This picture shows some sort of bullpup. Possibly an L85A1. Not sure how the barrel got bent. Possibly Robocop?



Or maybe it is to shoot around corners like this gun?




LOL, Since we can only see the bottom of the weapon, we cannot see if there is any more damage to the rifle. I am curious how the barrel got bent like that.


  • Gus Butts

    Someone leaned his rifle against the wheel of a 10 ton truck again?

    • Drew Coleman

      I hate it when I do that.

  • Dave Lange

    Closing the ramp of an APC/IFV on it will do that. My company had an M240C that was nice and bent from an unfortunate interaction with a Bradley ramp.

  • JT303

    It looks to be the L85A2 TES. Perhaps the soldier in question fell on it?

    • Dougscamo

      Probably from him bashing it on the ground in an attempt to get it to function….

      • JT303

        We had an incident a couple of years ago with some cadets and the L98A2, which is an L85 without the giggle switch. One of the cadets obviously thought he was Jerry Miculek or something and tried pulling the trigger as fast as he could. He managed to outrun the gun and create a situation involving an unfired blank, a crushed empty casing and a stuck charging handle and mag, IIRC. We had one of the instructors place the rifle on its butt and stamp on the charging handle, hard. Cleared the issue, and the cadet in question was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to attempt such lunacy again.

  • Marzuq

    L85A2…based on the quad rail and those MTP sleaves

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      You can also make out the ‘comma’ cocking handle.

  • Arie Heath

    Looks like an L85A2, some idiot was probably resting it on an APC.

  • Klaus

    Nice big fat finger on the trigger in the photo of the STG.

  • Anonymoose

    Britbong Cornershot

  • Quest

    ZE L85 KRUMMLAUF – kraut space magic

    Seriously, how in hell did he bend it that much.

  • David Hamera

    Used it to pry the wheel off a tank

  • iksnilol

    Secret English copy of the Krummlauf?

    Or was it aliens?

    • space nazis obviously

  • Gary Kirk

    This is an L85.. We sure that isn’t one of the new improvements??

  • That Army Captain is just about to prove why his curved barrel rifle is a bad idea … curved barrel attachment, finger on trigger, curiosity = “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

  • bobby_b

    It’s not a gun. Look at it again.

    It’s Home Depot’s new propane torch in their “Tacticool Tools” line.

  • valorius

    Bo Jackson bent it over his knee.

  • Jack Morris

    Lena Dunham must have sat on it.

  • Marcus D.

    More than just the barrel is bent. The hand grip and the trigger guard don’t line up very well, and whatever that thing is hanging off the hand guard seems bent out of shape. Do the Brits take it out of the troops paychecks when they manage a mangle like this?

    • Bambibasher

      Nope, its often a vehicle/grunt interface which usually means the grunt comes off worse. Cant fine a chap in traction, its not on. It would have to be proven negligent and only then would a proportion be paid. I saw it happen with an L1A1 on a shield line during riot training, the apc rear wheel rolled over the muzzle of the rifle which was slung muzzle down and the rifleman was kneeling. No negligence just unfortunate!

  • mike

    Probably shoots straighter than when new.
    Shoots to the right, for shooting Facists.
    H&K improved version, just like The G36, melts when hot.
    ” Now can I have an M4 please Sir”

  • Rob

    I once had a Junior Marine crimp an A2 flash hider shut in a HMMWV door.

  • Black Dots

    This is one of the L85s H&K hasn’t gotten to yet, I guess.

  • Joshua

    bayonet training?

  • anonymouse

    Probably tried using it to pry open a manhole cover, or something similarly stupid

  • Thomas Higgins

    The rifle in question is a SA80 A2, one of those gats that H and K were paid lots of money to fix, and it had further money spent on it to get it that Daniel Defense multi-rail handguard and grippod from whomever makes those for the Brits.

    I’d be surprised if the guy who wrecked it like that didn’t face some serious trouble for doing so – those tarted-up SA80s aren’t cheap. As for how he managed it, well, as said below it was probably caught in a ramp or a closing door.