BREAKING: Swedish SOG now confirmed with LWRCI and HK MP7

Almost one month ago TFB, together with the blog Cornucopia, were the first to report that the Swedish SOG and Special Police Units were to get rifles from LWRCI.

It’s always risky to be the first, because you may be proven wrong as the story develops. It was therefore comforting to watch the latest video released a few days ago which confirms our story.

My guess at the time was that SOG already had the rifles, and that some Special Police Units were to get them during 2017. More information from various sources has confirmed this.

Source and background: Previous TFB article from November 29.

BREAKING: Swedish SOG and Special Police units to get LWRCI Rifles


The brand new pictures below are all from the video made by Combat Camera and the Swedish Armed Forces, and the YouTube clip can be watched below. Please watch it (with subtitles), I am sure there are loads of more details to be discovered.

Combat Camera loves to pixel out certain objects in the pictures and videos. PEQ15/16s, for instance. They are pretty good at taking really cool images and can be followed on Facebook here.

To the best of several people’s knowledge, the rifle is a LWRCI IC-A5 in 5,56×45 mm NATO.

IC stands for Individual Carbine, and on the magazine well you can read M6IC.

Link to LWRCI and the IC-A5 here.


Picture below: Note the bar code and the handguard, same can be seen on the manufacturer’s homepage. You can also see Magpul BUIS sights folded – mounted quite close to each other, most likely as the Picatinny might be a bit “busy” with other stuff closer to the muzzle, where one would typically mount lasers and stuff.

Magpul PMAG magazine for sure, not officially in use in Sweden.

My best guess is that the sight is an Aimpoint T2.

As can be seen briefly in the video, this certain rifle also has a flashlight mounted on the right side.


From, the IC-A5. You can look for similarities all day long.


The question is which color they’re using? And why did SOG not go for black?

I’m voting for “Patriot Brown“, but could be FDE.


Below: Further pictures from the video, pixled, below. Notice the sound suppressors. I am guessing these are either Swiss B&T or more likely Finnish Ase Utra. In some part of the movie, you can see an Ase Utra BoreLok, which is a quick-attach for suppressors as well as a flash hider. Please note that B&T are not called Brugger & Thomet any longer, just B&T.

Again, my guess goes to Aimpoint Micro T2 for the sight. You can see, or at least imagine, the black mount and riser.


Bar code, handguard and stock clearly looks like LWRCI.


Another picture with the rifle hanging on a soldier’s back. PEQ 15/16s are so secret…


Below: This image needs some explaining. As far as I can see this is shooting a 40 mm grenade, hence the rifle pointing very high due to the grenade’s somewhat poor ballistics. It’s easier to see in the video.

The sight seems to have some electronics, and SOG has night capability. Any guesses? (more details in the video)


The specification from LWRCI IC-A5 reads:

  • CALIBER:   5.56 NATO
  • BARREL:    14.7″ (37.3cm)  | 16.1″  (40.9cm)
  • WEIGHT:    7.0 lbs (3.22kg) |   7.3 lbs (3.31kg)
  • LENGTH:   32-35.25″ (81.3-89.5cm)
  • RIFLING:   1:7” RH

The rifle most likely has the spiral-fluted barrel, which saves 20% in weight and gives more surface for cooling.


Below: 2:05 into the video. LWRCI to the left and note the bar code inside the right soldier’s pistol grip.

Note tourniquet on the right soldier’s chest.  Casio G-Shocks on several hands.


Below: Not sure here, but the stock and possibly the pistol grip appears a little different than the IC-A5.


Below: Fully automatic FN Minimi in 7,62×51 mm NATO.


Below: Link to SOG recruiting page.

The Aimpoint Micros are clearly visible on that page, with HK G36 most likely with some upgrades, check the magwell for M4/M16 for instance. The multi-cam uniform is not Sweden’s official. (M90)


Finally, the video. Go for subtitles!

What is said is that the Swedish SOG may be used far behind enemy lines, in other countries. Big news for a small peaceful country like Sweden, common for elite forces and some other nations.


No article is complete without a few “bonus” Easter eggs.

Glocks can be seen in several clips, no surprise there. It’s called Pistol 88, (year 1988), but it wouldn’t surprise me if other versions or upgrades than the normal Glock 17 are used. To be able to attach a suppressor, for instance.

At around 2:20 we see a soldier carrying some kind of “firearm”. It is speculated that it’s an American  FIM-92 Stinger which is not officially in use in the Swedish Armed Forces. I don’t think it is, for many reasons (one being it doesn’t look like one), so please write your best guesses in the comments section.


0:45 into the video. This is believed to be a HK MP7, in 4,60×30 mm. What do you think? The pixelated reflection screams Aimpoint.

Carbine in the back, a LWRCI IC-A5.


Below: Reference pictures of the HK MP7, where you can hopefully draw the same conclusions as the writer?


More pictures from the Swedish SOG here.

Below: Around 03:45 into the video, from the jump sequence. NVG and mount.




Eric B

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  • Hans

    Hmmm, personally my money would be on the rifle being OD green.

    • bull

      probably yeah. everything is more brown in the clip than its supposed to be. so i suspect a filter. look at the officers uniform for reference 🙂

    • randomswede

      Unless they were bought with the specific purpose of heading into the sandbox (and even then) OD green makes a good sense.

    • gordon

      Well, only it and Patriot Brown point in the same direction as the rifle, so maybe.

    • Alex

      Patriot Brown looks awfully similar to Coyote Brown which is a neutral color for both desert and woodland. My money is that they went for patriot brown.

  • GD Ajax

    But but .300 BLK is superior to both 4.6x30mm and 5.56 in close quarters and the best choice for SOF operations. The internet mall ninjas told me so! *snark end*

    • Harry’s Holsters

      300 AAC has it’s place but it’s definitely niche. Unless going suppressed is needed or going with a super short package I see no need for the 300AAC.

      • GD Ajax

        There is also no reason to go much larger then an MP7 or P90 at this point. Though both 5.7mm and 4.6mm could be improved by using tungsten sabots like 6.5×25mm CBJ.

        • ARCNA442

          What would be the caliber of a 4.6mm sabot round?

          • mike


            More MP7s, what happened to the P90?

          • GD Ajax

            A 2 or 3mm sabot would still be effective against most body armor.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          I’d probably take 300AAC over both of those rounds. But 5.56 handles most things quite well.

          While stopping power is somewhat of a myth the 5.7 and 4.6 lack and bit of it. It does have it’s place for support troops.

    • n0truscotsman

      With suppressors? Yeah. Definitely. 300 BO is a suitable replacement for MP5SDs and other suppressed submachine guns.

      4.6 is a bulls–t cartridge that has no useful military role IMO. Unless you want a heavy pistol.

      • GD Ajax

        Not really. Only the mall ninja crowd seems to be buying them and even that Norway tender is DOA.

        Only the morbidly obese whine about heavy guns. Seriously.

        • A Fascist Corgi

          Don’t make fun of my writers…

        • n0truscotsman

          Not really what?

          That the 300 BO is not a suitable replacement for suppressed submachine guns? The known attributes and data known from the cartridge say otherwise.

          Ill argue that it is very niche specific, which I think keeps it from gaining a huge military adoption.

          And what is your experience with PDWs? And from what i’ve seen here, the only ones discounting weight are the ones with non-existent light infantry experience.

          What is the point wearing a holstered MP7 when it is a floppy PITA that weighs more than a handgun? or what is the point of slinging it when second line troops should be carrying a carbine anyways?

          They’re like an appendex on the armed forces’ body.

  • Martin törefeldt

    Correct me if am wrong. But did you not also report a month ago that germany would stop exporting military weapons to non-nato members?.

    (Sweden is not a member of nato).

    • joe tusgadaro

      No, HK would only export to NATO/EU countries and others with certified human rights records….

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Those cheeky germans love sweden. They are terrible at english however.

        • Martin törefeldt

          Ah so thats how it is.
          But then the question is why did SOG and the police move away from the G36 family, and adopted the ic-a5 instead?
          What are their reasons and motivations for this move?

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            Are you asking me this question?

          • Martin törefeldt

            Well i was just wondering if anybody here knows?

  • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

    I’d say the Minimi is a 5,56 model, but not sure.
    Also, the pixelated Grenade Launcher might be an HK one

    • Dr Zarkus

      Yup, looks like a Mk.46 with AAC Blackout flash hider / mount.

  • randomswede

    It could be that they have a custom version of the Aimpoint T1/2 or mount for same that isn’t publicly available or they could be using MRO’s and can’t live with the shame.
    On the other hand it could just be that pixelating things make them look more exciting than they actually are, which makes sense in a PR type video.

  • Bierstadt54

    No idea what that launcher is. It looks like a straight featureless pipe. Definitely not a Stinger, though.

  • xebat

    Why would they choose it over the HK416 ?

    • Vitsaus

      Perhaps because their procurement process was not based upon number of appearances in video games?

      • xebat

        Are you kidding me, Video games ? Eat a di#k ! Procuring a rifle from a company that mainly focuses on US civilians and hasn’t had a big name globally is quite weird. Especially since Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbor has been using the HK416 for a long time. So it would be a much more logical choice for the Swedes to buy the HK416 for their operators. That is why i asked what made them to not buy the HK416 but the rifles from LWRCI instead. When procuring a military rifle you always take into account how battle proven it is and LWRCI rifles are very new to the market comparatively and brass doesn’t like to put the lifes of their servicemen at risk by adopting some fancy high speed rifle that doesn’t have a track record.

        • Jonas Swälas

          New to the market? The DEA have been using them i Afghanistan the last 5-7 years..

          • n0truscotsman

            Thats not exactly ‘proof’ of long service, given how I’ve personally seen the DEA use equipment.

            Im *very* skeptical as to what the LWRC would offer that the 416 doesn’t already.

          • int19h

            A better price, for example. I mean, this is HK we’re talking about.

    • n0truscotsman

      No idea. And I disagree with that decision very much.

      Im curious as to what the LWRC offers that the 416 doesn’t. The 416 is a far more proven gas piston AR by far, not to mention its in service among many militaries.

      One musn’t assume that procurement of anything is rational (I frequently make that mistake). Often times, it defies logic.

  • Alex

    “And why did SOG not go for black?”

    I say the days of black guns for military are numbered. We see more and more requirements for a neutral color which is mostly coyote brown.

  • joe tusgadaro

    SOG and their predecessor unit SSG are frequent visitors down in my neck of the woods (Ireland) they have a very close relationship with my countries SF….out lads go up there for Arctic warfare training.

  • Ned Weatherby

    So Swedish SOG has good really weaponry to no use when Islamists assault and rape their women. Probably reserved for anyone who insults Mohammadens after a “sexual emergency” perpetrated against a disabled lady or 10 year old boy.

  • TheRealHorridus

    I believe those are LWRC skirmish sights, not magpul BUIS at least in the first photo

  • Jonas Swälas

    “You can also see Magpul BUIS sights folded – mounted quite close to each other”
    Thats wrong you can clearly see the button on the side of the BUIS, it´s LWRCi BUIS not Magpul..

  • Emperius

    All the special forces hype and zero suppression of rapes, effeminate men growing by the population and no attempt of securing borders.