Beretta (Finally!) Releases G-Series Decocker Kit

Beretta, the manufacturer of the US military M9 handgun, has finally released its “G” series decocker only kit for the M9 and M92/96 series handguns. The kit, which removes the safety/decocker function of the standard handgun, swapping the slide-mounted levers for decocking only function.

Love it or hate it, the slide-mounted safety has been a long-time complaint for many Beretta shooters, as racking the slide at a bad angle can cause the safety to trip resulting in a dead trigger at the most inopportune of times. By switching to a decocker only, at worst the handgun will be completely functional, just with the standard smooth double-action pull.

The new kit works for all Beretta F/FS series 92 (9mm) and 96 (.40 S&W) handguns from the last two plus decades. It is incompatible with 92SB series 1 and 92S pistols. Retail for the kit is set at $55. At the time of this writing, the kit is out of stock if only because it’s long overdue in the minds of many M9 shooters who had space on their credit cards just for this product.

For those curious on how the kit is installed and functions, check out MrGunsnGear’s video on the kit below. Installation can take “three hands” but he breaks it down in easy to understand and highly relatable fashion.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Sam

    St. Louis City uses a 92 that is only double action every single trigger pull. I think it’s the 92D? Anyway, they have a 13lbs trigger if I remember correctly. Utter nonsense. They still abide by the (four or five) decades old rhetoric that a double action trigger pull is akin to a revolver… so the old dudes can transition easier. Or something like that.

    • Joe

      Glad this is of use to people, but I’d like to see a M9A3/Vertec with a frame mounted safety instead. Better yet, develop a trigger like the Ruger LCP II, single action with a trigger safety.

    • Dr Duke (not David)

      The 92D is DAO.

      • Phillip Cooper

        That’s exactly what he said…

        • Dr Duke (not David)

          He said he thought the model number was 92D.
          I was confirming that.

    • billyoblivion

      Dude, it’s Saint Louis. It *is* four or five decades behind 🙂

      • Sam

        Most valid point I’ve seen in a while. This city sucks.

        • billyoblivion

          Really that comment is a bit unfair.

          It’s only a decade or two behind.

  • CoastieGM

    Omg yes. Best Christmas present I could ask for. And cheap.

  • CTFish

    Does it fit 92A1 and 90Two? Makes the 92G less of a ‘gotta find.’

  • Stephen Paraski

    Just to big for a 9.

    • Tim

      Buy a bigger purse. Lots of good options at Macy’s this time of year.

      • GaryOlson

        I actually ( waited for the SO and) wasted time in Macy’s perusing the women’s handbags for concealed carry. Sorry, Tim, all those bags are for sling and bling. Beretta 9mm pistols are definitely not what these designers consider for those purses. You might get a Pink Nano in those purses. And none of those purses had a dedicated zippered side pocket for concealed carry.

        • Tim

          Ok, this time without the /sarc. Beretta actually has a very nice line of concealed carry purses for your SO, which will conceal an M9 just fine.

    • Blake

      …which is what makes it so comfortable & easy to shoot well.

      • Jeff Smith


      • Keiichi

        Shooting comfort and concealed carry comfort do tend to be at odds for many people.

        • Blake

          Myself included. I have no intention whatsoever to CC a Beretta 92, & it’s not designed for that.

    • Joe Gamer

      There is no “perfect” firearm, My M9A3(vertec frame) is only slightly larger than my P30L, comparable to a full size glock, but it is fantastically smooth, utterly reliable, handles recoil immensely well, and is accurate to boot. Every firearm makes compromises and in this case compact size was sacrificed to make every other aspect of shooting it better. It’s really only the safety sticking out the sides that is too large IMO.

      • Dakota Raduenz

        How much did you shell out for that M9A3? I really want one but they seem to be a limited, expensive run.

        • Joe Gamer

          I paid a grand, it is expensive but it does include a threaded barrel, night sights, three mags, and it seems to have an upgraded trigger springs. Actual military models have a much heavier trigger. One warning though, you might need an extended piston for suppressor use, the guide rod protrudes enough that it interferes with many models.

    • C.

      I’m just under 5’6″ with smaller than average sized hands and I’ve never had a problem with handling and shooting the 92 series.

  • Still waiting for a Frame-mounted safety conversion kit.

  • Stu

    Welcome to 1993.

  • Joe Gamer

    That’s kinda pricey for what should have already been included in my M9A3…

    • Havok

      The M9A3 does come in the Decocker only variation.

      • Joe Gamer

        I wasn’t able to find it, with them moving factories the supply has been nil in my part of the world.

        • GaryOlson

          The supply has been nil just about everywhere.

  • YS

    Any plans for an Inox kit?

  • scf8169

    I’ve owned a few 92/96’s, and I’m not getting it. What exactly does this conversion do? All of mine have always racked and shot with no issues.

    • Joe Gamer

      converts the safety into a decocker, so when you engage the safety it drops the hammer as usual but then the safety springs back up so you are immediately ready to fire. It’s mostly for people who want to carry without a safety and are afraid they might accidentally engage the safety under stress or during holstering, etc.

      • scf8169

        Ok, I get it now. Drops the hammer, puts first shot into DA mode without having to flip the decocker lever back up.

  • marine6680

    Too bad it doesn’t have the 10* upswept angle used on the m9a3… I actually like that feature.

    If they are actually producing the a3 in a G model with the upswept angle, I would like to source the parts for that.

    If not I will end up with one of these when they are back in stock.

    • Joe Gamer

      You wouldn’t really need it for a G model though. The angle of the safety was changed to decrease the likelihood of accidentally engaging the safety while charging the weapon. With a G conversion it is no longer possible to accidentally engage the safety. I have an A3 and honestly they were pretty lazy with the modified angle, you can still see where the original angle was and how they just sort of tacked on the new lever. Eh, it’s hard to explain I guess…lol

      • marine6680

        Yeah, the prototypes they had for pictures and things back when they first introduced it, had much nicer looking safety levers.

        I am not generally worried about the issue of engaging the safety while racking the slide… I do not like safeties on anything I may carry. If it has a safety, I have to assume it is engaged, and will need disengaged.

        Unfortunately the design of the safety, coupled with my hand shape and size, makes quickly disengaging the safety on the pistol difficult without adjusting my grip.

        A decock only solves the issue.

        • Joe Gamer

          I recently received my G kit and it does include the 10 degree upswept angle on the lever. The levers from the kit actually look a bit nicer than the levers that came with the gun…lol

  • Mmmtacos

    Christmas truly is the time of miracles.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have one last Christmas present to buy for myself…

  • idahoguy101

    Are Beretta pistol operators the only pistol shooters who can’t be trained to take their gun off safe? S&W, Ruger, Walther, et al… their customers aren’t complaining. Any ideas about this phenomenon?

    • Bill

      In my experience the same problem can occur with all the pistols you mentioned; essentially any pistol with a slide-mounted lever. When we had 4-digit Smiths, it wasn’t uncommon for some to put the gun on safe when slingshotting the slide, and I trained an agency with P-Series Rugers and witnessed the same thing.

      • idahoguy101

        I get that. But why it is only Beretta users that complain?

        • mazkact

          Army contract……………Issued on a large scale .

    • Dakota Raduenz

      My theory is that many of us who prefer DASA decocker pistols want this for the beretta. It’s a nice fit for Sig and CZ type lovers, if made a G series.

  • Bill

    “The new kit works for all Beretta F/FS series 92 (9mm) and 96 (.40 S&W) handguns from the last two plus decades.”

    Which is about as long as I remember guys begging for LE-only G decocker models.

  • .45

    Huh, I have never had this problem, wonder why that is… Oh, because I own guns with frame mounted safeties that go down as John Moses Browning and God intended. ;D

    • Don Ward

      Huh. I have never had this problem. Wonder why that is? Oh, it’s because I have actually have manual dexterity and don’t rack my slide like a primate as the gun is intended!

      • .45

        Sorry, I am a primate, I have no choice but to rack it thusly.

        On a more serious note, as the Glock fanboys keep saying, fewer things to worry about in times of stress is better, and I like the idea of not being at all particular about how I rack my slide. Sometimes it is easier to just slingshot it.

      • DW

        Human are primates yuo know. Mutant primates with brains.

    • Porty1119

      Hell yeah…1911s don’t have this problem.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Thanks for posting this vid Nathan, and thanks to Mr Guns and Gear for making it. I just might have to grab a kit this coming year.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Yay for making your pistol less safe.

    People that complain about thumb safeties are arrogant morons. They think that they can safely handle a loaded firearm every day for decades without ever making a single mistake. Their finger will never accidentally slip inside the trigger guard, a coat string will never slip into the trigger guard while holstering, someone who doesn’t know how to safely handle a firearm will never get their hands on your gun, et cetera.

    Thumb safeties take a fraction of a second to manipulate. They’re not going to slow you down to the point that it will cost you your life, and they add an extra layer of safety to your gun.

    • Joe Gamer

      This is a SA/DA pistol, the Double action trigger is heavy enough that it provides an excellent middle ground of safety and ease of use. In addition, as a hammer fired pistol you have the ability to “thumb” the hammer while handling/holstering and as long as your thumb is on that hammer you wont ever have to worry your adorable little corgi head about a loose coat string or errant booger picker.

    • thebeeishorrid

      It isn’t any less safe than a Sig P-series, you moron.