • jcitizen

    Call me when they make a 20 rd mag for a 7.62x54r! Then I will awaken!