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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Vhyrus

    Do you even Mossad, אחי?

  • Genik’shen, bubi

    just one dropped penny can send that whole squad in disarray

    • KestrelBike

      Oh look anti-semitism

    • RSG

      Don’t they discuss firearms at stormfront?

    • Al

      This is not New Jersey, and you are not a part of the squad. That leaves nobody to pick it up. Sorry, mate.

  • John

    Is this TTAG now?

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Most people on this blog like to argue that bullpups are horrible. They also act as if the IDF can do no wrong. Yet I’ve never seen anyone on here give the IDF crap about replacing the AR-15 with the Tavor.

    • stephen

      I have seen replies here where people who served in the IDF state they did not like the Tavor.

      Then again I spend too much time here.

    • Frank Grimes

      That’s because nobody in their right mind would look to a bunch of illiterate third-world conscripts for inspiration.

  • Sid Collins

    One of the BIG recruitment goodies for Delta Force is/was the individual selection and adaptation of weapons to the shooter. This was 1990 and there were no accessories issued or authorized for standard weapons. We invaded Panama with bone-stock issue. What I see in these video snippets is weapons flexibility and mission-packaging. Nice.

  • When they come out they also get banned. Racism won’t fly on TFB no matter which race is targeted.

  • Drop the anti-semitic comments—–

  • Bibi

    You don’t get triggered as easily, and you recognise edgy humor for what it is. Good for you!

  • the other guy

    If Israelis are the good guys, why do they provide medical help to Al-Nusrah and other offshoots of Al-Quaida? Can you name me ONE single air strike, of the many that Israel has carried outside its borders in recent couple of years, that have targeted ISIS specifically?

    • Simcha M.

      Your reply is so asinine and full of gross ignorance that it doesn’t merit a reply. Happy new year to you, anyway.

      • Frank Grimes

        AKA “I can’t answer scary questions”.

        • Simcha M.

          No Frank,
          I just don’t bother to argue with antisemitic Leftist bozos. Happy new year to you, too.

          • Frank Grimes

            Who’s antisemitic?

            I would love nothing more than to see Israel march into Palestine and wipe out anything that moves.

            That doesn’t mean I have to approve of their gimmicky crap training.

            Why is it that every crybaby loser automatically whines about “antisemitism” whenever a valid point criticizing a poor choice made by Israel comes up?

      • baruch a’shem

        Truth hurts doesn’t it?
        Throughout the ENTIRE Syrian war as well as the war in Iraq after the emergence of ISIS/AN/AQ/As.a.S/JAI en masse there has been not a single Israeli strike of any kind against them. Not one. Israelis have however repeatedly attacked Syrian army multiple time, from Golan heights to other locations, unprovoked, have never received any military response from Syria, and they have also attacked Hizbollah who they accuse are accumulating “weapons of mass destruction” in Syria. Just so you know, which I believe you do already, Hezbollah is fighting ISIS/AN in both Syria and Iraq.
        Another fact which you shy away from is the established fact (documented by nobody other than Israeli television and other press) that AN members receive medical aid in Israel, then go back into Syria to continue their acts of terrorism.
        Now you may or may not snake your way around those two points which I doubt that you can, but there is also the question of “America’s greatest ally” when it comes to fighting ISIS: USA’s role in “fighting” ISIS is somewhat meager IMHO, but troughout the ENTIRE conflict with firstly AQ and then IS and finally both of them Israel has not sent one soldier, fired one bullet or dropped one single bomb on any of them, so there’s that.

        • Simcha M.

          It’s “baruch Ha-shem”, not “a’shem”; you just gave yourself away.

          The name of the blog is “The Firearms Blog; Firearms, not politics”. Stick to the video and the guns and tactics therein.
          So there’s that.