HERA Arms CQR stock on AK-rifle

Before you all go crazy with questions about where to order, pricing, delivery and so forth I have to start this article by typing that all the pictures you are seeing are – unfortunately – edited and Photoshopped.

It seems someone simply took a picture of the HERA Arms CQR stock and merged it with Photos of AKs taken by Stickman. None of the pictures has the front grip edited, but I’m thinking it would look a bit silly on the AK.

I have asked permission from Stickman to use these pictures, but it has to be mentioned that the rather rough photo-chop was done without his permission.

In case you don’t know about Stickman, he’s a very talented photographer and his work can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and other social media. If you enjoy high quality images of firearms and knives (and the occasional dog) in your stream I highly recommend that you follow him.

Below: Short-barreled AK with HERA CQR stock. Photo-chop.


Will HERA Arms release the CQR stock for the AK? Will they make AKs California compliant? No one seems to know at this point in time, they seem busy enough with introducing the stock for the AR15 and who’s to blame them?

I hope we can see the product video of the AR stock soon, said to be in the works by LAN World Inc.

The AR15 CQR stocks are being assembled in Germany and the first shipment is planned for the week after Christmas, with more to arrive in the beginning of 2017.


Looking at the main picture, I guess I am not the only one thinking about Schwarzenegger in Commando from 1985?

Mr. John Matrix is using the Valmet M78/83 with a special stock, check IMFDB for more information.

The stock is described asblack Synthetic Thumbhole stock and black Synthetic Foregrip.

It would be hilarious if a HERA stock could make AKs California legal, hint to the movie industry.


YouTube: Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando Gear Up Scene


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  • Sid Collins

    Never understood the stripes of camo paint. Just saying.

    • VanDiemensLand

      Still breaks up the silhouette so…

    • Flo

      In the german army, we were told that the black diagonal stripes on a green baselayer breaks up the silhouette of both the head and the rifle when the shooter tilts his head to the right while aiming. When looking at the shooter from the front, the stripes are then vertical and parallel with the g36 and its tall dual sight assembly. I also think there are better ways to camo ones face, but thats the reasoning behind the diagonal stripes, at least here in Germany.

      • Sid Collins


        I am not questioning tiger stripes as a camp pattern. I am questioning what he did in this movie. Just a few stripes on white skin is NOT a camp pattern. I enlisted in 1986 in the US Army infantry. Back in the days when faceprinting was standard. I know what came is and can be. But what he did is silly. A few black stripes on white skin is not camo.

    • iksnilol

      Tigers have stripes, and you know what tigers are? Some of the best godblessed predators on this planet.

      So if you want to be in the top ten there, then you oughta take a cue from the pros (tigers in this case).

    • 360_AD

      You need to read up on camo, how and why they work.

  • Sid Collins

    Every instance or mention of the CQR stock, I will mention that I am anxiously awaiting the release of the CQR foregrip. It is as if I can will it into existence by pressuring my favorite gun blog. I realize you guys have limited existential powers…. but I am going to try.

  • dave

    That is sex

  • faxification

    Simply awesome.
    Better than any other Sci-fi AK designs in the history.

  • Passerby

    ?! Meh…..might as well go Dragunov

    • Xtorin O’hern

      because everyone has the 4K+ to shell out for a dragunov

  • iksnilol

    That first one wouldn’t work, stock too tall.

  • Hamhand

    Despite it being named CQR, it doesn’t look great on an SBR-length AK.
    A 16″+ barrel would have given it a pseudo-Dragunov look at a first glance.

    With the PDW-length, it now just looks like an SBR that made it past California legal lines somehow.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d like to see it on a Vepr with a scope…

  • Cymond

    A typical AK can be made CA legal by simply removing the pistol grip, since they don’t usually have telescoping stocks or flash hiders.

  • That actually looks pretty handsome.

  • Anomanom

    That would be kind of useless. Unless you dropped the stock down an inch or so, you wouldn’t be able to use the sights.

  • Brett

    Making for one very sexy frog.

  • Anonymoose
  • ozzallos .

    I just wet myself.

  • Jaan Q

    The thumbhole stock is one of the things I liked about my SLR-95. I like that I can put a beanbag under the stock when I’m firing from a bench. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eaac747cf1367fdae71049df2e9ea103fca3463c6645cf2c154ed2f3282c8d70.jpg