Cobalt Kinetics Stealth PDW

Cobalt Stealth

Cobalt Kinetics will offer a limited number of Stealth PDWs in 2017. Chambered in 300 BLK and fitted with a 9″ barrel, these short barrel rifles will carry a price tag of $3,750 and will be limited to a total of 100 units only.

As with many guns of this nature, the folks at Cobalt Kinetics equipped the Stealth rifle with a very compact, collapsable stock. These kinds of stocks have become quite popular on a range of SBRs, but have also made their way onto larger guns like the SIG MPX rifle.

The barrel is made of chrome-moly steel with a 1:8″ twist to the rifling. It is, of course threaded (5/8×24) and equipped with the company’s linear muzzle device. It will accept most .30 caliber direct attach sound suppressors. Cobalt Kinetics uses a buffer that it says is an H2 equivalent for reliable operation with subsonic ammo and a suppressor.

All of the controls are ambidextrous. The pistol grip is CNC machined from a single block of aluminum and the hand guard has the company’s distinctive styling.

If nothing else, the company is known for breaking design and style barriers in the shooting industry. In fact, its styling can be so over the top, that the company made news when it announced it would make black guns.

Richard Johnson

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  • thedonn007

    How many people can afford to buy these things?

    • Boudreux

      100 people.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        If they only make 90 guns, they will maintain demand and make a profit.

        • valorius

          From 90 morons.

      • valorius

        100 stupid people.

  • Oh joy another limited edition gun.

  • Youtube’s Best Channel

    Slightly redesigned Honey Badger?

    • Richard

      Except this is probably coming to the market.

  • Evil_Bonsai

    Does anyone provide non-proprietary ‘bufferless’ uppers and/or parts? My understanding is that they’d use a much shortened BCG as well as a piston design, but I’ve not been able to find any such parts to build my own.

    • Dracon1201

      Troy and Maxim

      • Evil_Bonsai

        Troy is proprietary, but seems the best option. Maxim had nothing I could find, on their website.

        • Dracon1201

          Only the shorter one is proprietary. The longer is not.

        • Jeff S

          The Troy is garbage too.

        • mig1nc

          The Maxim Defense CQB stock does indeed use the milspec BCG. You must have been looking at the wrong website. It’s all over theirs.

          • Evil_Bonsai

            Maxim Firearms. the post mentioned ‘maxim’ so I searched maxim ar….and maxim firearms showed up. The MAXIM DEFENSE stock looks very nice.

          • valorius

            I guess so, it costs more than an entire AR.

    • Cymond

      Since the standard/milspec design has a buffer, that basically defines anything bufferless as proprietary.

    • Jim Jones

      The MVB ARC stock can use any BCG.

  • GD Ajax

    All attempts at an “AR-15 PDWs” have been met with failure. Maybe its time to stop beating on that particular dead horse.

    • Dracon1201

      Not true at all.

    • Gus Butts

      Yeah, nah, not at all.

    • Payce

      Not sure what you’re implying has failed. SBRs and AR pistols have been going strong for years. Troy, MVB, Armaspec, probably a few more I can’t think of…PDW stocks have been working just fine for thousands of people. Methinks you’re making a judgment and thinking it’s fact.

    • n0truscotsman

      They’ve never been better, actually.

      They used to be unreliable, tempermental POSes relegated to the ‘fun range toy” role, but with the mountain of excellent aftermarket buffers, springs, and gas systems available, they’re now a more viable PDW option than they’ve ever been.

  • mrsatyre

    Hum. So, the first thing I’d have to do were I to get one of these (which I won’t, ’cause y’know: poor), is lose the funky flash-hider/brake/glass breaker on the front to put on a suppressor, which would of course not only add another probably grand, but add to the overall length. Pass. Oh, never mind. I just read the bit about the direct-attach suppressors compatibility. But still, that would add to the length.

  • ??
    • mig1nc

      Shot Show 2017, wish I could be there 🙁

    • Richard

      Probably when hell freezes over, which sucks because I really want one.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Thanks, but I’ll hold out for the commemorative edition, perhaps dipped in genuine rose gold accented by austrian crystals and complete with a violin tommy gun case.

  • valorius

    LMAO, only $3750 eh?

  • Spencerhut

    I hope they run better at Media Day this year than last year. I could not get 3 rounds out of one.

  • Spencerhut
    • guest


    • pun&gun

      Some people just like collecting cool guns.

    • Richard

      This is for collectors with a lot of money.

  • Richard

    Do you have any pictures of it? I’m interested in building honey badger clone.