Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor

Arion has taken a slightly different spin on a pistol suppressor. It has ports inside the large brick that help redirect gasses and they escape out of a port below the muzzle end of the suppressor.

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The pistol suppressor is made of 6061 T6 aluminum and the initial batch are coated in Black Nickel. They claim it is the smallest in its class at only 3.5″ long. They also made the claim that this setup is “holsterable” I would honestly like to see what holster they are thinking of. Traditional kydex holsters would not accommodate this giant brick.

Arion-Compact-Ported-Pistol-Suppressor-600x514 Arion-Compact-Ported-Pistol-Suppressor-Introduced-600x450


I am all for offset suppressors and designs that are unconventional like the Silencer Co Osprey 45. That looks aesthetically pleasing.



The Arion is two giant bricks of aluminum sandwiched around a nielsen device. Now if the Arion is as quiet as a .22lr sub sonic out of a bolt gun I would change my tune. Sadly it does not seem like it is that quiet according to their Q&A section.

So how much is the Ported Pistol Suppressor?

Edit: I have been contacted by Arion and there has been a slight mistake on their end. When I originally looked up the price it said $1699. What they failed to do was mention that was for a custom Titanium version. The aluminum version of the suppressor retails for a more reasonable $875.

With a more reasonable price I’m still not sure I would get this suppressor. It doesn’t seem to function any better than the existing suppressors out there. I could overlook the shape and size if it out performed the competition in under reduction. But until I see it for myself, I’ll stick with my Osprey45 once I get ATF approval back at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

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  • Young Freud

    When you said “ported” I thought you meant “compensated” and got all excited.

    • MarcoPolo

      Well, it does seem to be compensated, but in the wrong direction….

      • Sianmink

        considering how far below bore that vent is, it should push the muzzle down and actually work pretty well.

        • MarcoPolo

          Look again. The vent is aimed down, it’s going to cause the muzzle to rise. Opposite of what you normally want. Then again, with that brick on the end of your muzzle, the extra lift may help…

          • Dan

            Lol. It utilizes patented anti-dip technology

  • Major Tom

    Well if all else fails at least you got a brick to beat someone with. :3

    • Herr Wolf

      Minecraft silencer

    • JumpIf NotZero


      Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable.

      • AD

        “And if it doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it.”

  • Anomanom

    Glock will sue.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    if they could find some way to drop the price and adapt it to a rifle it could be a decent option if the HPA is passed, build a 14.5 inch rifle and pin this thing on there to make it a no stamp gun?

    • Sianmink

      I don’t think you’ll get much sound reduction with a rifle caliber and a 3.5″ can.

      • iksnilol

        you can with a good can.

        This isn’t a good can.

  • Carlos Velazquez

    I’m sure Lego can can make something more aesthetically appeasing.

  • DGR

    Id love to give it a try. The price point is on the high side, but its one of the more interesting designs that I’ve seen in awhile. I would be concerned with how you could repair it in event of a baffle strike, but major props for thinking outside the box on design… or inside the box… not sure where to go with that one…

    • RSG

      “Major props for thinking of a box”. Fixed it.

  • Christopher Wallace


  • JT303

    All jokes aside, doesn’t that seriously upset the balance of whichever gun it’s attached to?

  • MrBrassporkchop

    A metalworking class at the community college is like 200 bucks. Another 200 for the tax stamp. Materials can’t be much. Not a metalworker but that looks ridiculously easy to make yourself.

    • Nick

      No kidding. It’s just a flat milled path for the most part and some screws with tapped holes to hold the pieces together. Hell, they don’t even bother to blend the seam. It’s clearly visible on the photos.

      • noob

        The main draw of this idea is how quickly you can make these things. Maybe mass produced conscript sound suppressors could be a thing in the future?

        • iksnilol

          That’s easy with a basic tube and baffle design as well.

    • Giolli Joker

      You are not factoring in all of the R&D to define the proper chamber geometry.
      Most tube design suppressors are easier to make, still not very cheap.
      However, I agree that this thing is priced out of the market.

      • .45

        Yes, but they obliging gave us wonderful pictures to work with, so anyone with access to a milling machine can get fairly close if they are careful.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          And for significantly less than $1600. Shoot, probably less than $160.

    • Wow!

      Check out “Military Grade Suppressors”. Its a $20 book and probably is the easiest way to make a form 1 silencer for less than $20 per unit. Only welding is the skill needed and he even teaches you basic welding in the book. A must have if you are even intrested in silencer design.

  • Blake

    uhm, “shortest”, but not “smallest”.

    looks like out of “short, ugly, cheap” they definitely picked the first two…

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Awkward shaped, ugly, and expensive, and you can have all 3!

    • Anonymoose

      Whatever happened to the DeGroat Nano. iirc it was light enough to not even need a piston with.

      • JumpIf NotZero


  • john huscio

    For those times when you feel the sudden urge to screw a small freezer to your pistol……

    • Hinermad

      Oh, be nice. A little bit of anodizing and it’ll look tactical as heck.

  • Bill

    If it’s bad enough that I need a suppressor, I probably need to get to my rails for a light or designator.

  • Hoplopfheil

    I suspect you’re meant to put the brick portion on a pintle mount, and use it like an emplaced weapon.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Machine it to look like a subwoofer and make a tiny mesh grill to go over the front!

    • noob

      killer sound system

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Nailed it.

  • Gary Kirk
  • thedonn007

    The alpha dog suppressor with a built in picatinny rail looks better than this.

  • LazyReader

    And it sharpens pencils

  • PK

    That’s an awful lot of wasted space due to how poorly laid out that is. There are sections absurdly thick-walled, and a bolt-together design all but ensures leakage along the seam.

    Looks cool, though.

  • Gus Butts

    Were the designers also armourers for sci-fi B-movies in the 80s?

  • iksnilol

    Maybe round out that brick, dehorn it.

    • DanGoodShot

      Why? Then it wont be as effective when you have to throw it at someone.

      • iksnilol

        I dunno, all those sharp edges bounce away the good vibes.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Pretty much any suppressor design on the market could have a holster made that is compatible. This looks like it would be almost impossible to make a safe holster for. Much harder than tube designs or an osprey.

    • iksnilol

      I always thought those Russian push through holsters would be great for suppressed pistols.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        That would work and even for a kydex holster. If you were going to use the version that just had retention on the slide it would work. I’m actually working on a holster for Suppressed Handguns. The main issue is finding a material for the suppressor portion that won’t melt. Kydex of Bolteron are fine for a mag or two but after than you’re looking at issues.

        • iksnilol

          I am thinking a push through would be better for suppressed handguns due to them being so long. Feels kinda awkward to pull up like 30 cm instead of just pushing down 10 cm. Wouldn’t really work for carry on the hip.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Do a competition style holster with the top portion of the holster open. Have the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the suppressor portion closed but the rest of the top open. You’d only have to move it up those couple of inches to clear the holster.

            Maybe with a Glock 19 and K sized suppressor you could pull of hip carry but a thigh rig would be preferable. The mounting solution is what I’m working on. The holster is the easy part.

        • Giolli Joker

          Aluminum sheet sandwiched in Nomex layers.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            That would work but it wouldn’t work with my current manufacturing capabilities. Maybe a thin layer of Nomex adhered to the kydex. It would increase the wear on the finish of the can but would be better than kydex or bolteron sticking to it.

          • Giolli Joker

            Just the first thought that came to my mind.
            I have no idea about
            availability on the market, but with a quick search I found out that
            there are Nomex honeycomb sheets. Pieces of something similar lining the
            inside of a kydex structure should offer the insulation needed.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Thanks for the idea it would be great for someone with the right equipment.

  • Evan

    Yes I know it’s not a square, but does anyone else think of “Borg suppressor”?

  • DanGoodShot

    Love the direction of the port. Just incase that brick had one redeming quality and might’ve helped mitigate muzzle flip. Buttttt I guess that’s there to make sure it didn’t.?!,?@? $&?

  • jeffrey melton


    • Lee Enfield

      Worst suppressor ever?

  • CoastieGM

    Looks like someone made a vape into a suppressor.

  • Tierlieb

    Holsterable? He’s a basic lesson: Don’t make the part most distant from the grip the widest.
    That is, unless the meant you can holster the suppressor, not the gun.

    Also: Don’t they teach bevelling in beginner’s shop classes anymore?