Ruger American Rifle in 450 Bushmaster

Ruger 450 Bushmaster

Without any official word on the company website, it appears that Ruger is now selling one of its American Rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster. The gun started popping up on a few forums in recent days as dealers began receiving notices about the new guns entering the pipeline. At least one person has had the gun on the range as seen here.

Here is the general information about the guns that I have been able to reference from at least two sources:

The new rifle is part of the company’s Ranch series of American Rifles. Chambered for the 450 Bushmaster, the guns use a three round, detachable magazine. The threaded barrels are a little over 16.1″ long and come with both a muzzle brake and thread protector. The barrel has a 1:16″ twist.

A flat dark earth colored synthetic stock is used, and the overall weight of the gun is 5.5 pounds (unloaded.) The stock has a soft rubber buttpad to help absorb some of the felt recoil.

Ruger uses its own Marksman Adjustable trigger on these rifles, which is user adjustable from 3-5 pounds. The suggested retail price of this new rifle is $599.

As I stated above, there has not been any official announcement from Ruger on this gun (at the time I am writing this article). However, multiple sources are showing photos of it, and it comes at a time (right before the SHOT Show) when Ruger typically releases a bunch of new products.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Mmmtacos

    Ruger is caliber happy.

    IIRC they do a lot of their parts making entirely in-house, so I guess that gives them the flexibility to make anything they want with different variations.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Okay, at that price I’d definitely buy that.

  • AndyHasky

    It’s on their website right now.

  • Keiichi

    Analogy about the recoil from the linked overview that I find amusing:

    “It is not recoil free, but is also not recoil heavy… something akin to that of a 30-30 WCF… OK, maybe a 35 Remington lever action rifle. Let’s just say that if you didn’t play with puppies and cry on campus after the last presidential election you should not have a problem.”

    • iksnilol

      What kinda monster doesn’t play with puppies?

      People like that make me sick.

      • Keiichi

        Not sure if sarcasm ?

        Does the analogy need explaining for our international friends?

        • iksnilol

          I just am aware now that there are sick bastards out there who see a puppy and don’t pet it.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I wonder how a .450 Bushmaster recoils in a 5.5 lb gun.

    • DrewN

      I have a bolt gun in .50 ‘wulf about the same weight and it’s fine. Deer slug from a 2 3/4 12 guage-ish I’d say.

      • david dutcher

        A sporting goods store on the east side of Michigan had Ruger make a run of 1500 of these rifles to comply with our restricted range caliber in the Southern Michigan zone that was previously shotgun only. They sold like hotcakes. The rifle was featured on the Michigan Out of Doors program.

    • AC97

      Keep in mind that it has a muzzle brake too.

    • Michael Bane

      With the brake, no big…

  • Bill

    That could be an interesting truck gun/patrol rifle. I’ll be studying the cartridge, though I sort of wish they’d gone .458 SOCOM which might just have slightly more market penetration, or at least name recognition, in the LE field.

    • DrewN

      I agree, even though I’m a early Beowulf adopter and own 3 different guns chambered in it. .458 has clearly won the segment.

      • Michael Bane

        Agree…would have rather than a .458 SOCOM, but the .450 I have for T&E rocks…definitely a hog-buster!

        Michael B

    • JD

      Well the socom is a non SAAMI cartridge so that might have been part of the decision. Last I knew the name was still copyrighted by Tony Rumore, and had to be ‘licensed’ from Tony, if you wanted to call it a 458 socom.

      But I completely agree, the socom, in a nice 16″ bolt gun, threaded for suppressor use could have been a home run.

      • Bill

        Thanks, I didn’t know the backstory.

    • Amanofdragons

      I definitely want one in the 458 socom. Still might pick one up though.

  • I wonder how all those lever gun people who argued with me that the Marlin 1895GS was the best Alaskan guide gun ever are feeling right now.

    • Don Ward

      That a Marlin 1895 (or similar weapons) chambered in 45.70 government or .444 Marlin or other similar variants are still better, offering a more ergonomic and faster firing weapon in calibers that are readily available in Alaska?

      • Don Ward

        The advantage of this weapon, however, is that it has a detachable magazine for those people who live in states where it is illegal to have a loaded firearm in your vehicle (like my home state of Washington). I don’t believe this is an issue of concern in Alaska, though, and certainly less of one when out in the Bush.

        • It’s also almost certainly more accurate than a Marlin, and costs $200 less, and is a pound and a half lighter. Not to mention that detachable mags make it way easier to safe a gun when you need to.

          • Don Ward

            Are we talking benchrest shooting? Yeah. That bolt action is more accurate. Are we talking real world shooting where you’re firing offhand or resting up next to a tree or from off your four-wheeler or snow machine? Yeah, the accuracy difference is negligible at the standard ranges where both types of rifles will be used (25 to 100 yards).

          • Which doesn’t change the fact that levers seem to have some catching up to do, eh?

          • Don Ward

            Catching up with what? At 25 yards, it doesn’t matter if the moose you killed was done with a rifle that has a .5 inch grouping or 1.5 inch grouping.

          • You know what I am talking about. Ruger is offering what is clearly a better rifle (in some key ways) at $200 less than what Marlin can match. If I were a manager at Marlin, I’d putting my engineers to work designing the next lever gun so that my market didn’t get completely swallowed whole by specialist bolt guns like this.

          • Don Ward

            And I’m not denigrating Ruger. I’m just answering you that in this very niche environment, the lever action is a better gun if you were presented with either option and if price weren’t the main object. Plus I’m not sold on this particular caliber offering although I’m sure Ruger has a jillion others available because Ruger is a good company.

          • Imagine it’s in .45-70, and you can see where I’m coming from.

            And I don’t think the lever is better, but besides that don’t you think you could improve over the “cowboy” gun with a little creative work, while keeping a lever action? I do, and I think things like this Ruger are stark illustrations of just how far behind levers are in this regard.

          • Gary Kirk

            Nathaniel, to both you and Mr. Ward..

            Love my lever guns, great at what they are.. Love my bolt guns, REALLY great at what they do.. There are different arms for different times.. As well as different strokes for different folks.. Nathaniel is correct as far as Marlin is concerned about big bore lever guns.. Mr. Ward is right about handling characteristics of a lever gun.. To each their own in this fight.. Biggest question should be.. Why in the Hell did they use 450 bushmaster?? 458 socom would’ve made more sense for this style.. YMMV

          • El Duderino

            See the post about Michigan laws…there’s your answer.

          • iksnilol

            I’d ask why not make it in .45/70?

          • Dougscamo

            Intriguing idea….but I daresay that they were considering the action size…and before you say it….yeah, it would work in a long action but their emphasis appears to be short actions….PLUS….cool factor….

          • iksnilol

            You’re right, a Ruger bolt action isn’t nearly cool enough for 45/70.

          • Dougscamo

            You must really HATE H&R Handi rifles….

          • iksnilol

            Nah, I like those. I really get an “The Road” vibe from them.

          • Dougscamo

            “Shudders”….my #2 all time most hated movie….#1 being all Barbara Streisand movies….

          • iksnilol

            I liked The Road, it has one of the most uplifting endings I’ve ever seen.


            y’know, Viggo Mortensen’s booty.

          • JJ

            Not a legal caliber to hunt deer in the restricted rifle zone in MI is why it’s chambered in .450 Bushmaster.

          • iksnilol

            Why is .450 bushmaster legal but 45/70 not? Both are straight wall.

          • JJ

            Because in Michigan, .458 Socom is not legal in the limited firearm part of the state. Rifle cartridges must be straight walled an 1.8″ max. Socom is necked….great cartridge but not legal in Mi.

          • iksnilol

            I do feel you’re asking about straightway performance in a county with lotsa curves.

            What I’m trying to say is that it is a bit irrelevant for the intended use. Besides, big bore cartridges aren’t really precision ones.

          • uncle fester

            Forgetting the accuracy issue, I think a lot of people (particularly new shooters) are simply more comfortable with a bolt action vs a lever action action rifle. I have both, but my kids will start with bolt action .22 when they are old enough.

      • It’s OK, the Ruger $200 cheaper than an 1895. You can afford a good red dot with the savings. 😉

        The .450 Bushmaster is less common than .45-70, though, you’re right. However, I’m still feeling plenty smug about my argument that a comparable bolt action rifle will pretty much always be lighter, cheaper, and more accurate than a cowboy gun. 😀

        • Don Ward

          I’m looking at the Brownell’s website right now and a plain jane Marlin 1895 in 45-70 is $579 in stock. And that’s with sights.

          • If we’re talking street price, other variants of the Ruger American Ranch are retailing for about $350-$400 on GunBroker right now. Still about a $200 difference.

          • Don Ward

            OK. But that’s simply moving the goal posts and bringing up weapons that aren’t “brush guns”. We’re talking about the ridiculously narrow definition of what makes for “THE BEST ALASKAN GUIDE GUN/BRUSH GUN EVER”

          • I’m not talking about the “best brush gun”. I’m thinking “wow, Ruger is able to offer a bolt action at $200 less than a comparable lever, which is a pound and a half lighter and probably a lot more accurate, when is the lever action market gonna catch up?”

            Whichever gun you actually use is up to you, don’t let me tell you otherwise.

          • Don Ward

            I’m not bad-mouthing bolt action guns and yes they are far cheaper to build. That’s one of the many reasons why militaries held on to them for so long when they were presented with semi-auto variants.
            What you’re discounting is the ergonomic features of a flat, slab-sided, lever action rifle which offers a (slightly) faster second shot.

          • Versus a decent bolt gun, I don’t think that’s actually true. I’ve love to test it, but doing so properly would be a bit tricky and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to set it up yet.

          • Southpaw89

            Its true if your a lefty, while adapting to an offhand bolt is possible, (I’ve done it many times) few firearms can match the fully ambidextrous nature of most lever guns, unless there’s a funky safety involved. And as far as I know there are no left handed Ruger Americans being offered. Its one reason why I love the old lever action.

          • iksnilol

            I wouldn’t call most lever actions fully ambidextrous. I mean, the loading gate is usually on the right side.

          • DW

            Magfed leverguns are. Henrys are, but that’s mostly because they hate loading gates

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, Henry also despises the idea of not standing still upright while reloading.

          • Southpaw89

            Hardly an issue though, one could even argue that as a lefty your keeping your firing hand on the gun while you reload, something that some people prefer, remember that the single action revolver was designed by a lefty, and uses a reloading gate on the right side of the weapon.

          • iksnilol


            I didn’t know that about a lefty making the revolver. I digress though, I’ve got no issues lefty or righty, so it isn’t something I should complain too much about. I just never understand why people like to keep their firing hand on weapon while reloading, it’s not like you can point it accurately by the mere pistol grip.

          • iksnilol

            I do believe that a .300 blackout is different from a .450 with a brake.

          • AK™

            I own a Marlin 1895 guide gun in .45-70. I’ll use it for bear or moose around my 10 acres..but I would rather use a semi auto..which is why Im going to get a .458 SOCOM upper for my AR-15. Currently I have a AR-10 in .308Win. 180gr soft points in a 25 round PMAG are very comforting,especially with the Surefire Pro-Comp brake on the end. I have only seen 2-3 grizzlys in my life of 35 years up here..but Ive been charged by more than a few moose. Thankfully Ive never had to drop an animal that was threatening…so far.

            This is a cool product from Ruger. Its nice to see gun companies try something a little different. I dont think it’ll be too long before we see other caliber choices..maybe even a .458 Socom and a .45-70 Ruger American??

      • Frank Grimes

        The 1895 is a pig compared to this, I’m happy Ruger is making something nice for once.

    • DW

      When you argue about price you have to consider this is Ruger we are talking about: it is a industry giant and the rifle is based on a popular platform already chambered in other calibers. The statement would be true if Ruger makes a “American Levergun” and it happens to be much more expensive than the American rifle. Also, the closest competitor to the Marlin would be a Ruger M77/Guide gun in same/comparable calibers, and the price difference isn’t that huge.
      TL;DR : Ruger, please bring back your mag-fed leverguns.

      • Nimrod

        You mean like a 96/450?

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, the Marlin is easier to shoot lefty (I can shoot a bolt action wrong handed, but a lever action is easier).

      And I done reckon 45/70 is much cheaper/easier to get than 450 bushmaster.

    • yukon cornelius

      Feeling fine?

      • yukon cornelius

        Also i gotta ask. Nathanial are you comparing the 450 bush to a 45-70 and 450 marlin? I’d hate to shoot full power loads in both those calibers in a ruger american rifle. It be jarring to say the least.

    • Ben

      I think that iron sights is a requirement for bush guns though.

  • Now that’s a bush gun!

  • Lee Attiny

    Of all the calibers they could’ve gone with why would they ever pick 450 bushmaster? Out of the 3 main “big bore” AR calibers thats by far the worst one.

    • Mark Horning

      Because Hornady loads it and Ruger likes using Horndady calibers.

      I agree it’s the worst one. The .458 SOCOM is far superior if for no other reason than it uses .458 instead of .452 caliber bullets.

    • iksnilol

      .450 is straight wall, which means a lot to some states IIRC.

  • RadicalizedModerate

    I’d like to see a Ruger American in .223 with the thicker profile barrel of their 18″ .308 Predator and the stock color of their Ranch Rifle..

  • 48conkli

    Well alot of people do not understand the real purpose of this gun. In michigan, there are 2 zones for hunting a northern one and a southern zone. In the north, no restrictions on rifle calibers. In southern was shotgun and muzzle loader only for year. Recently, (past few years) they made changes to allow straight wall calibers in long guns to use in hunting in lower michigan. 450 bushmaster is an allowed caliber to use in a carbine platform for hunting. I have cousins that run 450 bushmaster ar’s, but they are pricy. My brother recently got this ruger 450 bushmaster to use. A dealer in lower michigan, purchased 1000 rifles to sell and distribute to lower michigan residents and other smaller dealers. My brother hunts in both zones and will use this rifle in both zones. Its a one stop solution. Michigan has 10 million pepople give or take, probably 80 percent live in the shotgun zone. So this is big news. 44 mag rifles have been selling like crack cocaine around here. They are even demanding a premium. So people who say this is a stupid chambering, maybe you dont know all the facts.

    • Don Ward

      This could be the best bit of information in this article. Pin it to the top moderators plaise!!!

    • Anonymoose

      Unfortunately we still can’t use it for deer in Ohio, as it is not on the approved caliber list. :

      • 48conkli

        That’s unfortunate, fortunately Michigan doesn’t have a list of approved cartridges, but more or less guidelines for both pistol and rifles but they are different. What is stupid is I can use a 10mm in a pistol. But it’s too short for use in a rifle. But in every case, caliber needs to be 355 or above, striking out something like 327 magnum which would be great on small game.

        • iksnilol

          … Sooo, what about .357 maximum? is that long enough ?

        • Anonymoose

          Yeah, you can use a bunch of pistol calibers (basically anything between .357 Magnum and .500 Magnum, plus .40S&W, 10mm, and .45ACP), but the only approved rifle cartridges for deer are .38-55, .45-70, and ye olde .50-110.

    • Lee Attiny

      The real purpose for Ruger going with 450 bushmaster is one half of the state of MIchigan? Someone needs to be fired if thats the case. What’s that come out to? 50 rifles? Get over yourself

      • 48conkli

        Obviously it’s not just Michigan but , Michigan ranks 3rd in hunting participation with close to 800000 participants as of 2011, was the last figure I found. So not chump change. Also if you read my comment and I’ll throw out the dealer. RAndy’s hunting center in bad axe, MI. Look it up or call them they worked especially with ruger to get this rifle made. And last I heard it was a starting order of 1000 rifles which have sold out. My local ffl got his hands on ten from randys and sold out in 1 week. So get over yourself. You are out of your element.

      • iksnilol

        If there’s a profitable market, then I don’t see why someone should be fired. Besides, 450 bushmaster is AR compatible, which means that if they already make a 5.56 bolt gun, it isn’t expensive to make a 450 bushmaster gun on the same action.

      • Jj

        Um, they have already sold thousands….pay attention! It’s been for sale from Randy’s in Bad Axe Michigan for some time. This is not news to folks in Michigan who have waited in line to get it….with shipments of 500 guns selling out in hours.

    • car54

      Wonder if Ruger is thinking of making a Mini 14 in 450 Bushmaster. That would be interesting.

      • Nimrod

        Well, Ruger did make a 44 mag based on the Mini 14 action so it’s not out of the question. What I would like to see from Ruger is this 450 bolt gun with an integral suppressor. Suppressors are now legal in MI for hunting. Cut the barrel back, permanently add the suppressor so the barrel is 16″ long and you only need one stamp. Ruger is already making suppressors so that idea is not so far out.

        • Steve

          The 44 carbine was introduced in 1961,the Mini 14, in 1973. Neither was based on the other.

          • maodeedee

            While it’;s true that Ruger’s first 44 mag carbine, the model 44. was tube-fed, and not based on the Mini-14, Ruger later made a magazine-fed carbine called the 99/44 Deerfield” made from 2000-2006 that was indeed based on the short-stroke gas-piston rotating-bolt mini-14 action.

            This carbine, while it was magazine-fed, had a limited magazine capacity of only 4 rounds and was a rotary magazine. The Deerfield was discontinued after only 5 years because it was too expensive to manufacture.

            But I think if Ruger came out with a 10 or 12 round extended mag for it they could have sold it for a few hundred bucks more and could have sold as many as they could have made. I also think a mini-14 in 450 bushmaster would be a good idea.

          • dltaylor51

            The mini bolt face would never accommodate a 44mag case,if they enlarged it and machined it to fit there’d be nothing left of it.

    • Ryobiwankenobi

      I think Ohio has a similar situation where shotgun only deer hunting has opened up to allow straight-wall (mostly pistol) cartridges. Hopefully hunters will buy more of these and trade in their pistol caliber lever actions!

    • thedonn007

      It is not just Michigan. I believe you can use it in Indiana, and you could use it in Indiana before Michigan. I would still rather have a .450 bushmaster upper fot my AR lower.

    • maodeedee

      So why not offer it in 45-70 or 450 Marlin? Or 444 Marlin? Or 44 mag? or 454 Casull? Remington used to offer the Model 788 bolt action in 44 mag, and that was a great little rifle.

    • jonp

      Excellent post. Why are people jonesing over this when a lever action 45LC loaded up with 300gr can take about anything your likely to see in N.A.?

  • InfidelCrusader

    I’m intrigued. This would be legal to deer hunt with in Indiana at a very attractive price point.

  • westford86

    I wish I finished my Remington 700 SBR chambered in 45 Raptor was coming together faster… Now I won’t be the only kid on the block with a big bore bolt action for hunting.

  • El Duderino

    Michael Bane got one weeks ago.

    I asked Ruger about one last summer since it seemed so natural. And I don’t even live in a straight wall caliber state like MI. I just thought one would be a great bush gun. Stutzen laminate stock for me, please.

    • Tassiebush

      Stutzen stocks are just one of those things that are always cool!

      • iksnilol

        A classier weapon, for the discerning gentleman (or woman for that matter).

        Though I done reckon I’m too rural to be a gentleman to that extent.

        • Tassiebush

          Fear not because I would like a plastic one. No need to be too classy! I’m sure they were the original tacticool styling option;)

  • tower

    there is a gun shop in Michigan that has been selling these rifles for a while now on gunbroker

  • JoelC

    2 things:

    First, the fact that this is a straightwall case opens this up to hunting in a lot of state’s with caliber restrictions on deer over say, the .458 Socom. Especially since most states allow revolvers with 357 magnum as a minimum, and the legal descriptions tend to be tougher on non-straightwalls.

    Second, I’m hearing a ton of excitement from reloaders, as the action on the Ruger can handle pressures hotter than the AR-15 action. It was designed to handle .308 Win. That opens up the possibility of a much hotter load over factory, pushing pressures up over 50,000psi (while the ARs can only handle 40,000psi).

  • uisconfruzed

    Dead link

  • uisconfruzed

    Very interesting, I’m in the market for a Marlin 45-70 to mate my SilencerCo Hybrid with. The Ruger is lighter, has fewer rounds and a slower follow up. I WISH Browning/Winchester made an affordable 454 Casull chambered BLR with a 16″ threaded barrel!

  • Sasquatch

    This is cool. But what about 458 socom or 45-70…..

  • Tierlieb

    .450 Bushmaster is a neat semi-auto carbine round and currently the only viable choice for a “thumper” compared to .50 Beowulf and .458 Socom, which sadly did not have that much commercial success (read: did not have Hornady backing them).

    But why put it in a repeater? It might fit a smaller .223-type action, but the Ruger American Rifle only offers one length as far as I know. It does work better in a box mag, but whether changing mags beats being able to top-off your tube mag depends on how you hunt.

    There might be legal reasons regarding calibers and having to unload in weird situations, but otherwise it seems like a marketing gag.

  • BeoBear

    Seems like a great design for those with such caliber restrictions. I’d like to see one in .50 Beowulf but that’s me, I like the bigger bullets. Glad to see a company like Ruger stepping in to help folks afflicted with these challenged law makers. I’d sure like to shoot one of those new rifles!

  • maodeedee

    There is one very serious flaw with the Ruger American rifle that most people who have never owned one don’t know about.

    The magazines are cheap and flimsy, and attach to the rifle with a little plastic “nub” in the rear and a cheap, flimsy plastic latch in the front. The photo of this gun shows a more conventional box magazine and hopefully Ruger has re-designed the magazine well so that it attaches to the gun in such a way that it is more appropriate to large centerfire cartridges rather than something similar to their rimfire rifles.

    I would want to examine this rifle very closely before spending any money on one. I bought a Ruger American in 223 and the magazine didn’t work and apparently Ruger had a lot ofe problems with the 5.56/204 Ruger/223 mags. Once they sent me a new magazine I sold the rifle an bought a Mossberg that uses AR-15 magazines.

    It would be great if Ruger has re-designed the magazine on this rifle because the rifle itself is excellent, but I don’t see the point in the 450 bushmaster chambering, if the rifle cannot accept AR15 magazines. Why not just chamber it for 45/70 or 450 Marlin or do like Mossberg has done and design the rifle so that it can use AR magazines? That way they’d fix the magazine problem and offer more versatility besides. These rifles do NOT come with spare magazines and the spares are expensive.

  • Dennis Brennan

    I just ordered one of these Michigan has very tight restrictions on the center fire platform in lower Michigan the 450 bushmaster is about right at the limit I believe the 460 S&W round is right at the limit lower Michigan has lots of open farmland and 150 -200yrd shots are not out of the norm if you look at the ballistics for this round it has ample energy at 200 yrds for a ethical kill and is cheaper to shoot than a shotgun and they do one thing great and that’s kill whitetails