NEW: Tyrant Designs MOD ForeGrip

Tyrant Designs has recently announced about the release of their new foregrip product called MOD ForeGrip. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum with polymer finger groove inserts. The MOD ForeGrip is compatible with M-Lok and/or KeyMod accessory attachment systems.

Tyrant MOD ForeGrip (2)

Images by Tyrant Designs and Greg Skaz Photography

The foregrip is bead blasted, anodized and comes in four color options: black, gray, red and blue. Its skeletonized body has a similar design style as Tyrant Designs grips. As you can see in the picture above, the foregrip looks especially good when combined with Tyrant grips on the same rifle. The MOD ForeGrip weighs 1.7oz and comes with all necessary accessories (screws and Allen keys) needed to install it. Chamfered edges and polymer insert should make handling this accessory relatively comfortable. The front portion of the foregrip also features a vertical protrusion, which works as a hand stop and barrier stop.

Tyrant MOD ForeGrip (2

This product is available through Tyrant Designs website. It is possible to choose from either M-LOK or KeyMod compatible versions, which have MSRP of $69.95. However, there is also a version which is compatible with both systems and has a higher price – $74.95. Right now the blue version is on sale and has a price tag of $65.95.

Here is a video from manufacturer’s YouTube channel:


Phone: 847-447-0378
Address: 10134 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131

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  • Henry Reed

    Really love my Magpul hand stop kit. The KAC MOD 2 MLOK came with 6 panels, so the hand stop completed the package. Very comfortable and keeps my hand where it needs to be, as far forward on my 13″ rail as possible.

  • Quest

    Seems like too much sharp edges. And looks completly gimmicky.

  • Bill

    And once again without a picture I couldn’t tell which end goes forward

    • Actionable Mango

      Whichever direction works better for you.

  • Kyle

    Ill never understand the appeal of these aluminium grips. If its cold out the metal furniture will suck the heat out of your hands right. As someone who has spent a lot of time if the freezing ass cold I want the grip-able surfaces on my weapons to be polymer whenever possible. It make a huge difference in comfort when outside during the winter.

    • Payce

      If you’ve been in the cold then you’d know that you’d be wearing gloves while gripping your rifle…
      Most people that would buy this and actually shoot with it would be wearing gloves anyways.

      • Kyle

        You got me! I’ve never been outside!

        • Dan

          Well if it’s cold enough to worry about your hand getting cold then it’s cold enough gloves would be acceptable to wear. With that said I don’t think highly of this item.

      • valorius

        Condescend much Jordin Tootoo?

    • Ryfyle
      • valorius

        I wish this dude would sell these damn wood kits, so i could buy one RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

  • Ryfyle

    Why is this over 60$ again? Better off making your own out of Lexan for a buck.

  • valorius

    Skeletonized AR’s are ridiculous looking beasts…IMO.

  • valorius

    I view AR handstops to be the single most useless and silly inventions ever placed on a firearm. (possible exception: 50 Beowulf with a 7″ barrel?)

  • C. Her

    I’ll stick with my <$20 BCM KAG.

  • Pranqster

    Will I get banned for saying how stupid that “foregrip” is?

  • Rick O’Shay

    Looks an awful lot like a bottle opener.