U.S. AFB Allows Personally Owned Weapons On Base

One of our readers sent in information on a Facebook post detailing new rules for the possession of personally owned weapons by military personnel at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. Although base commanders historically maintain full control of AFB security, very few, if any, have allowed for the possession of firearms by members, even those with valid concealed carry permits.

Although the new regulations do not allow for any type of concealed carry while on the base, allowing any ‘Active Duty/Active Reserve military member, Air National Gaurd/Department of Defense civilian, or dependent, 21 years and older’ to drive on to the base with their firearms and secure them in their vehicles.

Without getting into the political weeds, the move precedes an incoming administration that has signaled an openness to passing new legislation surrounding national concealed carry permits and further allowances for concealed carry by armed forces members on military installations.

Seymour Johnson AFB

From the Seymour Johnson AFB Facebook Page:

A major change to the plan is the authorization of N.C. State Concealed
Carry Weapon (CCW) holders, or CCW holders from states having reciprocity
with N.C., to store their privately owned weapons (POWs) in their privately
owned vehicles (POV) for a period not to exceed 12 hours or the member’s
established duty day.

This provision applies to any Active Duty/Active Reserve military member, Air National Gaurd/Department of Defense civilian, or dependent, 21 years and older that meets all of the following criteria:
1) Assigned to SJAFB.
2) Qualified to legally possess a N.C. Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit.
3) Possesses a current N.C. CCW permit or a CCW permit from a state with reciprocity to N.C.
Members possessing a CCW permit residing off base and wishing to store their POW in their POV while on duty must register each POW with the Security Forces Armory VIA THEIR CHAIN OF COMMAND USING AF Form 1314. In addition to registering with the Security Forces Armory, the CCW permit holder must provide a memorandum to their commander which indicates that the member has read and understands the rules and regulations regarding the transportation and storage of a POW in a POV. PA sent out a sample memorandum in a basewide e-mail, Dec. 8. A CCW permit holder may not transport and store their POWs in a POV until their commander has endorsed the memorandum.

Dependents 21 years and older, with a CCW permit from N.C. or reciprocal state, wishing to store their POWs in their POVs must follow the same registration process through their sponsor’s chain of command. CCW permit holders may temporarily store POWs in their POV when transitioning on and off the installation IAW federal law, DoD regulations, and N.C. State law.

Members must secure POWs in the vehicle at the member’s first stop upon entering the installation. The POW will never leave the vehicle while transitioning from carry to storage.

Members must secure POWs in a locked container which hides the firearm from view outside of the vehicle. This may be a locked glove box, center console, or a commercially purchased lockable weapons case.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a POW be carried on the person (even in the event of an active shooter) with the following exceptions:

1) The initial transport to the first on-base destination. Once arrived, the member will immediately store the POW without exiting the vehicle.
2) The member may re-arm inside their vehicle when transitioning off the installation at the end of their duty day.
3) If the member resides in on-base housing and stores the weapon in the same location, the member may exit the vehicle in the driveway or in the garage and must proceed immediately to the storage location to properly store the POW.


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  • alex waits

    That is actually a step in the right direction.
    <—Lives and works on a AFB

  • Dougscamo

    “The times, they are a’changing”….maybe common sense returns to its original meaning rather than the the anti’s infamous….and insidious….”commonsense” buzzword….

    • Wolfkiller

      Yep, i hope it reduces the number of rapes committed by the equality obsessed rainbow diversity sickos against men in the military, you can thank bill clinton and obama for all those rapes against men.

  • Jay

    Let the dominos start to fall!!! I have not been able to bring my CCW in the car during the day for over 10 years for the sole reason that I work on an Air Force installation. I’d be happy to fill out a form or two, already have the micro-vault ready.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Likewise! The only time I figure I’m most apt to need a weapon is when I’m commuting to/from work- going through some of the most crime-ridden areas in my city, which is #10 on the FBI list for violent crime.

  • Phillip Cooper

    It’s a step in the right direction, but I take issue at “military personnel only”.

    I am trained, licensed, and a veteran. I work on a base. Just because someone is current military doesn’t make them well-versed with firearms. The inverse is true as well.

    • Wolfkiller

      Yep, the equality obsessed rainbow diversity sickos target everyone, adult and children, military or civilian.

  • Matteo Mas

    Definitely a step in the right direction, but Air Force bases tend to be very restrictive with POW transport and sales (for those basws with a gun counter in the Base Exchange). One base I was at stateside requires commanders permission before an individual could buy a firearm, even if the Airman lived off base. Thankfully my Adjutant General is practical about us Guardsmen with CCW or LEOSA possessing POWs on base.

  • Jim_Macklin

    A main reason to possess a firearm is to counter a lethal attack by a third person.

    “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a POW be carried on the person (even in the
    event of an active shooter) with the following exceptions:”

    There is no meat on this bone. Terrorism or insanity won’t be deterred since the rules don’t allow self-defense even in an emergency.

    Let’s hope that Trump issues some rules that produce a sufficient number of armed people on bases in all branches that any number of terrorists or insane will be far outnumbered.

    • David Harmon

      Baby-steps. You have to take baby-steps so the babies among us don’t cry.

      Not all of them understand how many people around them are armed.

    • what is a POW? I take it that its not a prisoner of war

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Personally Owned Weapon

        • Jim_Macklin

          Actuall to quote the article, PRIVATELY OWNED WEAPON
          “A major change to the plan is the authorization of N.C. State Concealed

          Carry Weapon (CCW) holders, or CCW holders from states having reciprocity

          with N.C., to store their privately owned weapons (POWs) in their privately

          owned vehicles (POV) for a period not to exceed 12 hours or the member’s

          established duty day.”

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Good copy. Thx

          • Phillip Cooper

            What does Thx mean? I assume Lucasfilm isn’t involved…

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Thx = Thanks.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Way to miss the snark! 🙂

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I guess it flew way over. I get the Lucas THX thingy though.

          • Phillip Cooper

            No worries. Happy New Year!

  • Southpaw89

    Funny that this in new, I remember seeing firearms for sale in their BX when I was doing my HOT training.

  • Jim Jones

    Anyone connect the name of the AFB with Bart Simpson prank calling Moe’s Tavern? On another note this should just be common practice on all bases.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    It is about time like in 40 years behind the times.

  • ladde

    Harsh Language Operator in Australia here, back from three footy tours. Have a Waltzing Matilda in tenor locked and loaded, just in case.

    • S. Plankenberg

      Translation into English please?

    • democratsAREracistIDIOTS

      you “carry” an A12?

  • mazkact

    The P.O.S(will not type name) who shot up Fort Hood was breaking laws,rules and orders when he had his POW on base. As in civilian life criminals and terrorist will not abide by laws so the law must favor good guys. Those with malicious intent will bring weapons on base with or without permission.

  • crackedlenses


  • Bob

    better then it was, but I can’t figure out why you can not have your weapon on you when there is an active shooter on the base. This is just plain stupid.
    First off, you are counting on our guys in the “armed forces” for our countries safety.
    So….tell me again why you can not trust this guy with a 357 when you can trust him with an F-16, or a 357 (or any other pistol, rifle) when you can trust him with a TANK??

  • Ole’Wolf

    Somebody explain to me what changed. I was stationed on SJAFB from 1976 to 1979 and again from 1980 thru 1984…Barracks rat and air craft radar tech first tour and kept rifle & pistol in the Security Police armory. NO commander is going to okay firearms in barracks even id the base commander says it’s okay… and under Military Law any subordinate commander can exceed the standard set by the Air Force, MAJCOM, Wing, or Base Commander and they do every day everyplace. Safety is their responsibility and they get to make the call. Second tour I was married, an SP Law Enforcement Sgt and kept pistol, rifle, & shotgun in base housing… Which job I worked had nothing to do with it. About the only thing I can see that MAY be different is I might have been able to keep my firearms in my car as a barracks rat…of course, given the silliness and stupidity that went on in the barracks and my son says still happens this would NOT be a good idea anyhow. So again, what’s different?

  • MAS

    Since we are sort of at war with terrorism, having unarmed soldiers anywhere makes zero sense. Perhaps a real no kidding war footing would stimulate us to actually act like we are by first; identifying the enemy (it sure isn’t those pesky Amish), understanding their modes of operation, recognizing they live among us (enemy well inside the gates), actually secure our bases, and arm our military 24/7 (CCW too). Then locate, close with, and kill.

    But instead we play footsie with them and use word games (religion of peace anyone?) while refusing to understand the MO of their actual religion as practiced. We believe we can rein in their orthodox members (read; “radical Islam”) by encouraging their theological liberals to take over a religion historically advanced and regulated by force. We won’t even acknowledge that lying is built into the religion (tagiyya and kitman) and that even many of their moderates might just be lying to cover it.

    Go all out or stay home won’t even be a refuge anymore…we need to be willing, when needed, to go all out even at home.

  • Grindstone50k

    Bring this to the base I work on plskthx

  • Grindstone50k

    Bullshit, that happens still to this day. If you ever entered a base, you’d know they don’t strip-search everyone coming on.

    • David Harmon

      Laws aren’t meant to prevent bad things from happening. They are meant to discourage them from happening and having a way for society to deal with it when it does.

      • Grindstone50k

        So hows that working out for you in those “gun-free” zones like schools?

        • David Harmon

          Not sure you understand the conversation correctly. I live in Arizona. There are no gun-free school zones in Arizona, we have cops stationed on campus. You try to attack someone here on campus, you will get put down.

          • Grindstone50k

            Not sure you actually understand. Can non-cops carry lawfully on school campus? If not, what’s the difference between your SRO and literally any other school’s in the US?
            The point you’re missing/avoiding is that your avocation for “gun-free” military bases is based on a flaw logic that the anti-gunners use to defend “gun-free” zones like schools, yet people get killed in these places regardless.
            Either you’re clueless or you’re an anti-gun troll. I’m not quite sure which.

          • David Harmon

            I haven’t advocated anything. Pull your head out of your ass and quit making things up.

            I understood completely, you’re the one assuming I am arguing against firearms, which is patently ridiculous considering my very public use of my name making me very easy to remember and reference directly. Get off your horse, it’s too tall for you.

  • S. Plankenberg

    Would ‘t it be better to just speak in plain English?

    That is what most of us here speak, and you do yourself a disservice if your opinion is not understood and does not reach your targeted audience.

    • David Harmon

      I don’t have a target audience.

      • S. Plankenberg

        Of course you do.
        Your target audience is everyone reading the posts on this thread.

        • David Harmon

          Not this many days away from the original posting.

  • Michael Fallon

    Good first step. However any soldier, marine or airman, that has a current handgun license/permit will probably be carrying on their person soon after January 20th, 2017. It is about time.