Magpul M-LOK GI Sling Swivel

Q/D cups all are the rage right now for slinging around one’s weapon systems. The common circular push-buttons are convenient, easy to use, and highly modular as they can be easily mounted to many places on modern weapons. However, they are limited by that reliance on new parts and likewise, require a new sling. So what happens for those who already have older-style slings? GetImage

Looks like Magpul (again) has an answer.

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M-LOK continues its expansion towards (rifle accessory) world domination, this time with a fusion of both the old and new. Their latest M-LOK accessory, aptly named the M-LOK GI Sling Swivel is exactly that, an M-LOK compatible sling mount for common USGI strap-mount slings.

While those with existing Q/D cups may look at this accessory with a raised eyebrow, there is an important crowd of shooters that these go-fast trigger-pullers may be overlooking – hunters. The GI Sling Swivel is a perfect medium for hunters, especially those embracing modern chassis (like Magpul’s Hunter series of stocks), but do not need a fully-adjustable multi or single point sling. Further, this system will play nicer with leather strap-style slings.

For those interested, the M-LOK GI Sling Swivel is available now through Magpul and their dealers/distributors. MSRP is $19.95. 

Nathan S

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  • McThag

    New sling? BWUH?

    The QD socket dates from 1948 or so and the swivels for them work with ANY sling you can run through the loop. Got a ’50’s vintage Savage 99 around here that came with the sockets with a 65 year old leather USGI sling on it to prove it too.

    This reads more like a paid advertisement than a review and it’s disappointing.

  • Bradley

    Yeah every qd swivel I’ve ever had works exactly like this where the sling attaches.

  • M-dasher

    “So what happens for those who already have older-style slings? ”

    you do know you can buy the QD attachments and put them on your old sling….right?

    and its a lot cheaper than the $20 magpul wants for their product.

  • schizuki

    “However, they are limited by that reliance on new parts and likewise,
    require a new sling. So what happens for those who already have
    older-style slings?”

    After reading this I had a talk with my USGI sling and the QD swivels attached to both ends.

    “Are you boys playing nice?”, I said.

    There was no reply, because they’re inanimate. But they seemed to be getting along fine.

  • schizuki

    “Are you tired of the 360-degree range of motion and easy pushbutton detachability of QD swivels? Magpul has the answer. Using the latest technology from 1689…”

    I can’t go on. It’s just too silly.

  • DataMatters

    I find it enjoyable that AR-15s are finally getting all the accessories that single-shot match .22s have had for over 30 years.