Part Man, Part Nerf Machine Gun

Hackerloop posted a video of an amputee hacking a Nerf Speedswarm dart blaster and combining it with an Elctromyogram (EMG) reader.

EMG prosthetics read signals from the muscles in the working amputated limb to activate a simple action in a motorized prosthetic. Here the amputee hooked up such a device so that he can fire the Nerf Speedswarm blaster.

converteda0ee8ad6b565fe357f8b6e8671e52c62625c97bb Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm Internals - 01


The Nerf Speedswarm is a simple revolver based design with an electric motor to cycle the air piston which mechanically rotates and indexes the dart cylinder.

He should have used the Swarmfire which has double the amount of darts for a total of 20 darts. More capacity is always better.



Or he should step it up to a .22lr pistol.

Nicholas C

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  • 12judges

    He’s more machine now than man. Neon and evil. Seduced by the Nerf side of the force.

    • JW

      No. There is still good in him, I have felt it! He can be turned back to the good side!

      • mbrd

        if we outlaw electromyogram prosthetic nerf speedswarm blasters, then only outlaws will have electromyogram prosthetic nerf speedswarm blasters.

  • Anonymoose

    I think what he used is adequate enough. The Swarmfire really requires 2 hands to wield and that would defeat the point of this and make it awkward. I’ve dual-wielded a Stampede and a Nitron back in the day, but they were slung.

    • Nicholas C

      Most of the bulk is in the shell though. Remove it, and you could strap a Swarmfire to your forearm.

  • Tinkerer
  • iksnilol

    We were too busy about whether we could or not that we didn’t think about whether we should.

  • Better. Stronger. Faster.

  • some other joe

    “Or he should step it up to a .22lr pistol.”

    Or not make an electronic trigger for a real gun, because, you know….
    (ADA exception?)

  • joethefatman
  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Just needs to add a voice modulator that intones “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”.