The EU Gun Ban will most likely hit in 2017, with a ban on high capacity magazines.

Politics is not the issue for discussion here, but the end result will be some very stupid gun laws the way it looks now.

Firstly – how do you even define a magazine?

I don’t know the background of this picture, but the date on the camera says 04/11/2007 and it looks to me like Eastern Europe or possibly Russia.

There has got to be thousands of magazines just to cover this small piece of the road, and apparently magazines were cheaper than gravel. You take what you have.


AK surplus magazines being used as gravel, to improve the road.



Bonus questions: Are AR or AK magazines better to build roads with? Steel or Polymer?


  • Jake

    It’s not a real AK road without wooden magazines. #purist

  • BattleshipGrey

    Merry Christmas TFB readers, to spread the cheer, here’s a picture of magazines being destroyed.

    • Bill

      Next, video of a holiday suicide and discuss – what kind of bullet is best for a close range assassination – ice or ceramic polymer.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Frozen ribeye, it’ll hold together better than ice and just blend into the scene.

        • KestrelBike

          Hah wth… I like it.

        • gregge

          Next one to test, a frozen blood bullet fired with carbon dioxide. That was done in an episode of “Bones”. Bonus points if you can get some of the victim’s blood instead of using your own. Then if by some chance the person survives there won’t be any trace of other DNA.

          • BattleshipGrey

            I’d probably try to use some kind of animal blood, and then boil it down to a thicker consistency so it would hopefully hold together better. I’d really like to try these ideas out on some ballistic gel sometime.

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Gotta get those page clicks.

      • Charles Applegate

        A blunderbuss packed full of human teeth.

        • Bill

          That’s really disturbing. I like it.

        • Trey Heldmann

          That’s awful, and it made me laugh out loud.

        • Grindstone50k


        • Muslim teeth.

      • b0x3r0ck

        3d printed ceramic polymer with some kind of gel ejected poison core. A better question would be if the Geneva convention was not in affect what kind of ammo would be out right. Would we have stuff like HE and HEAT 12 gauge rounds like what’s used for tank warfare on the infantry level or what.

  • derpmaster

    This is the first I’ve heard of the new proposed EU gun ban. Supposedly they are specifically targeting AR and AK style semi auto rifles, plus mags above 10 rounds. This is really going to piss off quite a few people if it passes and probably just lead to even more anti-EU sentiment.

    • Herr Wolf

      The Zionists love a disarmed goyim populace.

    • Porty1119

      They seem to have resigned themselves to only going after magazines over 20 rounds. The pushback from Switzerland and Eastern Europe was intense.

      • FarmerB

        No, greater than 10 rounds for long arms and 20 for short ones (however that’s defined). Nice Christmas present for Putin, Junker and other despots.

        • iksnilol

          pistols are maybe “short arms”.

          • FarmerB

            For sure – but there are a lot of other things to take into account as to what is “short” – and you end up with laws like the US SBR rules.

    • Jason Culligan

      They did try unsuccessfully to fully ban semi-automatic rifles of all calibres though. The push-back from Eastern European countries was enough to protect us from that for now at least. What was supposed to be just a tightening of loopholes turned into a full-blown assault on gun owners by a minister from Sweden.

      Yes, the same Sweden which is being held up as an example of what happens when a country goes too far into liberalism.

    • Limonata

      There are already millions of guns underground and unregistered in the EU thanks to the many wars in Eastern-Europe. The law is useless and is another feel good measure. If the terrorist who ran the truck through the crowd in Berlin can go through 3 different country borders and only to finally be detected by accident, what will this law do except to generate PR?

      • datimes

        Last night I was speaking with a wealthy German business man and while discussing firearms mentioned I had an MP40. He sort of laughed and said there are large number of automatic weapons in the hands of German civilians left over from the 40’s.

    • Michel_T

      The next time the EU find themselves in a hole because of their stupid policies… they better not come knocking asking for help.

  • Bill

    “Firstly – how do you even define a magazine?”

    With words, or a dictionary.

    I realize that it’s a slow news day, but did somebody hit the eggnog a little too hard?

    • Eric B

      Well, it’s not defined if it’s the ownership of the spring, follower or the main body, or all of it together. No eggnog, just common sense. I don’t want to go to jail and lose all my firearms just because I happen to own ONE of those things. What happens if I own those things, but they’re in different drawers? It’s not defined.

      • Bill

        Huh? I can’t speak to the EU, and I’m guessing that some of the nations utilize some form of English legal structure and some are using some form of the Napoleonic code, but at least in the USA every statute contains a definition section, and laws can be struck down under a concept referred to as “void for vagueness.” I’d be stunned if there wasn’t a European analog.

        I tried to post a link to an example, but apparently the US Code is closed for Christmas.

        • Henrik Bergdahl

          In Sweden we do not even have a supreme court that can strike down laws. And all laws are “rubber band laws” as we call them. So vague as to be interpreted in any way the powers want them to. We have no jury either, but political shills assigned there from the parties. They have no judicial knowledge. Also no way to ever hold government employees accountable. I could go on…

          • Bill

            That’s interesting – I don’t know a thing about Sweden, but I checked really quickly and you have a national prison population slightly higher than the small town I live outside of, and lower than just one of the prisons in my state. I’ll have to look up your court structure and legal system.

            Understand that in the States we have 50 states, a couple of territories, the District of Columbia, a zillion counties and municipalities and then the federal government, all of which can enact laws and regulations. then our courts can range from tiny mayor’s courts to municipal courts, county courts, state appellate courts, state supreme courts, the federal district courts and appellate courts, before you get to the Supreme court. I’m involved in a case that started 3 years ago that is still pending a couple proceedings before we go to trial. Were predicting another 3 years before it’s finalized.

          • Henrik Bergdahl

            Well, Sweden has probably the worst police force in the world. At least it is high on that list. Most cops just quit and 0% have confidence in the organization. Anyway, no crime is investigated. In some places even murder is not investigated. Also we have almost no prison sentences and if you somehow manage to get some prison time you only ever serve 2/3rds of it. And most people just lie about their age and get no prison time anyway (someone says: I am 17 when it is obvious that the person is 30+ as an example). We have a system where career criminals only ever gets sentenced for the worst crime they commit. Then they get off free for everything else. They perhaps get a trial after one year then serve time after another year. And are free to commit lesser crimes while waiting for that. Most people never even report crimes unless it is for insurance reasons or it is obvious like my neighbor who got a grenade exploding on his balcony or when they shot up the pub next to my house or when they have to put out burning cars or whatever. But no one ever gets sent to prison. Which is nice because they can report very fine statistics and claim the sun is shining while everyone can look out and see the rain pouring down.

          • Bill

            I had no idea – I thought Sweden was all slightly strange cars and supermodels.

          • Tassiebush

            And very spiffy chainsaws! Don’t forget those!

          • Bill

            I shouldn’t have, I’ve got one. And The Boss has a Husqvarna sewing machine.

          • Tassiebush

            Yeah I’m a husky man myself. They certainly make and have made a lot of cool stuff! Dirt bikes and guns of course too.

          • FarmerB

            They were bought by BMW motorcycles and now have been sold to KTM (Austrian).

          • Tassiebush
          • James in Australia

            I can only remember two grenade attacks in Australia, one in the 70’s that was painters and dockers related and one in the 80’s that was Motorcycle club related

          • Tassiebush

            I’m definitely going to read up on that! I’d heard mention of painters and dockers but didn’t realise it got so hmm passionate!
            I’m not surprised by bikies. I’m surprised in many ways that there isn’t a similar issue with brothers4life or that Assyrian kings gang. I guess they must just be content to shoot one another or it’s the logistics of grenade supply.

          • James in Australia

            One was the Panton Hill hotel and the other a pub in Port or West Melbourne

          • Tassiebush

            Haven’t found those incidents yet but the violence around the painters and dockers union is astounding!

          • iksnilol

            Yup, surprisingly enough; grenade attacks are as Swedish as meat balls and inexpensive albeit decent furniture.

          • Tassiebush

            Legend has it Abba had to re write lots of their song lyrics to remove references to ordnance… But in all seriousness it sounds like the individuals involved need to be incarcerated properly for a decent timeframe and if relevant deported. Sounds like they provoke consequences that really wouldn’t deter much.

      • kyphe

        Use the SBR rule of law. If the materials to make an SBR are in close proximity with no other clear and defined purpose for being so then the law says it is an SBR. It does not have to be assembled. As in if the pistol and attachable stock are in the same bag then that is an SBR and if it not registered you can be in trouble. But if they are in separate bags (not close proximity) or if the bag includes a extended barrel that can be used to turn the pistol into a non NFA rifle then it is not an SBR (clearly defined legitimate purpose)

        • Bill

          It’s analogous to our drug precursor laws. Having a box of Sudafed and a couple other common chemicals around the house is cool, but have quantities of each in your car parked down a remote forest road and you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

    • HSR47

      To expand on what some others have said on this, it’s also an issue stateside, especially where mag bans involve grandfathering: Just look at the “magazine rebuild kit” dodge that we’ve seen CA residents using for the last decade or so.

      Ultimately, it all flows from the same source as the gun bans themselves: People fear what they don’t understand. That lack of understanding also tends to result in statutes that are arcane, arbitrary, and capricious.

    • Grindstone50k

      Not hard: Storage of ammo from which the action draws cartridges to be placed into the chamber.

      As I say to firearms newbs: Clips feed magazines, magazines feed guns.

      • Bill

        It’s also the storage unit from which you can draw explosives, pyrotechnics and ammunition, along with magazines and clips. 😉

  • Icon

    Magazines will not work for road building material. If the road bed is to soft, they will just squish out to the sides…

    • Joseph Goins

      I guess that’s what they mean by “stacking deep.”

    • FarmerB

      Well, this is not a ‘building’ technique. If you have a short stretch of deep boggy/swampy road, one quick action to remediate it in the short term is to dump something solid into it. Wood chips, cement blocks, broken roof tiles, magazine bodies. But you’re right, it squishes out the side, but makes it better than before if you have to let heavy vehicles pass.

  • Merry Christmas! It looks like the magazines are actually magazine bodies. They may just be worn out.

    • Richard

      It doesn’t look like there any springs, followers, or floor plates in the mags.

    • Tassiebush

      Yeah that or they could be Failed castings

      • Harry’s Holsters

        That was my first thought.

  • xebat

    German here. Just end me fam.

  • As a gunwriter from Italy and as a member AND supporter of Firearms United, guess what? We aren’t going to let the #EUGunBan hit. Not by the slightest chance. And if it passes, it will be so much watered down it will be a wife ban. No way we’re going the British or Australian way. Countries such as Poland and Slovakia already announced that they will not implement it. Czech Republic is neutering it by adding RKBA to its constitution. The Italian government will bend over — the Italian gun owners much less. So f**k the EU Gun Ban.

    • Swarf

      Wife ban?

    • Cope

      Wasn’t the EU just supposed to facilitate free trade between the countries of Europe?

      • iksnilol

        Yeeah… that’s the gist of it. But most likely it’ll be a federation in the future, with a non-democratically elected government.

        Scary stuff. 🙁

        • Tassiebush

          That’s the thing. Ultimately our rights as citizens really hinge on the sovereignty of the state. With the weakening of the nation state in favour of larger entities the rights and representation of the citizens are weakend.

          • JoelC

            Larger entities just make it easier to implement policies like that. Sovereign states can still do the same thing.

            The truth is that the world continues to push for stronger centralized authority. Left, Right, Centrist – they all seem to agree on that. Decentralization to more local entities combined with the right of individuals to be left alone as long as they aren’t causing immediate harm to someone else. That is a policy you wont see pushed but the real answer for things like this.

            iksnilol might correct me, but I believe that is the policy in his eastern residence. No enforcement as long as no harm is done.

          • Tassiebush

            I think it’s in the nature of those inclined to govern and work in public policy to think they’ve got it so well worked out that it needs to be universal which is silly because the world is diverse with diverse and often contradicting priorities. Totally agree smaller political units don’t necessarily lead to more freedom but they certainly can ensure more local representation and local input plus if your region is unique then it isn’t as likely to be caught up in a one size fits all approach. Large centralised units pretty much exclude freedom and political representation.

          • jonp

            This is what makes The United States truely unique in the world. It was founded on the principle that the power resides in the people not the government.

          • gregge

            Yet before the words of the Articles of Confederation, then the Constitution, were written there were people with the desire to set up the USA with an all powerful central government with the States, and especially the citizens, subservient to it.

            More wannabe kings and emperors and their ‘nobility’ who think they’re better than the commoners who are too dumb to know how to run their own lives.

          • jonp

            There certainly were and our First President put that idea firmly to rest when he refused to be made King. Ours is the first country in history to be founded where the power resides in the people not in government

          • Tassiebush

            Not sure it’s unique but it’s certainly one of the most successful examples of it.

        • Phillip Cooper

          They’re already talking of adopting one type of tank and aircraft across the continent. That sounds like a bit more than just a trade agreement.

          • iksnilol

            Pardner, I live on the edge. Quite literally both residences of mine are at the edge of the EU. I don’t get too involved with stupid EU laws.

          • disqus_0jln85eNvY

            Sounds like groups in government looking out for their own interests ?

          • jcitizen

            Actually arms sales are considered one thing that can be standardized to save money for the EU members, so it is a lot like trade. Especially since every member wants a piece of the action for their employees. So every EU member probably makes some of the assemblies or parts for an agreed upon weapon system. BAE systems or Rheinmetall Group comes to mind, as some of the common manufacturers.

          • gregge

            Sounds like the US might have to ally with Russia, China and the UK VS a new European Empire, allied with the Islamics. (I think there’s a movie script in that concept…)

      • Lysenko

        The treaties that created the EU were the result (greatly simplifying here) of a coalition. And like most coalitions, there were differing goals. On the one hand, you had the pure neoliberal (in the geopolitical/economic sense) types making the case for open borders and easier and more free trade, made simpler still by standardized currency.

        On the other hand, you had a core of politicians who explicitly see the long-term goal as a federal “United States Of Europe” with a central government and the current national governments reduced in scope and authority.

        The way this worked in practice was that the economic integration and trade liberalization types got their policies enacted first, with the other aspects of multi-national regulation and “harmonization” of national laws to a new multi-national standard set by EU officials being phased in slowly over time.

        There is still no strong consensus for how far towards the unified federal model the EU should go, but for obvious reasons EU civil service/bureaucracy/political careers tend to disproportionately attract those who believe in the “United States Of Europe” idea, and so there has been continued pressure over the years to push for stronger top-down law-making, of which this proposal is the latest iteration.

        So far, the combination of national sentiment and differing cultural values between, say, France and the Czech Republic have meant that these more ambitious attempts at ceding more power to the top-level EU bodies have failed a lot more often than they’ve succeeded. Not as much as Brexiters and Euroskeptics -wanted- them to fail, but I don’t think anyone’s subordinating their heads of state to any or all of the EU presidents yet, or in the next ten years.

        Note that I am an American, so my insight into this is limited, but that’s my perception of the trends so far. It’s been a “two steps forward, one step back” process of slow integration with periodic push-back when the would-be unifiers push a proposal that is particularly unpopular, or goes too far too fast.

        • FarmerB

          Well, that seems a fair representation to me – only one thing I’d take issue with. The original “integration” was somewhat economic in scope (steel and coal in the 50’s), but it’s also had a very strong liberal social and social-justice supra-national bent for a very long time. Just take the courts (ECtHR, CJEU) and human rights laws as a clear example, also established in the late 50’s. It’s been a long term goal to cause the withering away of the sovereign nation state.

        • cageordie

          Pretty much nailed it. Where some of this has gone wrong is Brussels attempting to grow to the East until they run out of countries willing to join. In granting membership to FSU states they also opened the doors to many people who do not have a European view of the world, or European morals. My mother, in the north east of England, is continuously hounded by Romanian beggars when she goes to the local shops. This has become so bad that she tends to stick to major supermarkets who have security and prevent the beggars from bothering their customers. The Polish were first, and they are fine, they integrated with the community. But the final straw for many people was the EU’s attempt, which is still ongoing, to bring in Turkey, which is in Asia. Some parts of Britain are getting to the point that even the immigrants from previous waves don’t feel like it is Britain any more. Other EU countries have worse issues. Sweden for example.

      • Until they turned into a superstate with the Lisbon Treaty which de facto gave the European Commission more power over the Member States than the Federal Government in Washington has over the single States of the U.S.

      • William Sullivan

        They have. They trade muslim scum by the thousands.

        • 11b

          Sorry, I think you meant to google Stormfront, not TFB.

          • Dakota Raduenz

            You sorry son of a Browning. I almost Googled that again. Haven’t fell for that since I was a teenager, and scared the crap out of me to have even clicked on the site.

          • William Sullivan

            You are sorry., I agree, libstain.

          • Jason Blankenship

            They are scum….he’s correct. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to what they’ve been doing around the world the last 25 years……you should brush up.

          • William Sullivan

            Yeah, you’re sorry alright, like all libstains.

          • Zebra Dun

            Britain imports a large number of people of Islamic religion that is a fact, what this has to do with a Euro gun ban is the question.

      • Old Vet

        Yes and now a few pointy-heads in Belgium run the whole damn continent almost.

        • cageordie

          But not Britain any more.

      • cageordie

        Initially it was the EEC, European Economic Community, but the Maastricht Treaty established European Political Union pretty much without the notice, and certainly without the permission or involvement, of the populace concerned. This is what has led to Brexit, basically the people old enough to remember the EEC rejecting the EU. Britain would never have joined the EU but British politicians sold out to the EU to retain the EEC. So now that is undone and Britain is heading for some other status. Maybe other countries will follow.

      • jonp

        Yes it was but like all non-elected bureaucrats they took more and more power unto themselves and now want to run everything and everybody as they, the Euro Elites, see fit. This is how a Government works, take as much power as you can because your just smarter than the “people” and know best what they should do.

      • gregge

        Since Germany and France failed several times over a few centuries to conquer Europe by military force, they came up with the EU to do it via economic force.

        The EU is not and never was a United States of Europe – it’s a way to control the continent by destroying the independent nations. Among their latest plots is flooding the continent with radical “refugees” and backing their demands for having their own rules instead of obeying those of the countries they’re moving into.

        Too bad for the people who think they can be the rulers, their chosen destroyers also have *them* in their sights.

    • FarmerB

      Pierangelo – God Speed. We here in Switzerland are certainly working all angles as well (we aren’t even in the f***ing EU and 2 unelected bureaucrats in Brussels can overturn 300 years of Swiss tradition).

      • You can just exit Schengen. PRO-TELL announced that if the directive is changed as it is supposed to be changed now, even though the vast majority of the European Commission’s proposals have already been shot down, they will propose a referendum to withdraw Switzerland from the Schengen Area, which will mean that the Country will not be forced to adopt European directives at all.

        • FarmerB

          Yep – that’s one plan.

    • Reazione Catena

      Buon Natale! My wife and I have family in Italia, how many gun owners are there? Is there a pro-gun organization like the NRA in Italia… most of my wife’s family are involved in knife-making and have been for generations. When I was there I saw a few shotguns for hunting and an old 6.5mm Terni used for hunting cervo…nicely sporterized too! I am interested in pro-gun organization in Italia, please

    • disqus_0jln85eNvY

      Keep up the good fight! I hope it fails as it seems to propose some very, very stupid laws…

    • noob


    • Sasquatch

      Hey we will trade your country our Hillary supporters for you and people like you!

      • cageordie

        You are outnumbered, you will be traded to the USSR where your president got his technical support. He says they’ve given him more information on the hacking, sounds just the same as how they tried to avoid blame for shooting down the Malaysian 777 over Ukraine. Isn’t it funny that the Republicans voted for a Russian puppet and now have to support him?

        • Sasquatch

          First off I am sorry that I looped in politics on this blog. Second were is your proof? Hillary had hard evidence against her with the illegal email server and lets not start on Benghazi. Also all the Hillary supporters were making big talk on how they wanted to leave. I was just trying to help.

          • cageordie

            Of those who voted nearly 3 million more voted for HRC, that is a matter of public record, even if MI won’t finish their count and left 65,000 Detroit votes unrecorded. I don’t like her, but she still got more votes. The allegations of illegal activity, even discounting the much worse actions of the previous administration in the same area, were found not to be illegal by the FBI. So while the Republican press published a lot of allegations they did not result in any charges. Various groups who are no friends of the US supported them including Wikileaks (personally I’d have had Manning shot because he/she/it is a traitor and Julian handed to the Swedes to face his sexual assault charges), the FBI (their boss needs to resign for interfering in the election by publishing allegations which he withdrew after they had had their desired effect) and the Russian government (caught red handed both by the net logs and the fingerprints of the software they employed). So, just like you and me, I expect, she’s never actually been charged with anything. I might say George Bush had the most corrupt VP in history, giving non-compete contracts for billions of dollars to his own company, but there were no charges, so that’s not something that will ever be tested in court. Under our lovely judicial system, he and she are both stainless. The Benghazi thing is ridiculous, and compares very favorably to the many attacks on US diplomatic facilities under the last Republican administration. Now we appear to have accepted the presidential candidate helped out by a KGB plan. What country finds out there is credible evidence that a long time enemy interfered in their elections and lets the results stand? Laughable. Yes, name calling is childish.

          • Sasquatch

            Dang son you need to get that reply published or at least turn it in for a grade. Well seems like you got your reasons and we need to just agree I think you’re crazy and you think I’m crazy. But in the end……

          • Spidouz

            LOL… still fool by the “3M more votes”… here’s some news for you, HRC only has a lead in popular vote because of California, that’s it! On the 49 states, Trump won the popular vote too. And the swing states have been recounted already showing more votes for Trump that initially announced. The only reason some people have false hopes is only because of California where HRC won with a ratio of 2:1 (because most of Republicans don’t even bother to vote in this la la land state anymore… that’s why they could already call it for HRC when they didn’t even had 1% of the votes in). And if you don’t want the FBI director to influence the election, next time, don’t pick a candidate that is under multiple FBI investigations. As simple as that! And regarding the Russian thing, we’re still waiting to see at least one real proof or evidence of it… None have been produced! And in the other hand, we have proof from the Podesta emails that the whole Russian thing was already planned by Democrats to smear Trump…

          • NO politics—-

    • Rocketman

      Good for you Mr. Tendas. My guess it that this continued attacks against individual freedom is going to blow up in the EU bureaucrats faces which will end up ultimately lead the the disintegration of the corrupt mess.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    Eh, why did TFB remove the articles about Brazil’s sniper rifles?

  • Anonymoose
  • Guns from scrap

    what an awful way to star Christmas morning

  • Alex Ripard

    There is going to be a conference on the 7th of January in Malta regarding the ban, I plan to attend and help show that it is poor legislation based on innacurate assumptions and lack of research.

  • Bill

    Being AK mags, or parts thereof, they probably still work.

  • Bill

    I want that rockin’ jeep/truck thing. It’d help me blend in with the toothless hillbillys.

    • codfilet

      GAZ jeep.

    • Tassiebush

      Nah won’t work “that fella has all of his teeth. I don’t trust him”

  • john huscio

    EU is a tiranny, im european,like shooting sports and most important i like freedom.
    Here in EU there is no free speech, nor free press, here only you can see social control,cctv s everywere, people without information (here few people nows who is Soros, the Brussels ruler)and few elite with full power.
    You must be vigilant because EU/UK is that the elites want for USA.

    • Graham2

      What a load of bollocks! ‘No free speech, nor free press’, utter rubbish!

      • FarmerB

        No it isn’t. We’ve clearly seen over the last couple of years how free press is ‘managed’ and ‘guided’ when it comes to sensitive topics. Is it unfree? No. But it ain’t 1st amendment free by a long stretch.

      • Frank Grimes

        There is no free speech.

        Not when policemen can knock down your door at 3AM because you sent an email with the word “likey” in it and they decided it was too close to the “racial slur” of “pikey” so they treat you like you were Osama Bin Laden and blow off your door and gag and bag you in the middle of the night.

        • iksnilol

          And when/where has that happened and do you have documentation on stuff like that?

          • Sickshooter0

            Grimey (I believe) was just taking the next logical step of “we the sheeple”. Political Correctness is the muzzle on free speech, all of our media (left or right leaning) comes from the same meat grinder. With the Patriot Act, people have been arrested without arraignment, thrown in jail with no recourse. I recommend reading Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book “A Nation of Sheep” or his “The Constitution in Exile”.

          • Frank Grimes

            I don’t know what happened to the links I posted but anyone is free to Google the raids and arrests conducted by Berlin police against people who made “Right Wing” and “Anti-Immigration” posts on Twitter.

            Or the businessman in England who was raided and arrested in front of his family because someone in his company wrote and email with the word “likey” in it and the UK police decided it was too close to the word “pikey”, so they came after him.

          • Jako

            The “pikey” “likey” connection actually makes sense when you keep in mind that parts of the UK utilize a rhyming slang scheme on a fairly regular basis. Anyone who is used to using it, will look for it in innocent circumstances and occasionally find something suspect.

          • EU TYRANNY

            Im european and EU now is a TYRANNY, im not racist, when came the first “refugee” family to my town, everibody helps them, me too, but when arrived a massive wave of muslin people askin for their rights, their house (because my governamt give them houses with our money, pays them transport, gym, but our sons and daughters have nothing) you say that in EU press, and ifyou spoeech became bit trascendent in the net, you know that “the law” will came to you. We cant never speak in public about some groups criminality rates that there wasnt been here ever before, nor those crime tipes. But police never speak about it and not give we information, and press dont give we information, the problem is that we have EYES and we can see everyday in our streets what is happen.They come with an arrogant attitude and demanding and rights and goods that according to them we owe them for having invaded Muslim countries.
            When you see that and cant speak in public, or only can speak in US proxy websites that EU police hate because they cant close it (because you have the freedom of speech and we not).When EU liberals attack all free speech, make their like laws imposing us their beliefs and cutting our freedom and guns rights…………you wil say:
            EU is a TYRANNY


          • Jako

            From Grimey’s link;

            “A council spokesman said: ‘As far as we were concerned it was an offensive comment, so we got in touch with the police.’ ”

            Just something to keep in mind.

  • Rangefinder

    Gee ,thanks guys for making my Christmas morning a happy one.
    What possessed you to put such a downer article like this on your site on this day of days?

  • ShootCommEverywhere

    If they had just taken all those bakelite AK mags and shipped them to the US where people will pay $50+ for them, they could have paved that road with bricks of gold.

  • RICH

    That’s ok ! I have myself enough magazines to last me for a ‘REVOLUTION’….. ! ! !

  • Jim_Macklin

    Steel magazines will rust away to nothing in a short while. Will the cheap Soviet soybean plastic be eaten by bacteria?

    Looks like the springs and followers are missing. Are you sure this isn’t Patrick Sweeney testing magazines?

  • mans

    “And the roads shall be paved with high cap magazines, the trees heavy with fruit of many calibers, the rivers sweet with the blood of martyrs and death shall have total dominion.”

  • jerry young

    Can anyone say flat tires? what’s next pave your roads with old glass?

  • Tassiebush

    Thanks for the links. They were good reading and informative.

  • Trevor

    You guys keep prefacing what I feel are political statements or whole pretty political articles with “this isn’t politics but…” Are you expressing opinion on law, legislation, or politicians? If yes then it’s political. TFB had successfully covered law before, and I think the key is strictly sticking to the facts and totally omitting any opinion.

  • Darkness 99

    Yes, it’s Russia, AFAIR its somewhere in the outskirts of Ijevsk, there they make the AK’s, used gun or ammo crates and different surplus stuff is common site in there.

  • Jas

    Definition of ‘magazine’? This is what the EU thinks it is

    container that can hold a limited number of cartridges and is fitted with a
    feeding device that, when the magazine is a part of the firearm or is attached
    to it, can feed those cartridges into the operating mechanism of the firearm

    But then again, there is not going to be a ban on magazines. The ban wll apply to ‘loading devices’. A term that is not defined as EU lawyers stated that ‘everybody knows what a loading device is’. It could mean that if you possess more than 20 links for a machinegun belt you are breaking the law.

  • Jas

    But then again, what do you expect from an unchosen government that uses terrorism as an excuse to ban…. replica flintlock pistols.

  • Martingard

    In answer to your question, polymer or steel, polymer is the obvious answer as they will not rust away. The polymer will be there forever.

  • Rimfire

    Excellent links, I really like that Pedersoli Boar gun, the lever action!

  • UCSPanther

    This is akin to the practice of using old car hulks as road fill.

  • Ark

    Still scratching my head over why a trade union meant to prevent war has any business trying to override national laws regulating what private citizens do in their own lives.

  • KestrelBike

    Anyone else see this post permanently at the top of the main blog website? If this post somehow got sticky’d or something, people on phones with small screens may not know that there are other, newer posts below it.

  • Wingbert

    What is the EU definition of high capacity?

  • Swarf

    Why it this post stickied to the top of the page?

  • Charles Meredith

    A magazine ALWAYS has a “spring” in it.
    Clips do not,,,,,,

  • Michel_T

    Just watch them go… With all the religious non-sense, do you really think they’ll let a good crisis go by?

  • Phillip Cooper

    Seriously, why is this POS still at the top of the stack after 3 days?

  • diana pierce

    Gee , Wonder how many of these fine magazines were confiscated from all the No-Go Zones?

  • Mystick

    They are AK-type mags, so…. no real loss…. 8p

  • 17 days and we will have a President that supports the Second Amendment.

  • David169

    Gee, it sounds like the EU governments are trying to make it safer for the jihadists to murder the European people, just like here in California.

  • richard kluesek

    Bet those magazines can be picked up as is and loaded and used right now.