Christmas Tree hunt with Benelli M4 and Magnum loads

We’re a little late for the 2016 season, but we all hope you got a nice Christmas tree for your Holiday.

The method practiced by Ms Pia Clerté to get hers is a bit unorthodox, but it seems to get the job done.


I’m surprised it only took one shot, trees can be quite stubborn things. But the 53g/1.87 oz Magnum load seem fit for the job.

The shotgun is a brand new Benelli M4 12 gauge tactical shotgun.

For the record, Pia is the current Nordic Champion in IPSC Shotgun, Lady Open division. She’s also the Swedish Champion in IPSC Rifle, Lady Open Divison, shooting an AR15.

In her part time she helps Firearms United in Europe, and introduces people and (mostly) women to the World of shooting sports.

YouTube: Christmas Tree Hunt 2016. Once you find your tree, prepare for recoil, unsafe the shotgun and shoot. Remember to use safety glasses at all times. And don’t shoot your Christmas tree unless it’s on your own property, just to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Christmas tree hunt is an old Swedish tradition. For the 2016 edition, I used a Benelli M4 loaded with a 53g/1.87oz Magnum. Sweet recoil!


Timber! Christmas Tree down, and ready to be taken home.


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Travis

    I hope no one takes this as critical, as I often suffer from flinching too, but did anyone else notice what looks like a flich moments before she shot?

    • Kyle

      Hmm, may have been a flinch or or could have been one of those ‘oops, forgot to take the safety off moments’ we all have had. It is hard to tell with just one shot.

      • Travis


  • jono102

    Looks like more fun to do Pinus Contorta control (pest/weed pine variety) than spray or cutting. May take a few more rounds if helo mounted though.

  • Stan Darsh

    It’s a Lucia Day miracle!

  • Bill

    I’ve actually done the same thing, on some of our trail ranges. The trees get loaded with bullets and I don’t feel like messing up a chainsaw blade, hence slugs or a MP5 with FMJ.

    You can’t do directional felling though, which was always a point of pride for me, and it can get exciting while the tree is deciding which way to fall. I’ve removed a few snags when they were in a hollow and I could line them up against a backstop.

  • Gary Kirk

    Mmmmmm… M 1014.. Want me another one, just can’t justify to the better half that cost for a shotgun..

  • AlanHan

    530 grain …slug?

    • Giolli Joker

      53 grams = 818 grains
      I think it’s buckshot.

  • Edeco

    Oh my god, she shot a tree. Trees are nature’s plants.

  • Rooftop Voter

    Is there a manual for dressing out these critters?