E-Blanks, Blanks but Not!

E-Blanks is an interesting concept that has been around for at least the past two years. The Norwegian company makes a recoil actuating bolt that replaces a standard AR15 Bolt Carrier Group, coupled with a battery powered straight walled magazine, and a muzzle device essentially turns an AR15 into a cosmetic blank firing device. The reasoning behind this is because there are some situations where firing actual blank ammunition could not be allowed or would ease logistics. Such as if a police department wanted to train in a mall, or maybe a school, whatever the case maybe. It also reduces the logistical footprint of having to supply and carry around pallets of blank ammunition, not to mention not cleaning the weapons afterwards. According to Jane’s, the Dutch Government has acquired some of the product for testing.

The newest ad for the product-

Technical description:

E-blanks technology is built into magazines that replicate real magazines and consists of a rechargeable battery, sound device and control unit (electronics). This is assembled to be water, dust and shockproof.

The magazine is specially designed for each weapon type. The recoil module consists of robust mechanical system that respond on the same way as a weapon bolt when firing. This module has a connection to the
magazine and a light beam that is designed to fit into the chamber.

The light beam will hit the muzzle flash reflector to simulate a live firing muzzle flash.
A recoil is a closed module that will strike with the desired strength and speed to achieve the weapon`s mechanical functions and give recoil.

These modules are protected on the inside of the weapon. Included with the system are a stationary troop level battery charger and single/patrol field battery charger.

A 30 round magazine can be used several times before it requires recharging. At magazine change there will be a filling up time by pushing button for each shot. The system is designed to maintain the normal weapon SOP’s in use.

Previous version, notice some of the differences that were made to the design-

System specifications:

• A limitation to the quantity of ‘rounds’ per magazine meaning that
the magazine has to be filled up in the normal manner.
• Gunfire sound adjustable in three levels
• Muzzle flash.
• Robust in use and will withstand rough treatment and use in all environmental    conditions.
• Recoil module simulate the weapon recoil.
• Works with all personal weapons.
• Short assembly time.
• Weight of magazine is approximately to a magazine filled with live rounds.
• Lock and load (‘make ready’) has to be preformed to activate the system.
• Gun shot counter to provide user knowledge of rounds left.
• Short time to fill magazines
• Recyclable materials
• Competitive prices for both purchase and operating expenses.

Not to be a harsh critic of the design but I do see some issues. First of all it should be stated that such systems have a history of being used in training, mostly with CO2 powered conversions that usually imitate actual recoil very well. However the amount of CO2 required is usually alot for the organizations that use them, i.e- Military or Government forces. That being said, I have not seen successful, widespread usage of the CO2 powered training firearms.

But more importantly, just looking at the promotional video, it appears that the firearm doesn’t move whatsoever. Essentially it is converted into a plastic contraption I could purchase at Toys R’ Us, the muzzle device not helping very much either. A final note would be that the shape of the magazine wouldn’t allow for existing STANAG magazine pouches to be used in conjunction with the training device very well.

If the company could fix the magazine shape, add some harsher “recoil” and really brighten up that muzzle device, I could see the product as being half feasible. Personally I’ve never thought that 5.56x45mm blank cartridges were ever much effective at reproducing either recoil or muzzle blast, so with some legitimate technology I could see this product becoming more logistically effective.


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  • Mohawk

    Take a look at the optics on both guns, in all of the promo-pics, apparently H&K arent the only ones doing the backward thing it seems.

    • Holy moly! You’re right with the Aimpoint! The battery compartment should be on the right side of the rifle! Wow, nice catch!

    • Gary Kirk

      Welp, if the morons can’t mount their optic correctly.. This is about the extent of what they should be issued…

      • Mohawk

        Not quite sure what you mean by “what they should be issued” as the fellas in the promo-film are most likely the real deal, so I’m quessing they’re taking the piss outa the production by flipping over the optics. As a sidenote the longer sight is somewhere in the Aimpoint 9000-series, also turned around and mounted with a 45° cant.

  • Drew

    As a training tool for dry firing practice, this seems pretty cool. Much better than constantly pulling a charging handle.

    I wish the magazine dimension were more like an actual magazine, but otherwise I’d buy one if the price is right

  • Petto

    Interesting product thats for sure but i have noticed that guy in the video had the Aimpoint CompM4 mounted backwards , i don’t think that is how Aimpoint works ha

  • Matt

    Sounds like this could be California compliant/environmental

    • Gary Kirk

      Nope.. Pistol grip, removable magazine, and muzzle device…

  • Audie Bakerson

    I was wondering why they had a British guy doing the announcement, then noticed the “r” on the selector.

    • Graham2

      From the location, the ‘R’ and the huge gap between the upper and lower, it’s probably a Diemaco.

  • Dougscamo

    “Bang, bang….got you!”….”Did not, did not!”…..

    • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

      did too, did too

      • Gary Kirk

        Did not times infinity.. 😛

  • jerry young

    Thanks but no thanks, I see no need for blanks in home use, if you’re going to practice I don’t know how everyone else does it but I spend time at the range, I wouldn’t shoot blanks real blanks, electronic blanks or co2 blanks at the range or in my home, when I was in the Army we used Blanks for field training you know what I called playing Army beyond that the only use I see would be for parades or use as a starter for races and such, but in todays wamby pamby society there would be people fainting and running for the hills if you carried a gun let alone shot a gun in a parade, but to each his own if you like shooting blanks well that’s your choice! it would be a nice although expensive toy for kids to play war with but do they actually get out and do that any more?

  • Martingard

    Wonder how many idiots will point and fire one of these at a LEO. They’re going to, I’m sure. They will probably be made to assume room temperature and a dirt nap will follow.

    • Doom

      Not really a problem, stupidity comes with a price. Id do the same if someone pointed one at me and I didnt know it was a toy/ nerfed.