PING Yourself Some NEW Champion “Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets”

Center Mass AR500

We can only go to the range so many times punching paper before we desire something more. Whether you switch it up with bowling pins, Tannerite, or water jugs. Many shooting enthusiasts crave reactive targets. Something to create that visual and audible reaction of a successful shot. As Shoot-N-C targets, Tannerite, and many other reactive targets grow with popularity so do AR500 steel targets. Champion understands this and unveiled their “Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets” as a result.

Center Mass AR500

66% IPSC Center Mass AR500 Steel Target

Champion Traps & Targets now manufactures AR500 steel targets in 5 different dimensions.

  • 8″ Diameter Gong (3/8″ Thick AR500)
  • 8″ Diameter Gong (1/4″ Thick AR500)
  • 4″ Diameter Gong (3/8″ Thick AR500)
  • 66% IPSC (3/8″ Thick AR500)
  • 8″ Square Gong (3/8″ Thick AR500)

All of these targets have 1/2″ holes to hang them with a sturdy carriage bolt, or simply chains. All of the 3/8″ thick targets will tolerate rifle calibers; whereas, the 1/4″ thick target is only good for pistol cartridges.

Champion exclaimed their praise for the new AR500 targets:

Nothing beats the instant feedback and satisfying ‘PING!’ when a well-aimed shot hits a steel target, but not all steel is created equal. AR500 Steel is hard enough to withstand
multiple calibers at the appropriate distances. Center Mass come in three different shapes and sizes, allowing for a customizable shooting experience.

You can check out the PRESS RELEASE for the Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets, and see them on the CHAMPION website.

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  • stephen

    Never been done before…


  • All the Raindrops

    The champion steel targets I’ve gotten have all been pot metal. They weren’t specifically called ar500 before, but they said they could withstand pistol and rifle.

    They could not