Magpul Shipping PMAG 12 GL9 for Sub-Compact 9mm Glocks

I, and many others, love subcompact handguns for every day carry and self-defense. Their uber-small size allows them to be concealed when other weapons may risk printing or exposure. However, the Glock 26 has always been a bit of a problem for me, as I rationally or irrationally need my pinky finger on a gun. The stock magazines have always been a bit short.

Fixing this is (again) Magpul with their latest release, the PMAG 12 GL9, a purpose designed magazine for subcompact Glocks that addresses my complaint with panache. Rather than stopping at the common 10 rounds, MagPul opted for 12, bringing the magazine to an acceptable length for full-finger grips, including it in the mold itself.

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This is highly advantageous. Various other sub-compact offerings have pinky extensions, but often these are just rings slipped over the base magazine, making them hard to carry as back-up mags, leaving sub-compact carriers stuck with smaller back-up magazines. With the grips molded into the magazine itself, it’s impossible for the extension to unseat itself.

This is combined with Magpul’s usual features including textured magazine grasping grooves for forced magazine removal, pen-dot matrix for marking, and removable floor plate.

Retail is pegged at $15.95, just low enough to make me consider cutting down my G19’s magwell just for this offering. 



Nathan S

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    Well . . . nothing new . . . all along you could add a +2 to your G26 mag . . . or a smaller yet still comfy-for-your-pinky +1.

    • Lawbob

      The factory plus 2s aren’t as integrated, and the plus 1s pinch your finger between the grip and the plus one pinky extension.

      These look just right.

      • KUETSA

        I have one of each and they are fine – but they are not factory Glock pieces – they are Pearce Grip extensions

  • Stephen Paraski

    Just use a 17 mag.

    • DataMatters

      I never had a problem with the gap being there.

  • Guest

    If only they could make a 12 or 13 round G29 mag. And while they’re at it, they should make a longer slide that comes with a 4″ barrel. That would be the perfect 10, a glock 19 sized 10mm. They could even call it the G44 and then the age old arguement of 10mm vs 44 mag would return.

    • JT303

      I’ve always wondered why Glock never made a mid-size 10mm or 45. It just seems like they’re missing out on a market segment there.

      • Marlin

        Glock 30 is about the same size as a g19

        • Lew Siffer

          You’re right, my G30S fits my G19 holster perfectly, so it more or less is a “mid-size” .45.

      • Ebby123

        10MM out of barrels shorter than 6IN produces ballistics that are an awful lot like 40S&W, which is how that abomination of a cartridge came to exist in the first place. ;-P

        4IN BARREL, 165GR BULLET, 40S&W: 1164FPS
        4IN BARREL, 165GR BULLET, 10MM: 1209FPS (+45 FPS)

        • Ebby123
        • JT303

          I was always under the impression that .40 was created from FBI agents failing pistol qualifications with the full 10mm loads. Tim from MAC used a SIG P220 10mm and some full house loads and got some impressive results IIRC from a 5 inch. I’d have thought a 4 inch 10mm using the original loading would have better velocity etc than a 4 inch .40.

  • Does anyone know the height of the g26 with the new PMAG 12 inserted?

    For me, my target height is 4.5″ – at 5″, the grip starts to catch on my t-shirt and print, which makes the G19 just a bit too long. I’m hoping this mag will allow me to pursue the G19K build I’ve always wanted.

  • Lawbob

    Available “late 2016” was correct

    • mike

      And the 27 round mags are going to be available summer 2016. Waiting patiently.
      I like the G26 with its 10 rounder for carry, but keep a full size 17 round as an extra mag. I figure if I have shot the gun 11 times I am not concerned with concellment

  • uisconfruzed

    I don’t have any issues with mine (G23 & 27) as is.
    The G23/19 grabs and lifts my shirt when standing from a seated position. The G26/27 doesn’t and that’s why it’s spends a lot more quality time with me.

  • Stu

    Am I the only person that finds it strange when people take a little gun and then make it bigger? If it works for you, good. I just can’t get past it, though.

    • DataMatters

      There is some sense in having a model that has the small, flush fit mag and then you carry another mag that is the “big boy” version to get a few more rounds.

      I still don’t know who all these people are that are engaging all these threats out there, but I’m not going to pass judgement. Better to have and not need, I guess.

      • Alex

        I’ve done this since I started carrying my 26, keep a 10 or 12 rounder in the gun and a 19 rounder in my pocket.

      • SUPMAN

        Have you ever thought about how terrifying it would be to get trapped in Paris nightclub type situation and only have a G43 with extra mag? Much less trying to engage targets with it? 6 rounds is fine for a one attacker situation, but that’s usually not the case

    • JoshCalle

      I see it this way, if I have a Glock 17, then all I have is a one full size gun that is somewhat difficult to conceal. If I have a Glock 26, I have an ankle gun, a compact hip gun (with the Glock 19 mag and grip extension) and I also have a ridiculous looking yet effective nightstand gun with a 33 round happy stick.

  • JoshCalle

    I have mine similarly set up with the factory +2 extension off of a happy stick. I wonder how the size compares.

  • RUKdnMe

    For some reason having the 13th round in the chamber turns me off…If ya know what I mean…

  • TSM

    I bought, several. Nicely made. HOWEVER, getting the 12th round in is EXTREMELY difficult. It (with 12) may be fine for carry, but it will be an 11 round magazine for the range. I cannot get the 12th round in the magazine by hand. I needed the UpLula, but even then it is too tight for the UpLula lip and the 12th case … so I partially insert the 12th round, remove the UpLula, and then hand seat the really tight 12th round. In this regard, it is disappointing … practically having an 11 round magazine from Magpul. Sometimes “just enough” is not just enough.


    I think it kinda ruins the whole idea of a G26. The whole idea is to keep it as concealable as possible. We all know the grip length is the biggest factor in concealment. Making the grip longer probably makes it damn near G19 size. in which case u would be better with the 15+1 of the G19. I agree with carrying the 26 with its little flush fit mag and carry a G19 or 17 mag as a spare.

    • Ebby123

      Still, more options = more better. I carry a similar platform with extended mags in the winter when I can easily conceal such, and short mags in the summer when I’m not wearing as many layers.