MIC DROP: B&T Releases The APC223

In yet another move to infiltrate the United States and spread awesomeness through the land, B&T has just announced that the first shipment of APC223 rifles pistols has arrived.  Of course, they are all sold out to dealers across the country, but fear not, a new shipment is on the way.

The picture above is an example of B&T’s partnership with SBTactical, a company dedicated to manufacturing pistol stabilizing braces for a variety of different platforms. Even if you purchase an APC223 with the intent of converting it to a Short Barreled Rilfe using a the ATF Form 1 process, the SB Tactical brace gives the APC the look of a rifle while you wait for approval.

Minh at TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG, who previously shared their recent acquisition of a handful of the B&T KH9 limited release pistols, has come through again with a set of exclusive pictures of the APC223 in rifle form. I think I’m in love.


Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG

The APC223, the civilian version of the highly respected APC556 is the perfect choice for the range. The Short version with its truncated barrel is the perfect choice for shooters in need of a compact rifle for dynamic shooting disciplines.

B&T APC223 Features:

  • Calibre -5.56 x 45 mm / .223 Rem.
  • System – Locked rotating bolt gas piston operated rifle
  • Operation – Semi automatic
  • Charging handle – Interchangeable
  • Width – 67 mm (incl. chargin handle)
  • NAR Rails – 1 + 3
  • Handling – Ambidextrous
  • Shoulder stock – Foldable
  • Height – 282 mm (incl. 30 round magazin and sights)
  • Stock Pull – 345 mm
  • Muzzle attachment – 2 chamber muzzle brake
  • Primary Sighting System – Foldable open sights
  • Sight length – 340 mm
  • Suppressor connector – Integrated in muzzle brake
  • Magazines – 30 round polymer magazines
  • Also included – Two 30 round magazines, vertical foregrip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual
  • Length min./max. – 556 mm / 768 mm
  • Barrel Length – 264 mm
  • Weight – 3.7 kg (incl. 30 round magazine and sights)

Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


Credit: TheHardPoint/HighCaliberMFG


Credit: B&T

Make an APC223 in Alpine Green and don’t think I’ll be able to resist picking one up

The unofficial MSRP for the pistol version is hovering at the $3K mark.


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  • GD Ajax

    Th APC 223 looks like the FN SCAR or a newer version of the G36. Oh wait that’s because the other two are refined versions of the G36. However so is the HK 416.(if your a cynic)
    I know its now a meme to complain about the lack of innovation in the firearms industry. However until polymer cases or caseless ammunition becomes of affordable. Modifying twenty year operating systems are the best we are going to get.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Solid point.

    • Jirka Kýhos

      only 20 year ? AR 18 had same mechanism in 1969.

    • roguetechie

      There’s actually still plenty of room for innovation left without even touching CL/CT

      frankly the industry is stil on a half century time table from when an innovation shows up in prototype form and when it eventually turns into something widely available and accepted by the gun buying public and government procurement / end user acceptance!

      No I’m not wrong… Yes it’s easily proven

    • Stan Darsh

      I was thinking it looks more like a CZ Bren 805 at twice the price.

      • Lee Enfield

        spot on

  • Squirreltakular

    Looks nice. Kind of annoying that they name it the 223 and chamber it in 5.56.

    • some other joe

      The stamp on the bolt says it’s chambered in .223 Rem….
      “Be careful,” is all I can say. Is it the interchangeable Euro designation (’cause .223 isn’t a military cartridge and 5.56 is) or it really .223?

      • The vast majority of civilian firearms being sold in Europe and chambered in 5.56mm are stamped .223 Remington but will readily accept 5.56x45mm NATO. The only reason for the .223 Remington stamping is that many European Countries still have a nominal prohibition on military-grade loads and ammunition (not “calibers”) for civilian use.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Mini 14s were stamped 223 for many years even though they could handle 5.56 perfectly fine. It wasn’t just a European thing

        • FarmerB

          As he said. Well written Pierangelo.

        • iksnilol

          That and .223 is CIP certified to 5.56 pressures (SAAMI specs are different for 5.56 and .223). So 5.56 and .223 in Europe is the same.

          So be careful with European .223 in American .223 rifles.

      • Dave

        Be careful? Any barrel maker or factory made 223 or 5.56 can run both perfectly fine with no difference at all. Why do people think this will kaboom like a 300blk in a 223?

        • Twilight sparkle

          There’s a difference between 223 and 5.56 but most companies don’t do anything that will only handle .223 anymore. If you do find a truly 223 cambered rifle you cannot shoot 5.56 through it

          • SomeRandomGuy

            You can, though you have to be careful in some cases, bona fide .223Rem chambers are far less forgiving to higher pressure-curves (due to a much shorter throat) of certain ammo. If in doubt, take one (1) 5.56 round, chamber and fire it. Find the brass, look at the primer. If you don’t have any primer cratering or flattening or other pressure signs, you should be fine. If you have pressure signs, discontinue use.

            It’s a steady diet of 5.56 loads in some .223 chambers that can be bad juu-juu. Not firing one “proof” load…so-to-speak (and let’s be real, 5.56NATO is less pressure than the proof-loads most manufacturers shoot to test .223REM chambered firearms).

            On the other end, while looking at different 5.56 loads, the 62gr PMC X-Tac, while a surprisingly accurate load for a commercial off-the-shelf M855 clone, is a little on the weak side for typical M855 (which I believe was done for two reasons: 1) accuracy load-testing from incrementally loading down from peak M855 velocities to shrink overall group sizes and 2) reduce potential for damage when chambering 5.56 load in .223 Rem Chamber.

      • Grant

        Chamber is 5.56.

  • Alex

    Wish they had a rifle version.

    • Retriever222

      Make your own. Buy a barrel extension and the stock and your GTG. Can’t do that with a rifle.

      • pithy

        Yes, so you can drop three grand on the gun, then another 500 plus on stuff to make it so you don’t have to drop 500 elsewhere to make it shootable. Brilliant.

  • Been available in Europe for like 3 years now.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      We know. But us Americans have been forced to stand back and watch until now.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Oh… Thats disappointing… I thought I would find the newest development in armored troop transport. Who needs a cannon anyway when you have the world shredding .223 Rem cartridge.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    B&T releases gun they have said is coming to US Market for the past three years…

    “MIC DROP”…? Please don’t.

    As to the gun, 3k, lol. It was so front heavy that I put it back after only a minute of messing with one. I really want to like B&T but I feel like they’re just playing the US market for suckers with too much money.

  • Mattie Dimes

    “Also included – Two 30 round magazines, VERTICAL FOREGRIP, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual”

    That’s not right is it? Imported + pistol + vfg = 2am flash bang from your friendly BATFE agents. Might as well just ship it with a folding stock and an auto sear while we’re at it.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Wondering the same thing. I haven’t seen one attached so maybe it’s something they include that is only to be attached after it becomes an NFA item. Or maybe it’s not really included

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Pretty sure they aren’t included. The APC9/45 both show one included but US Customers don’t see them. I think they get donated to the AOW Relief Fund. AOWRF. Strong lobby.

    • roguetechie

      You can install up to 2 inch vfg or any afg pretty much on a “pistol” without breaking the NFA

      • Jeff Smith

        Can you point me in the direction of a BATFE approval letter stating this? I’d like to print a copy and carry it with me.

        • roguetechie

          I’m on my phone so not right this second, but TFB ran an article about the franklin armory xo26 pistol “hacking the NFA”

          Because they had a brace and magpul shorty vfg as the standard configuration out of the box.

          So I’d check the TFB article or franklin armory’s site .

          • Steve Truffer

            That’s not a pistol. It is over 26″ in length, thus making it a “firearm” (it is not concealable about the person, thus not a pistol). “firearms” do not have a foregrip restriction. that restriction is solely placed upon pistols.

          • roguetechie

            Yes, I totally screwed up by trying to answer an NFA gray area question from memory.

          • Ebby123

            Does the overall length requirement include non-pinned&welded muzzle attachments?

            IE: If I have my suppressor on my pistol, making it over 26″ in length, can I also then add a vertical foregrip?

          • Steve Truffer

            Needs to be permanent.

          • Jeff Smith

            I believe the ability to put a VFG on that firearm stems from the fact that it is over 26″ in length and falls into the category of a “firearm,” not the size of the foregrip.

          • roguetechie

            OK so after consulting both the ATF ruling on the subject AND a FAQ page from a lawyer specialist in firearms law…

            AFG =OK on pistol
            VFG=instant AOW

            on a pistol with OAL>26 inches

            I would link you but then disqus will eat my comment.

            Additionally I apologize for the false information I accidentally put out there… I should know better than to hipshoot answers about the NFA…

        • roguetechie

          Yes, I’ll do this at some point in the next few days… It’s Christmas and I have family in town

  • ??

    I was really hoping it would cost more. Don’t forget “Swiss Made” engraves quality onto every bullet fired. You literally turn copper bullet jackets into something akin to a Rolex. This my friends is a money manufacturing machine. Get yours now!! Before it’s too late!!

  • Grant

    Couple correction to the specs listed. NO VG is included and the barrel length is 8.7″. Twist is 1/7.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Thanks for stopping by, Grant. For all our readers, the APC223 is also in stock at GandRTactical . Com.

      • Grant

        Tks Pete.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        There is a lot of um “enthusiasm” on “certain sites” for “certain vendors”, it would be awesome to not see that here.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I get that.
          I guess you’ll just have to trust that my child-like giddiness is genuine.
          One of the many things I love about TFB is that I am beholden to no one. No pay for play, no ads masquerading as stories, etc.

  • rotorblade

    Call me when FB Radom of Poland starts selling the MSBS (Radon non bullpup) over here. Until then I’ll be asleep until shot show 2017.

  • Gary Kirk

    $3k.. Plastic rails.. Yeeeah uhhh, no.. Not today

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      And a pig at 8+ lbs to boot.

  • Chris

    Am I the only one who had to re-read the above ‘cos I had no idea what ” The Hard Caliber High Point ” was.
    Maybe their carbine in 38-40, fed from Luger snail drums with timber furniture?
    Would operate with.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Looks “tacticool” enough. I am waiting for the Star Trekkian designs….

  • pithy

    It’s a $3,000 5.56 pistol!!!!!

    …eh. I don’t even care enough to snark.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Fine. Maybe my headline was a bit over the top.

      • pithy

        lol, it’s all good. I’m just a cynical bastard.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I’m ok with you guys keeping me in check.

  • cons2p8ted

    $3K for a plastic wannabe SBR?!! It better “BLOW” more than just my wallet and lead!

  • Wolfkiller

    I love their submachine guns.

  • SD

    A SCAR 16 is cheaper than a B&T Pistol.