An Actual Rail Extension Vs. Extended Rails

While the AR-15 has been quick to embrace what many perceive as significantly improved ergonomics of extended rails many legacy platforms and even a few new ones have opted to keep their handguards short. Certainly, no one can argue that a short handguard is ineffective considering the uber-short option on most AK’s, one can argue increased effectiveness with longer rails.

Further, one can look to the SCAR to see how extended rails can assist with weapons employment. Various aftermarket offerings have popped up from milled aluminum sections to purpose-built carbon fiber options. But, what about those platforms who have smaller followings or which have more complex interfaces?

It would seem that Alien Armor, a new company, has a potential solution. Teased on an in-development website is their in-development product, a snap-on rail extension that purports to work with various platforms including the mentioned SCAR, the Galil ACR, Sig 556, and others.

Their Extended Rail Guard looks to interface with the standard Picatinny rails on many common firearms and uses a tab-style catch to hold the rail in place.

Unfortunately, few details are available at this time, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the product, especially looking to go hands-on at SHOT Show if Alien Armor is there.


Nathan S

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  • Jose

    Now, this is interesting. I hope that this new company deliver what they offer; and by looking those pics, I’ll say that is very promising. I’m seeing a new beginning in the evolution of tactical upgrades for assault weapons. I’ll wish them success.

  • thedonn007

    What is the diameter of that rail? It looks to be quite thick.

    • Yeah, the handguards look really chunky.

      I have a Bravo Company KMR on one AR upper, and a UTG slimline handguard on another, and I’ve discovered that I like a really slim handguards, apart from some issues fitting them over gas blocks.

      • thedonn007

        My favorite rail so far is the ALG defense EMR rails. I have the original version, key mod, and Mlock, they all work great.

        • Matthew

          Same here, have only used ALG after one Magpul for my iron-sights build. Best bang for your buck I’ve found

        • I might have bought one, but they didn’t have any with full-length top rail when I was looking to purchase.

    • KestrelBike

      Smaller than the dude’s arms.

  • Isaac Newton

    I’m not an adman, but the main pic of the guy grabbing the SCAR by the magwell doesn’t seem to show the usefulness of this product. Product looks sharp tho.

    • DanGoodShot

      Your correct about the first picture. If anything it makes one dout if this is robust enough as a purchase point. However, his hand is on the extended rail in the proceeding ad picture. I think they should have just went with that picture.

      • Isaac Newton

        I just found it odd that they showcase the product with nothing mounted to it and only his index finger touching it.

  • DanGoodShot

    Definitely an interesting product that may actually be of real use.

  • GD Ajax

    Oh cool, I can make my future SCAR butt ugly with extra rail space I don’t really need.

    • Mmmtacos

      From the looks of it it’s not extra rail space. In fact it’s quite the opposite as it eats up all your available rail space to slip a giant ass cover over it to extend the hand guard.

      Does look like it has M-LOK slots though.

    • Sam

      The SCAR is already ugly as sin, anyway.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Reminds me of the Magpul Masada handguard.

    • Richard

      I thought that the article was about some new version when I saw the title.

  • MrFN

    Who cares about the SCAR, it’s the ACE that needs this!

  • John

    So what is this? Put a rail cover over existing rails? Looks like a take on the Magpul Zhukov guard.

    I wonder if the African park rangers can use this.

  • I am actually kind of excited about this. I have an LMT ar with the monolithic upper (upper receiver and handguards are all one piece). This is great, until you realize you’re stuck with a carbine-length handguard, so, no way to extend your grip out further without grabbing barrel itself.

    I’ve tried all manner of frankenstein options short of just chopping off the damn upper part of the rail from the receiver and making it a two-piece, and the reality is the only option that makes sense financially and logistically is just buying a new upper receiver and handguard setup, and rebuilding the whole deal.

    • Flounder

      Why not just appreciate it for what it is? And why rebuild it? You could always just get another upper. The Rail and reciever are almost half the cost of another upper. And you keep the factory setup, in case you ever want to sell it. Which I would wager is somewhat likely since it sounds like you aren’t pleased with the gun as it is.

    • El Mac

      Sell it bro. No sense being stuck with an archaic short handguard.

  • Richard

    The one for the Galil ACE makes me want to get one.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    This sure seems like an ad.