Seekins Precision NX15 Skeletonized Receiver Set


Seekins Precision is expected to show off a new skeletonized AR-15 receiver set later this month at the SHOT Show. Called the NX15, the new set will likely excite Seekins fans with its styling and quality of build.

The new set is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and has distinctive angles that are typical of the company’s designs. The magazine well has a partial cut out in the shape of the company’s logo.

Beyond the styling, the set has a number of more practical features. These include a receiver tensioning screw, an ambidextrous bolt stop assembly, an oversized trigger guard for shooting with gloves on and the company’s enhanced bolt catch.

While the company’s press release does not state this, the photo shows assemblies for both a dust cover and forward assist that are installed. The suggested retail price on this set is $539 – definitely not a budget build. However, having shot a Seekins Precision rifle in the past, I can say the company builds top notch gear.

While this information is solely on a receiver set, it sounds like Seekins will also release an NX15 rifle. The cover of Guns & Ammo Book of the AR-15 shows a Seekins rifle with this receiver set. The only information online about the rifle I could find is that is is 6.5 pounds.

Richard Johnson

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  • cons2p8ted

    Not too crazy about the “Z” cutout on the magwell…looks like Zoro was here! I think Ascend Armory billet set is slightly better looking!

    • ExMachina1

      Or screaming “dirt, come here!!”

      • Twilight sparkle

        That doesn’t really seem like an issue, I mean with a mag inserted it’s still closed off

        • ExMachina1

          Sure, if you never change mags it won’t matter. But imagine that cut out is full of mud/sand when you go to change mags. The magwell is probably the single most vulnerable point for dirt ingress into an AR.

          • Lee Attiny

            You don’t see too many Seekins service rifles. Typically people don’t throw their $2500 gun in the mud and sand. Just sayin…

          • ExMachina1

            My stripped Seekins lower cost me all of $85…but sure, people who spend this kind of $$ on a “battle rifle” with extra holes in the lower are probably not very aquatinted with mud.

          • Suppressed

            If you look at the image closely, you can see the crosshairs in the recessed cutouts. So I don’t think the S is cut all the way through the magwell, just machined/recessed into it.

    • Wes

      Pretty sure that’s the Seekins logo cut out, so its an S, not a Z.

  • Dickie

    Haha or that crazy surgeon that makes his patients is making rifles

  • Edeco

    I don’t hate it, the shallow recesses in the selector area and elsewhere are cute, reminds me of early 90’s car styling. But too much going on, it has enough weird styling for three receivers, and the Z cutout looks cheap and weak.

  • Grindstone50k

    Neat. Not $500 neat, but neat nonetheless. I suppose somebody out there wants to show off how much money they can spend.