New Frontier Armory C-45 Lowers

C-45 Lower

New Frontier Armory is expected show its new C-45 lowers at the 2017 SHOT Show. These new lowers are said to be machined from a single block of 7075-T6 aluminum and will be available in both black anodized and unfinished (or raw.)

The C-45 is designed as an AR-15 lower that uses Glock .45 ACP and 10mm magazines. This would allow a shooter to build a pistol caliber carbine around these mags while still using standard AR parts. Currently, the company offers a similar lower that uses standard 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W Glock magazines.

Pistol caliber carbines have become quite popular. While 9mm seems to be the most popular, other calibers are gaining traction as well. I’ve often thought that a 10mm or .357 SIG carbine could prove very interesting out of a carbine, especially with lighter bullet weights.

Most pistol caliber AR carbines are fed from either Colt style stick magazines or from Glock pistol magazines (there are a few exceptions). While the Colt style guns have been around for about 30 years, Glock magazine fed rifles are much newer. Nevertheless, the guns built around the Glock magazines have become quite popular, and many companies are now offering or are developing guns that use them.

I look forward to seeing the new C-45 lowers. I also hope that the company offers an 80% version of the lower.

Richard Johnson

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  • therealgreenplease

    I might be in the minority but I’d prefer a DI 9mm upper over the current mainstream blow-back uppers. Alas, I can’t seem to find one.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      DI is hard to do in the AR pistol platform because the stumpy little things have a hard time not getting caught in the locking lugs

    • Big Daddy

      9mm doesn’t have enough gas for DI it would be very finicky, piston yes. Other calibers like 40, .357 SIG, .45ACP and 10mm yes a gas gun can be done but with all pistol calibers a small piston would be better. No need for the whole buffer thing so you can have a folding stock/brace setup.

      • Xtorin O’hern

        9x19mm has plenty of gas ya just gotta move the port farther back

        • Big Daddy

          But you run into other issues. One of them being such varied ammo. The other lockup time. it’s a finicky round for anything other than a blowback or delayed blowback design. A small piston solves so many problems and allows for a recoil spring no buffer and spring so you can have a folding stock. Especially if you want to go suppressed, an adjustable gas piston would be perfect. If I had a shop that’s what I’d be doing.

          • Corwin Bos

            The other issue with 9mm is that factory ammo tends to not burn very clean causing the gun foul quickly. There are a couple guys, Macon Armory is the first that comes to mind, that have gotten it to work correctly.

            My AR9 is a QC10 lower, and blowback works just fine for me. The one place where I think an actual locking bolt would be of use would be something like 10mm which is way hotter than 9, 40, or 45, and that is only from a safety aspect.

        • Tom Currie

          If you move the gas port THAT far back, you run into serious issues with dwell time — unless, of course, you want to move the muzzle back as well (at which point you have a really stupid pistol, not a carbine)

      • Joshua Knott

        I guess you haven’t seen the operating system of sig mpx ….albeit a piston system ,the carbine still utilizes gas

  • abecido

    New Frontier announced a locked-breech 9mm carbine last year, but I’ve heard nothing of it since.

    • Joe

      I’m still waiting on the EXP 9mm from SHOT 2016, but I have vaporware expectations.
      I wish New Frontier’s website had more to say about it other than “out of stock” for the EXP556.

      • Better B

        Out of fairness to New Frontier, they don’t make the Extar pistols, just are a distributor/retailer of them.

  • Big Daddy

    Almost done with my QC10 AR45.

  • Mike Price

    What about the 22/9mm TCM round? I would like to see more guns come out in that potent round. Love my TCM 1911 and rifle.

  • Sid Collins

    As the proud owner of a G21, I look forward to this release (should it ever occur).