Wow – Mechanical GIFs of Various Firearms Mechanisms

As writers, we get to see lots of “cool” things. In fact, we get to touch many of them and in my favorite cases, review them for you, our dear reader. As we are exposed to a myriad of new things on a regular basis, few things reach beyond that “cool” level. This is one of those rare times one sees something astounding.


Recently, I can upon an Imugr album by one “GarethWasHere”, which titled “Silling Mechanical GIFs” is anything but silly. The album is replete with innovative designs for semi-auto weapons (a side-locker, rotary en-bloc clip) and a few re-hashes of proven designs including lever-delayed blowback, gatlings, and long recoil.


The GIFs show an amazing talent for design, as each was likely rendered in a CAD program that required its own skill set to even create the recoil system designs, much less program the software for springs, motion capture, and turn into the GIFs that are displayed.

My particular favourite is the Gardner design, which features a mechanical design feeding two barrels from a single magazine. The Gardner is not a well-known design, but its simplicity in using cams to operate the entire firing sequence is fantastic.


Check out the full swath of firearms, designs, and mechanisms at GarathWasHere’s Imgur gallery page. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Twilight sparkle

    I’m not sure what that second one is trying to be but it reminds me of the semi auto webly

    • Rick O’Shay

      The second one reminds me of the Pancor Jackhammer, at least in terms of the drum and the grooves.

    • Giolli Joker

      It is a free interpretation of a Webley Fosbery mechanism.

      • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

        More akin to Chiappa Rhino meets Webley Fosbery

      • Twilight sparkle

        Well I guess that’s why it reminded me of one.

  • VanDiemensLand

    Proof reading is for winners……TFB?

  • b0x3r0ck

    The winner for me would have to be “Barrel Cam: Gas actuated revolving autocannon?”. If that was a 12 gauge bullpup they could take my money right now.

    • Secundius

      The 1.063-inch (27x145mmR) Mauser/Rheinmetall/Boeing/BAe Impulse Revolver Cannon and the Crye SIX12 Revolver Shotgun, unfortunately the Shotgun ISN’T Automatic. But back in the ’80’s a Shotgun/Submachine Gun was Produced in .410-gauge. But as I recall the PRC bought the Patent Rights for the Shot/Submachine Gun…

  • Chris

    A semi – wobbly auto?

  • KEL3

    I want to see a HK P7 GIF in action.

  • Doctor Jelly

    He’s really into cams, huh? Every single one of those relies on a camming design…

  • Flounder

    Just imagine detail stripping any of those for cleaning!

  • Alexandru Ianu

    The long recoil action looks like it locks like the Lee Navy. And that side locker is like a combination of the ZH-29 and a bit of Furrer’s later toggle locks.