Russian Less-Lethal Guard

RTECH-NO is a Russian technology company that is bringing to market a less-lethal device that consists of an electronic charge fed from a removable magazine. The device is called a “GARD” and it essentially appears to be a Russian take on the Taser, but with multiple “shots” instead of the Taser’s two cartridges. It also incorporates a laser into the frame of the device, instead of the Taser’s outside attachment. The battery power is from a battery compartment in the pistol grip. Otherwise it appears to operate identically to the Taser with electrodes being shot out along a pair of wires into a target, with the ability to electrocute a target up to five times. It also has a manual safety on the frame.

From a source about the company-

Less lethal weapon, Russian Guard helps control remotely personal. The law enforcement system was developed by the Russian firm Rtech-No. It is compact and weighs less than600 g. notable point, the weapon can shoot five times before being charged, the charger10 modules incorporating two of which are ejected at each firing. Reloading is done by changing the charger as a conventional gun.
The ammunition CDC door 1 to 3 m against 10 m for the CDC 2. The weapon has a mechanical sighting system and a laser pointer. Finally, the gun can also be used in contact with the two electrodes placed at the front. A specific harness is expected very soon.

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The English website appears to be poorly written and offers very little information by way of specifications. I assume this is because the primary audience is Russian because the Russian version of the site is very advanced and informative. For now it appears that the product is being aimed at Law Enforcement officials before civilian uses.

Specifications from the website, translated into English-

Cycle operation on a single charge

no less than 150

The effective pulse duration

55-75 ms

Peak-load voltage / load in

50  kV  / 1300  In

maximum width

39  mm

The width in the handle

28  mm

Pulse repetition rate

90-120  Hz

Temperature Range

-10 / + 50 ? C

Average time of neutralization

1-5  seconds.


223  mm


150  mm

Number of shots


Number of CTE

10  pc

Curb weight

600  g

Laser pointer

there is


11.1 LiPO, 500 mAh

The electrical power in accordance with GOST P50940-96

10  watts

To deliver an electrical discharge at a distance is used

KTP-1 cartridge


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  • Major Tom

    Personally I don’t care much for Tasers or Taser like weapons. I see too much potential for backfire and misuse. (Not to mentioned there have been plenty of deaths caused by them to dispute the “less-lethal” moniker.) I’d never get one.

    If I were to use “less-lethal” options, I’d use a good old fashioned baseball bat and a rope.

    • Mitch

      Damn, Tom. Might as well throw in some bare wire and a car battery, too!
      … Anyone think there’s a market for a “backwoods taser” kit using said items?

    • kannd

      If your gonna hit them over the head, the chances of killing them are certainly far higher than tasing them. Perhaps pepper spray shells from a shotgun or diy device, Brazil uses them in prison riots, so they must work.
      I read also a knife can be used non-lethal if you cut in the right places, to disable, no major arteries. Some knife guy affiliated to suarez international has courses.

    • Bill

      There haven’t been plenty of deaths, and of the deaths that occurred proximate to a TASER deployment the deceased typically had underlying medical conditions that were unknowable to the officer.

      Physical injuries are far more common when impact weapons are used, including serious injuries such as broken bones and joint damage.

    • iksnilol

      No offense, but a baseball bat is waaay more lethal than a taser.

      • Major Tom

        But it’s a controllable lethal. You know what’s lethal and what merely leaves a good bruise.

        Beating someone over the head with a baseball bat is often lethal. Breaking a guy’s arm, shin or kneecap with one is rarely if ever lethal. But you can subdue a guy without unknowingly killing him unlike a taser and various conditions hitting him in the arm, leg or knocking the wind out of him with a belly smack. All depends on how you use it. Plus you can vary how hard you hit with one depending on your strength.

        And I see everybody conveniently didn’t notice the rope option. Anyone ever been lasso’d? I have. If you get that lariat especially the ones tied to be self-tightening wrapped around both arms and the body (not as hard as you think), it’s over especially if you get around the elbows.

        • iksnilol

          I am also pretty sure that trying to hit an arm or leg is a good way to get the bat grabbed or a kick to the face, respectively. Again, baseball bat, fantastic killing tool. You gotta be brutal to get it to work. Which means I wouldn’t recommend it for self defense.

          Also, lassos? No offense, pardner, but I ain’t got the time to whip out a lasso then throw the sucker. Espeically in a tight indoor area (IE all of them). Even then, he can still ram you when caught with the lasso.

          Besides, ignoring all that, How you gonna conceal carry a baseball bat and a lasso?

          • Blaine

            Conceal? You mean to tell me that you don’t carry a lasso over your shoulder and baseball bat in hand everywhere you go?

        • laold

          new york operator?

    • The_Champ

      I agree that there is a lot of potential for a taser deployment to fail. Thick clothing, one prong missing the target, etc etc.
      One positive though taser is if it works correctly, and you achieve neuro muscular incapacitation, it will instantly stop anyone far more effectively than most gunshot wounds would.

  • Jim Slade

    The previous model that shot Polonium-210 into somebody’s tea only had one sale, so… good luck, guys!

    • LCON

      One admitted to sale…

  • micmac80

    Russians are heavy on non lethal stuff as they sell these a lot for self defence , while no handguns are allowed for general public .

    • A russian friend of mine once said that you can buy them all you want, and the cops don’t care unless you do something with one.

      • Edeco

        Interesting. That’s the problem with the US, once something’s illegal people get uptight an judgemental about it and there’s this massive enforcement structure, so lives get ruined. Someone somewhere else might see us complaining about a seemingly innocent regulation and think it overreaction…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The gun laws over there are ridiculous.
    Anyone living in Russia should at least have the means to kill themselves.

    • Jim Slade

      They do it funny, too…. they find ’em with one in the BACK of the head.

      • Twilight sparkle

        and in a trunk… But that happens here sometimes too

    • Nick

      That’s what the vodka is for isn’t it?

  • Bill

    We don’t use the “electrocute” word.

  • Toxie

    As an FYI, the TASER’s laser is built in to the unit not an “outside attachment”.

  • PK

    You embedded a private/unlisted video, for what it’s worth.

  • Moss

    Judge Dredd Lawgiver II inspired ? ^^

  • CharlesH

    I want one

  • iksnilol

    I want one… too bad “self-defense devices” are illegal in Norway, barring “self defense spray” (which is basically CS spray without the CS but with dye added to it).

    • guest

      The grip shape looks wrong, you’ll probably won’t hit anything.

      • iksnilol

        Sarcasm? It’s a taser for crying out loud, you need body shoots at 15 meters max with it.

        I digress, grip looks just fine to me.

        • guest

          I don’t know man. Glock seems to have a wrong shaped grip and makes people miss their targets. Could just be the case here tooguest.

    • Edeco

      Now that there’s competition, perhaps recreational and artistic uses will be discovered for them.

  • Hey try a Lone Wolf “Alpha Wolf” barrel and those groups will tighten up.

    • iksnilol

      Eh, it costs as much as a used CZ, will rather buy more ammo and shoot out the barrel on that instead.