TFBTV: Stock Glock, Salient Arms, Agency Arms Compared

Miles takes a look at the rise of highly customized Glock handguns and how it has become an interesting niche in the modern day firearms market. Two companies in particular stand out, Salient Arms International, and Agency Arms. Both companies customize the handguns sent to them, that they barely resemble the original Glocks they once were. We also have a standard Glock 22 that has been user customized in an effort to compare it to the Salient and Agency handguns.

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  • pithy

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”–Salient Arms corporate motto

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Screw it, i think these Salient arms guns look sleek as hell, i wouldn’t buy one (or maybe i would…) but i will stare at pics of them while pounding it.

    Pounding it

  • Nocternus

    How to make a Glock a great gun: Step 1. Replace the Sights, Step 2. Replace the trigger Step 3 Replace the Barrel, Step 4 Change the stippling, Step 5 Remove the finger groves, Step 6 Install extended slide release. Hmm seems like I could just buy a descent firearm to start off with and I wouldn’t have to spend all this $ and become a hobby gunsmith.

    • xebat

      This is why the Walther PPQ beats the Glock easily imho !

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Glock out shoots the PPQ all day long in anything but slow fire.

        • Joe Gamer

          Uh no…
          The PPQ has it’s own problems, the trigger is TOO good, it’s far too light for a carry gun but there’s no way a stock glock will outshoot a PPQ with equally skilled shooters.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            You’re incorrect.

            Out shoot is a vague term. You have to set standard.

            Plat rack 10 yards. Glock. 10 rounds in 5 seconds at 5 yards the glock will group tighter. Anything under speed the glock will win with equally skilled shooters. The grip of a glock is going to allow most people better leverage than a PPQ will. If you have a good grip a good trigger only goes so far. I’m not the best shooter in the world but I’m a heck of a lot better than most handgun shooters and in my side by side comparisons the glock rules. The same goes will other people who know how to shoot a handgun.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Glocks work.
      If you like guns that work and keep working then you should be fine.

    • Bill

      You DID buy a decent firearm, then added a lot of unnecessary stuff.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Most guns could benefit from grip work and better sights. Really all a glock needs is better sights. That’s all a glock needs. Glock triggers are very good self defense triggers. I’ve spoken to a very well known sponsored shooter and he’ll trash talk the after market glock barrels like you wouldn’t believe. They are all about looks which is fine. Fitted barrels are a different story.

      • Aaron

        The sights are fine, I’ve never had a problem with them, not to mention you won’t even be using them at close range anyways.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          They are perfectly usable but upgrading them makes shooting a more positive experience for myself.

    • Lee Attiny

      I’d rather just buy an H&K vp9 and skip doing all of that.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Glocks arent great, they are excellent at being sufficient.

    • Joe Gamer

      I almost started one because I enjoy the hobbyist nature of it all, bought more AR parts instead…lol

  • Joseph Goins

    $2500 Glock is still a Glock.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Seems like he wasn’t too happy with his own personal modifications. Wouldn’t you like that cash back for some .40 ammo and maybe a real 9mm Glock? most seem to run just fine before they get ‘more perfectioned’ by their owners.

    • Joseph Goins

      Ain’t that the truth! I guess he knows more about the gun than the engineers who designed it.

  • Garmanarnar

    What are you on about? There is nothing stock about that glock. The wrongly sized 40s&w bolt face with the 9mm barrel and ammo is bad enough without the other problems fudging your sample. God damn dude. You had to have been purposefully _trying_ to get that many things wrong with your concept of “stock.”

    • ShootingFromTheHip

      Agreed. I hit the stop button right when he said the “stock” Glock was a 40 to 9 conversion. Nope nope nope.

      • Ughhhh. Maybe I should have worded it better. The point of the original Glock was to show the difference between what many people do to their stock Glocks to modify them, compared to the really high end jobs.

        • Oregon213

          Maybe you should have left well enough alone.

    • Badwolf

      Had the same thought. I guess these “minor” modifications are so common, they still count as “stock” nowadays.

    • K-Gunner

      And surprise surprise, he was having issues with the “stock” Glock after dropping the Lone Wolf 9mm barrel. I’m sure you’re all as shocked as I am.

  • cwp

    My feelings about Salient Arms are aptly summarized by J. R. R. Tolkien:

    “And I would give gold to be excused,” said Legolas; “and double to be let out, if I strayed in!”

    • Joe Pine

      So awesome! Hats off

    • Rusty S.

      So Salient customers=Gimli?

      • cwp

        Grumpy neckbeards who’re trying to compensate for something with their choice of weapon? Perish the thought.

  • Bullphrog855

    Glocks are the new 1911, Glock fanboys are the new 1911 fanboys.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      They’ve become their own worst enemy.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’ve shot a Salient and handled a Agency. I prefer the stock glock Gen 3 triggers. The agency trigger was nice but it would take me a lot of learn to use it.

    The grip work is nice for the stippling is sub par for the price. The slide work is also nice.

    At the end of the day you have to be an insane shooter to really shoot any better with these guns.

  • ClintTorres

    That “stock” glock is a dumpster fire.

    • Oregon213

      I can’t be the only person who hates the aftermarket glock back plates with engravings or words on them, right?

      1:36 in the video. They might be my biggest pet peeve. Dumb dumb dumb.

  • AtLeastKatieAGaveUsCommercials

    Here’s the TL;DW
    A kid who doesn’t know much about guns or the English language shoots three guns and tries as hard as possible to do as little comparison as possible. There are no test objectives or concrete ideas presented.
    Some highlights:
    “I modified my gun, it don’t werk so good now.”
    “Some people want a gun like this.”
    “This gun is for some people who want it.”
    “This gun don’t have one thing that the other have.”
    >Pew pew unironic meme mag flip.
    >Pew pew malfunction (better not mention or acknowledge that).

    Fabulous work. I can’t wait for more of his refined, quality content.

    • Giolli Joker

      I don’t like to complain on content that I get for free on TFB, however constructive critique can help them improve.
      Indeed in this case I stopped the video about half way in and my thoughts were dangerously close to yours.
      I don’t agree with your definition of Miles, nor I want to judge him based on this, but I believe that the team can (and many times did) offer better content.

      • 100% money back

        The reason I made this post so harsh was because I was so disappointed that the video was literally nothing. I saw the headline on my phone and couldn’t wait to find some wifi to watch it. As I slowly realized I was getting a poorly made rough draft of NOTHING I could not contain my rage.
        I know it’s “free” but this was shockingly bad. I decided to help since I know that being dumb is a lot like being dead. You don’t know when you’re dead, but everyone else does.

    • Toxie

      Harsh but accurate.
      Well, about the episode anyways. The guns? No idea how they stack up.

    • Toxie

      Harsh but accurate.
      Well, about the episode anyways. The guns? No idea how they stack up.

    • Thanks man! I appreciate all the critiques! I’ll take all this into consideration when I edit the next video! In addition I’ll work on my English!

  • Giolli Joker

    Not a big deal but it sounded odd to me: is the American pronunciation of “stippling” the one used by Miles?
    I’ve always read it in a different way and Google seems to say mine was the correct way.

    • Dan

      I pronounce it the same way Miles does. I’ve heard it both ways. I know a guy who pronouces stiple the way you do but stippling the way I do.

      • Dan

        I suppose i should change the way i say it.

    • 100% money back

      There are two Ps in the word, meaning anyone who says “stype-ell” as opposed to “stip-ul” is in need of remedial elementary English. There is no room for debate based on region or personal preference.

    • DAN V.

      He incorrectly pronounced stippling. It’s stip not stype.

      Stippling is a shading method used in art, where the artists uses dots.

  • Joe

    Terrible video, terrible comparison, terrible haircut, of a lot of useless and expensive sheet on your Glock! And a video of it! ?