BREAKING: SIG Sauer MCX Recall, Mandatory Replacement Required!

SIG has issued a press release that outlines an issue with the MCX rifles. They claim that the issue has only been seen in the .300 Blackout versions, but is extended to ALL MCX RIFLES with serial numbers between 63C000044 and 63C003702. Any MCX with a serial ending in 25000 or higher is exempt from this recall.

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If you own one of these rifles, DO NOT CALL YOUR LOCAL DEALER! Contact SIG at 603-610-3000 and select option 1.

It appears that the bolt carrier has been redesigned to remedy the issue allowing the rifle to fire unintentionally. SIG did include a drawing to help users ID the variants of carriers.


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Read the press release below:

SIG SAUER – MCX Mandatory Carriage Assembly Replacement Program

SIG SAUER is conducting a mandatory replacement of the carriage assembly in SIG MCX rifles. SIG has found through extensive factory testing that in extremely rare instances, not reported in the field and extremely difficult to replicate, a condition may exist causing an unintended discharge. Failure to follow the loading procedures and basic rules of safe firearms handling outlined in the user’s manual has the potential to cause serious bodily harm or death. Although this has only been witnessed in 300 blackout, SIG has decided to upgrade all MCX models since the MCX is a modular platform and we want to ensure the quality and reliability of all products we manufacture.

Stop use of firearm immediately, and visit the SIG SAUER website listed below as soon as possible to register your firearm, initiate the process and view a video explaining how to change out your carriage assembly. SIG will send you a prepaid box to return your complete carriage assembly to the factory. A new assembly, designed with the firing pin locking mechanism, will be shipped out to you within 5-7 working days of the receipt of your parts at no cost to you. Please note total in transit times will vary based on geographic locations. SIG will also send you a $50 gift voucher for any inconvenience this may have caused. This upgraded carriage assembly addresses this potential issue while enhancing the performance and longevity of your rifle. You may also contact SIG SAUER customer service at the number below with any questions if needed.

SIG SAUER is committed to addressing this issue in an expedited manner, and appreciates your support.

Firearm Registration –

For Customer Service – 603-610-3000: Option 2

For Instructional Video –
*Serial numbers 63C000044 – 63C003702 – Contact SIG Customer Service for instructions.

*If you have replaced your trigger group with an aftermarket trigger please contact SIG Customer Service for instructions.

*SIG SAUER Dealers should call designated Commercial Sales Support Representative.

*Any MCX rifle with a serial number ending in 25000 or higher is exempt from this program.


Patrick R

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  • Disarmed in CA

    **California Version will have a blocked non-folding stock.

    * California version includes an installed magazine lock and California compliant magazine.

    I wonder what you will get back if you send one of these in, considering it is now an ‘aw’

    • Drew Coleman

      Did you read the article? You only have to send in the carriage assembly – IE bolt and recoil spring, not the whole rifle.

      • Disarmed in CA

        I’m in Cali, we’re legally required to jump the gun from article titles only.

        • Bart Noir

          Aw heck, we can do that in any state in the USA. And while on travel overseas also.

        • Drew Coleman

          This is TFB, not reddit 😛

          • Wow!

            TFB can be worse than reddit sometimes though. Even the authors.

        • DanGoodShot

          Lol. Good response!

      • Brian

        You must send in the COMPLETE RIFLE if you have an aftermarket trigger assembly. Just got off the phone with Sig about my Geissele equipped MCX and got the bad news. If you have a stock trigger, just the carrier assembly goes back.

        • Rob

          Or just say you use the stock trigger and send the assembly.

          The normal Geissele trigger does not trip the firing pin safety on an HK 416 so that may be the case with the new MCX carrier. Just an FYI

        • Joe

          Your Geissele doesn’t work? They told me the new carriage does not work with most aftermarket triggers, so they are giving everyone that has an aftermarket trigger a new Geisessele SSA. This is why they want you to send the complete rifle back. Wondering why they are having you send yours when it is already equipped with a Geissele.

          • Brian

            Not sure – he asked if I had an aftermarket, I said “yes, a Geissele”, then waited on hold before he told me I had to send the whole thing in. If I had less scruples, I’d put a used / cheaper trigger in there before I sent it in.

          • Joe

            I would assume (hope?) they return our aftermarket triggers with our rifles. I could use mine on another AR build.

      • Cal.Bar

        NO! According to the nice rep I talked to at SIG (after waiting over 30 min on hold) FIRST to go online and register the rifle. THEN you get a box in the mail to send in your BCG. BUT….. when you get it, it WILL NOT work with your after market trigger pack. (nice) So you have to reinstall the crappy stock trigger until……MAYBE FEBRUARY of NEXT YEAR when you will then have to send THE ENTIRE RIFLE to them, when they will install a NEW geisslie trigger pack and test the rifle for you. WHAT A BREAK!!!
        BTW – what the hell is a $50 gift cert to Geissle worth??? They don’t sell anything for only $50.00 (at least not anything anyone wants)

  • John

    Oh bloody hell. And England just bought a bunch of these Sig MCX rifles for their new shock troo–I mean, paramilit— I mean, rapid response emergency teams. There’s a lot of money down the drain.

    • Bart Noir

      Might mean some free upgrades. Some of those changes can have nothing to do with the mentioned problem. I mean, the radius between locking lugs will reduce the chance of cracks, but will not prevent slam-fires or what ever the problem was.
      The new firing pin spring was probably the real fix.

    • Malthrak

      Its only for an older range of rifles, with an issue not reported to ever have occurred in the real world, and apparently only seen in one caliber, with an offer of free replacement of parts plus a $50 gift card to boot.

      Hardly “money down the drain”.

  • alex waits

    Non removable firing pin retaining pin?

    • Rimfire

      First variation was cotter pin like, current is a fixed rivet peened in place

  • iksnilol

    Sig USA bringing dishonor again… nobody is surprised..

    • Joshua

      Sig USA always brings dishonor….At least they’re consistent.

    • Dougscamo


    • Malthrak

      I’m having trouble seeing how there is any “Dishonor” here, at least from what has been presented here. There doesnt appear to have been any real world instance of this issue occurring, and Sig is proactively offering to replace parts for free with a $50 gift card thrown in to boot. This sounds like responsible behavior to me.

      • iksnilol

        Proper Sig would not sully their name by letting a defective product out of their factory. So yeah, dishonor it is.

        • Malthrak

          Im not as familiar with the platform as others are, is there any indication that this an issue unique to US built rifles? Maybe Sig USA is just overly concerned about what sounds to be a nonissue and are just covering “im case”? Its not like Sig in Europe has never had hiccups.

          Either way, they’re doing this voluntarily, for free, being open and proactive about it, and providing additional compensation to boot. Sounds like theyre doing exactly what everyone would hope a good manufacturer would do. I guess Im having trouble seeing where this is so “dishonorable”.

          • marine6680

            Some people just like to put down Sig, they ignore all the bad crap that happens to other brands… especially the “perfect” ones.

            Overall it seems like a minor issue they seen in house and are being proactive.

            If I had to guess, I am betting it’s a slam fire, that can happen in any AR using standard primers and not the harder military ones.

          • iksnilol

            They make mistake, by letting INFERIOR product out. Old Sig never did that. But yeah, they reacted well to it.

            Aaagh, you youth, you don’t know what quality is.

          • Gary Kirk

            By letting inferior product out, and charging Sig price for it…

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            I’m sure Mercedes, Audi and BMW never had a safety related recall.
            That only happens with Chevy’s and Yugo’s, right?

          • Gary Kirk

            You forgot about Toyota..

            Oh and Range Rover..

          • James Young

            Please, this often happens with new guns, that’s why the rule is to wait before buying new products

          • Gunsmith Geoff

            Most do not understand that Old Sig is literally not the same company as SIG Sauer USA. SIG SAN got broken up around the year 2000. The Swiss awesome version still exists as Swiss Arms CH. Cohen has been running quality into the ground and profits up, since 2004. Swiss-controlled Old SIG never did that. They only made high-quality weapons. And yes they were expensive, but you knew what it bought.

          • Every gun company no matter how good has at one time or another had a recall or two. It’s a fact of life it happens.

        • Wow. So they found an extremely rare, hard to test for issue that no customer ever encountered, and went out of their way to not only fix the one caliber they found it in, but all the calibers, and offered easy replacement, and offered a $50 voucher, and this is your response?

          Get a grip.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, old Sig did not mess up to the degree that they needed to spend all the effort and money to cover their behind.

          • Nope they did not. They took extra precaution, and the only dishonor here is coming from you.

          • iksnilol

            Making a subpar product shall never be honorful. Their CQ is downright atrocious compared to old Sig.

      • Rob

        The problem is that Sig has botched nearly every new product launch and completely lied on others. Lets go back a couple years.

        556: Multiple generations of guns that had various problems and were a far cry from the original Swiss Guns.
        556r: original guns would not work with steel cased 7.62×39 and steel ak mags would destroy the AL lowers leading to a second generation.
        556xi: serious gas system problems leading to non working guns. Sig promised a complete system and discontinued the gun before delivering any parts.
        P250: Limited adoption by LE and turned back in by all agencies that bought them. Failed to complete ATF pistol testing.
        MPX: guns released early and were unable to provide multi caliber support that was promised at launch. The result is two generations of 9mm magazines that have questionable compatibility with one another and a replacement program for early uppers. The trigger pins on the first batch of guns were held in(poorly) by only hope.
        P226/p229: changing subcontractor resulted in problems with broken take down levers. Finish problems with premium legion pistols. Change to cheaper long extractor design led to problems with the new design.
        MCX: Early cabelas guns were different from later commercial guns leading to some potential compatibility issues. Severe problems with charging handle breakage that should have never occurred. Now this recall.

        The 320 seems to be doing well but it serves as proof that even a blind squirrel gets an acorn from time to time.

        While dishonor may not be the correct word, Sig has needed to get their act together a long time ago and has failed to do so.

        • Malthrak

          Those may be fair, Im not as well informed of the issues with those other guns and Sig may deserve everything tossed at it for those, it’s just that in this instance, between the limited scope of the issue and Sig’s proactive action, Sig seems to be doing the right thing.

        • mckinley boykin

          Thank-you for pointing the other failures out. I got burned with Sig xi and the Sig 516. Lesson learned never buy a Sig rifle no matter how cool it looks.

          • Jeff S

            Yep. I have a Classic 556 rifle and SBR… and I cannot find parts kits ANYWHERE! SIG customer service can’t help either. Thanks SIG USA! I’m done.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      They’ll make up for it with another line of rainbow pistols. It’ll be okay. Just look at the pretty finish.

    • Minuteman

      Yep, yet another lemon it seems. Why don’t they just dissolve already…?

      • marine6680

        How is it a lemon, when it is a rare problem that has only ever happened during in house testing?

        Most users report the rifle as being well made and reliable.

        Probably slam fire, which any AR can have happen due to the free float firing pin.

        • Minuteman

          How come PWS, LWRC, BCM, Vltor, KAC, LMT, LaRue, Noveske, HK, DD etc are all absolutely flawless? I doubt SIG Sauer can hold a candle to any of these vendors.

          • marine6680

            Because there are not… they also have issues from time to time. And they are using a design that is decades old. The MCX maybe similar to an AR but it has a lot of differences.

            But I agree that on the whole those venders do good work.

            Though HK has some issues with their VP9… but I do really like mine a lot.

            Rob Ski is testing a DD right now, and is having issues with it.

            On top of that, this “issue” they are talking about has not affected any end user that they know of, and is even hard to induce purposely for testing.

            I would bet money that the issue is related to slam fires (hence the redesigned firing pin and spring) which is an issue any rifle with a free float pin, like an AR, can have.

            I don’t own an MCX myself, so I have no dog in the fight… I just don’t like hyperbole and ideologically driven vitriol against something. Reasoned arguments are fine though.

          • Minuteman

            Point taken on the MCX because what you say is indeed correct.
            It’s just that SIG Sauer hasn’t been luving up to its (long since past) reputation since 2004/Ron Cohen becoming CEO. This is the same schmuck that jacked up Ruger and Kimber. Don’t get me wrong, I usd to be a HUGE SIG fanboy, but other people have openened my eyes. There are only 2 things SIG that I would trust my life with, and those are (West) German pre 2004 P226’s and 550 series -now Swiss Arms- rifles. SIG can go piss up a rope. MIM parts don’t belong in a >1k pistol. Cohen jacked up SIG’s flagship, man.. The P226 used to be a great gun. Anyway, I like Wilson Combat (my Protector will be buried with me!), Beretta and Lionheart. All three of them are a class act and deliver on consistent quality. They are by far and large the best hand gun brands, hands down. I digress. As far as the MCX goes, I wouldn’t really know, because like you I don’t own one either. I must admit it seems like a cool gun though.

          • marine6680

            It does seem interesting.

            As far as Sig, I hear a lot of people bag on Cohen, and rightfully it seems…

            But I own a 226 Scorpion and a p320… They have been flawless so far, after many rounds.

            I think Sig did have issues with some products and across the board for a while, but I do think it has gotten better overall.

          • Minuteman

            I have a post 2004 MK25 SRT that has been flawless as well. Yet when I think about it having MIM parts I find the price point to be rather ambitious the very least. Beretta’s are better quality guns and have a lower price point. Parts quality is superior, the fit and finish and machining is outstanding. Lionheart is even better. SIG Sauer is a has been.

          • marine6680

            Beretta switched to plastic parts in their civilian guns a while back. With the price of a basic 92 getting close to the same as a basic 226.

            Lots of companies are cutting costs, and that is unfortunate.

            I haven’t noticed which parts are MIM in my 226, but there is a good bit of it in the 320.

            I have no problem with MIM, if it is done correctly and used where it it appropriate.

          • Minuteman

            That’s the whole problem. MIM only works if it is in spec and the quality is good enough. Either way, I prefer steel and don’t have a problem with paying premium prices as long as the quality and workmanship are there. With that regard I think Wilson and Lionheart have the best value. Those are the highest quality hand guns I have ever seen. Beretta comes close and is right up there. Wouldn’t mind owning that 9A3G at all.

          • marine6680

            MIM is maturing rapidly, and the companies that do it are doing it right. I would be worried about it from a heavily price point pistol, especially from out of country, but Sig and Ruger seem to have it down. A good materials engineer knows what is appropriate to use and where.

            I like my M9A3, and it does come with metal parts… but the ceracoat is not as durable as I would like… or beretta is not applying it well.

            My Scorpion has almost no wear on the ceracoat, even on the slide rails. The Beretta has a lot of wear around the rails and has far less rounds through it.

          • Minuteman

            Maybe you should send it to DDI and ask them to apply KG GunKote?

          • marine6680

            Or complain to beretta and see where it gets me.

          • Minuteman

            Or don’t care to bother and give Wilson Combat your business… Nothing beats a good 1911.

          • marine6680

            I like my 1911, but I also like a nice variety in my safe. Trying to get something in there from all the major brands.

          • Minuteman

            For me, logistics is key. I don’t want to need to bother with 30 different parts. And besides: Master of one, not jack of all trades. YMMV

          • marine6680

            I like having a variety just for collection sake… I keep any serious use firearms simple and reliable.

          • Minuteman

            I understand the whole variety is the spice of life thing, but you can’t take 20 guns with you in a SHTF situation, right? If I were to cut down to 1 hand gun and 1 rifle it’s be my 1911 and AR, hands down. These are ‘our’ guns. At the end of the day I’m an American and only care for American guns.

          • Minuteman

            By the way, Gray Guns offers (tool?)steel replacement parts for the MIM parts in the P226, as well as trigger work. Might be worth considering. Still, a Lionheart conceals better and is of better quality though. Lionheart Industries is in the same league as Wilson Combat.

  • Polaritypictures Ken

    Eh the old version uses the same system on every other ar-15, so what’s
    the problem? I’ve heard the recoil spring sometimes binds and causes
    failures. and the new bolt has a Non-removable firing pin retaining pin(So how do you clean/replace it?).

  • Rob

    What of the charging handle? Do they have a new one that will survive a half day carbine course yet?

  • Joe

    So…I just called and was told most aftermarket triggers would not work with the new bolt carriage. They are going to give everyone that has aftermarket triggers new Geissele SSAs free of charge. The downside is you have to send the complete rifle in.
    It sucks because I won’t have my rifle, but my trigger was a Hyperfire HDT so I think the SSA is an upgrade.

    • Brian

      I’d imagine that quite a few people have Form 1’ed their MCX’s. Anyone know of legal limitations to mailing your NFA item out of state – if it’s going to the manufacturer for recall? Are you obligated to notify the ATF? Mine is still pending, but thinking of “what ifs”.

      • Rob

        Considering Silencerco manages to fix problems within a week for customers with their NFA items it should be okay.

        Regardless, a pending form 1 does not make something an NFA item. Even an approved form 1 doesn’t make it an NFA item.

        • Brian

          @Rob – Good to know. I’m aware pending does not put me in a position to care – was just curious. Thanks for the reply (and your other reply Re: triggers)

      • JumpIf NotZero

        No issue mailing NFA to an SOT. No issue mailing to an FFL so long as there is a written work order included.

    • Ron

      They told me the bolt was not compatible with any after marker hammers, so since I had a Geissele installed they would replace its hammer with the new Geissele hammer send me the old hammer when they sent the gun back.
      That raises the issue that they are now a gun with almost no-AR compatible parts on it.

  • YZAS

    Non-Removable firing ping retaining pin?!?!?! DOH!

    …and yet another hot mess, brought to you by Sig USA

    • Rob

      I actually welcome that addition. Overall, everything looks to be an improvement.

      The only potential problem I see is that if the spring retainer is really pinned to be unremovable that would prevent you from being able to take out the guide rod which would in turn prevent removal of the cam pin and bolt from the carrier. Surely, this can’t be the case. Can it?

      • Joe

        I think the improvements look good too. I was worried when Nutnfancy had his malf. It seemed the springs slipped past the spring plate and jammed everything up. Now the spring plate is not removable, which should solve this problem.

        I’m actually giving SIG kudos for addressing it proactively, unlike Remington. Free Geissele’s and $50 gift card to boot.

      • YZAS

        Well, all YZASSness aside, I do genuinely hope they make it right for all MCX owners. Been there myself plenty of times, and could have easily been there again this time too.

      • Joshua

        According to what they are showing you will not be able to remove the cam pin or bolt.

        This is a joke of epic proportions.

        • Rak

          I am just guessing, by looking at the bolt carrier group, you will be able to pull out firing pin retaining pin far enough to get the firing pin, cam pin, and bolt out. After reassembly you would push firing pin
          retaining pin in and lock it with firing pin lock. Like I said earlier, I am
          just guessing.

          • Joshua

            You have to remove the guide rods and assembly to get to the cam pin, and the guide rods are now pinned and not removeable.

          • Rak

            O yeah. I see what you mean. Bummer!

    • uisconfruzed

      That jumped out, how do you thoroughly clean it?
      Guns running cans get filthy. I know it’s not DI, they still run dirty in comparison to no can.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Welcome to the Sig Beta Test program. Watch your mail for updates!

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Taurus: “The tides are now on the other foot I see.”

  • MarcoPolo

    Just got off the phone with them, here’s a little more info. If you dial extension 2 as shown above for dealer customer svc, they close at 5pm EST and it goes to vmail, if you dial ext 1, normal customer svc is open until 6pm EST (my wait was about 20mins). The replacement trigger is a modified version of the Geissele SSA. She said that if the rifle comes in with a Geissele, it will be modified to work. If it comes in with something else (I said Spike’s), it will be replaced with a Geissele AND you will have your original trigger returned to you. So, anyone thinking about sending it in with a Geissele may want to reconsider since 2>1. Once they have your info they will send a ppd box to you within 72hours. They don’t want the rifle returned with any optics, but any other aftermarket parts (flash hiders and such) don’t matter. HTH. Pretty pleased so far with how this is supposed to work out. We shall see….

  • It’s still a “negligent discharge” if you bought a Sig MCX because buying a Sig USA rifle is a negligent act.

  • Passerby

    Its a very nice upgrade. One suspects is the result of military / LE use and feedback and improvements. If the press release is to be believed, the unintended discharge would be resolved with the spring and firing pin assembly replacement. SIG does not need to have you change the entire bolt and carrier assembly per se. Much more is going on here, and these improvements have nothing to do with the “unintended discharge”.
    – The pinned spring plate is to resolve the goofy installation and prevent the issue seen by Nutfancy
    – The non-removable firing pin retaining pin is nice. No small parts to lose. It’s much more expensive than the cotter pin
    – There is more material in the new dog leg op rod. The dog leg op rod suggests that it is stronger than the original dovetail design.
    – I can;t figure out the “bolt radius between lugs”. So, I will just leave it there.

    Not a fanboy, but rather than dinging SIG for recall, I would applaud them for bringing the improvements.

    • AK

      The “bolt radius between lugs” means that the lands on the AR-type “star” bolt are cut round instead of square. This is similar to Knight’s Armament AR bolts, although those are radiused on the peaks as well. This eliminates a known weakness present in AR bolts, especially in short gas versions with higher bolt velocity. The lugs are much stronger due to elimination of potential shearing points and more material overall.

      • Passerby

        Many thanks!!! Learnt something new today.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        How does radiusing edges giving you more material?

        The barrel extension hasn’t changed, so any changes they can make seem like they can only remove material.

        • AK

          Well, take one quarter of a circle, overlap that with a 90 degree angle. The space between the shapes will be your extra material with a radiused bolt. Or if you are mathematically challenged, look at the illustration of the parts and see which looks beefier.

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    556XI ex-owner here. I am not surprised. I won’t make that mistake again. I wonder how many customers they have lost for life the last few years, considering that even the turks are making far better guns than these guys are now.

  • myndbender

    The US Built SIG 556, 556r, 556xi all weren’t made to the QC & function standards of the Swiss made 550 series, but I was rooting for the MCX. I was really hoping that SIG USA had learned from their past mistakes & finally made a modular multi-cal rifle that is a bit different the AR, & yet ergonomic & dependable enough for mil/le use. Maybe this issue isn’t a big one & the MCX can succeed where all the other US mfg Sig long guns failed.

    • FarmerB

      Yeah, I’ve got a few 550’s and friends have some US versions (R, XI) and there’s no comparison. I got the MCX and really think it’s one of the better US models although nowhere near the quality finish of the 550’s. I think they probably could have gotten away without this recall, and many manufacturers might have buried it. I reckon they are really trying hard to dominate the MIL/LE crowd and this Gen 2 bolt will be an upgrade they can sell against competitors. Their heart seems to be in this one.

    • Jeff S

      My two 556s (Classic rifle and factory SBR) have been flawless. The lack of support from SIG is the issue. Parts kits are 100% unobtanium and they don’t seem to care.

  • FarmerB

    First obvious question – what about the rifles between 3702 and 25000? They seem to say that below 3702 you need to contact customer service, but 25000 and above you don’t need to worry? Are they saying that a Gen-2 bolt carrier is fine? I presume so.

    • FarmerB

      I think I answered my own question. Below 3702 need extra work, everything below 25000 needs a new carrier group.

  • UninfringedTech

    I guess it’s a better move than realizing the defect and keeping a legal fund on standby for when they go to court for knowingly selling a product that doesn’t work as advertised. (cough.. Cough.. Eotech)

    • Joe


  • 22winmag

    Friends don’t let friends shoot SIG.

  • Quest

    While theyr at it, do they fixed the cheap plastic spring holder that broke and totally crippled the Rifle in Nutnfancys testing?

    • Joe

      It appears that way. It’s now non removable. I haven’t had any issues with my MCX, but this became a concern of mine after watching that video. I’m glad it appears they’re upgrading and compensating owners to boot.

  • uisconfruzed

    It’s nice they caught and remedied it before any owners did.

  • Paul O.

    Non-troll comment. I just checked my MCX which is a couple serial numbers out of the recall range and it has the gen 1 bolt. So make sure you check yours.

    • FarmerB

      Yeah, I checked mine in the 11000 range and it has Gen I

    • JAG2955

      Did they expound upon what the “more work” is? I have a Form 1’d MCX that falls into that serial number range.

  • stan

    iksnilol! do not use words you do not know meaning!

  • Loren McCoy

    I have a Sig MCX in 5.56 NATO. They sent me an email two days ago about this. Supposedly I will have a new bolt carrier in 5-7 days plus a $50 gift voucher for Sig products. Very professionally done. And BTW, it’s an awesome rifle!

  • Old Jowlhead

    The Orlando nightclub shooter had no trouble at all with his MCX. It enabled him to slaughter dozens of victims, without a hint of a malfunction, exactly as designed.

    • Deovindice

      It is obviously not effective as the Renault Midlum 220 that the Terrorist used to slaughter 86 and seriously wound 434 people in Nice France. The Orlando Terrorist murdered 49 (that’s 37 less than the Nice attack) and wounded 53 (that’s 381 less than the Nice attack).

      • old jowlhead

        I was unaware that Renault had issued a warning that their “Midlum 220” might malfunction.

        • Deovindice

          Well, stupid, where did I say that they did?

          • old jowlhead

            Oh, sorry. I’m on a pro gun site. Simple-minded, left field deflections that try to disguise themselves as analogies are pretty standard. I should have expected that.

          • Deovindice

            “Deflections”? Actually they are facts that happen to “deflect” your lame attempt at snark. Please point out the specific part of my post that you believe to be incorrect.

          • old jowlhead

            The fact is that the Orlando shooter’s MCX performed exactly as it was designed to perform, whether or not it contained faulty parts. He was able to slaughter dozens of victims without a hint of malfunction.

          • Deovindice

            That is not really ‘news’ nor is it a surprise. If you actually read the article you will see that “the issue has only been seen in the .300 Blackout versions”.
            Thanks for putting in your irrelevant 2 cents worth.
            In the future please actually READ and make a reasonable effort to COMPREHEND the article before posting.

          • old jowlhead

            The Orlando nightclub shooter was was Muslim. They hate us and he slaughtered dozens of victims, without a hint of a sympathy. Why again do we let them in?

  • Old Jowlhead

    The Orlando nightclub shooter was was Muslim. They hate us and he slaughtered dozens of victims, without a hint of a sympathy. Why again do we let them in?

    • old jowlhead

      You mean some of the other hundreds of non-Muslim mass shooters have demonstrated a sympathy for their victims? Please provide an example.

  • Richard Lutz

    Who in their right mind would by an American made SIG? Pray tell what is wrong with a FN 15 Military Collector M4? If you take seriously the idea of the militia you should own an M4 if you are an American citizen.

  • Sam yingling

    Have fun trying to get hold of Sig….

  • Chad

    Does this include the MPX?

  • Sean

    While I do understand that SIG USA’s products sometimes may not be of the same caliber and fit and finish as the German/W.German ones, I do like how they have expanded their lineup greatly. I understand that sometimes they may aim for quantity instead of quality. Their P250, which is unfortunately being discontinued, was as far as I am concerned was the best hammer-fired DAO on the market. Their 225/226/228/229 are all built like tanks and are have a very good record. The MCX/MPX are both very innovative and their ARs are solid.

    Every company has recalls, it is how the recall is addressed that really shows how a company truly is:

    SIG: They have an unintended discharge during factory testing in the 300BLK model. SIG issues a full recall across the board, regardless of caliber, offers a $50 voucher, and improves multiple parts in the carriage.

    Remington: R51 pistol was so bad during its introduction in 2014 with FTE, FTF, grip screws falling out, firing out of battery, finish/wear problems, magazine problems. Overall it was a complete POS. Remington would get some that were sent back and “repair” them only for the owners to have similar problems. Over a year went by of Remington knowing what a POS it was to recall every single one. They promised a 2nd generation “immediately,” well after two years of waiting, their 2nd gen is still problematic, maybe not as bad as the 1st gen, but still, a Taurus would be a smarter choice.

    R700 recall is another mess.

    Bushmaster: ACR came out with the promise of conversion kits. It had reliability issues and a laughable price tag. Owners never got the conversion kits they were promised.

    As an FFL, the best customer service over the years has consistently come from Glock and Sig Sauer. Sig has an issue but they addressed this quickly and efficiently.

    Smith & Wesson would have to be my worst pick for CS.