A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny Clamp

A3 Tactical has a nifty little accessory called the Double Picatinny Clamp, if you couldn’t figure it out by the name what it does is attach two Picatinny rails together. You can attach various accessories or parts together with A3 Tactical’s new clamp, but what I bet it was really developed for was the obvious, attaching two guns together. Because two guns are always better than one, right?

Attaching another gun to your rifle is nothing new, remember the AR-15 Mounted Saiga-12 Shotgun? Or the TX-12 Underbarrel Shotgun from a while back? A3 Tactical’s new clamp lets you mount more than just shotguns however. When it comes to the various accessory or multiple gun combinations A3 Tactical claims that their clamp “provides virtually limitless possibilities”. Seriously though, if you’re going to attach two guns together NFA regulations will apply.

A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny Clamp is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and should work with any industry standard spec Picatinny rails. The clamp is also machined to be slightly taller than standard Picatinny grooves to help prevent the two rails you’re clamping together from touching and marring the finish. They retail for $39.95 at A3 Tactical.

A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny clamp allows you to mount one Picatinny rail to another. This innovative product provides virtually limitless possibilities. Mount two guns together side-by-side or top-to-bottom. Combine accessories or bridge two parts together, you are only limited by your imagination. Any accessory with a Picatinny rail on it can be connected.
CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, these clamps were designed to positively lock two rails together. The two center locating dowels locate and prevent fore/aft movement while the tapered side clamps auto-center and clamp the two rails together. And don’t worry about marring the surface of your rail. The locating dowels are machined slightly taller than an industry-standard Picatinny groove to prevent the rails’ mounting surfaces from contacting each other. Simply mate the two halves together, tighten the two Allen screws with the provided wrench and you are good to go.
NOTE: Every dimension of the Double Picatinny clamp were machined from industry-standard specifications and will work on virtually all US- manufactured rails. Some foreign manufactured components do not adhere to these specs and may not be compatible. www.a3tactical.com
NOTE: All NFA rules apply.




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  • Tritro29

    Is it April 1 already? Damn Julian Calendar.

  • thedonn007

    So, the glock pistol becomes an SBR in this configuration, correct?

    • Joe

      That’s the general idea. A coworker’s opinion is that the possession of the clamp constitutes constructive intent. I find that a little ridiculous, but Statists are rarely wrong about oppression for oppression’s sake.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Your coworker seems way too zealous with his “reasoning”. With his logic we could prove that owning a cell phone and a car constitutes texting while driving.

        • datimes

          You may be underestimating the “reasoning” of government apparatchiks whose sole function is to regulate and control your life.

      • J. Murphy

        I find that unlikely, otherwise owning both a long arm and a hacksaw could be considered “constructive intent” for manufacturing an SBR.

        • AMX

          Well, that’s not *quite* the same situation – hacksaws are useful for sawing off other things than just long arms, after all; while this gizmo appears to have *no other use* than sticking one gun on top of another gun.

          Not saying I agree with that interpretation, but I can see how it could hold up.

      • DataMatters

        It is about time we ended the age of the statist.

    • P161911

      It might be possible to argue that it is a “firearm” since it is intended to be fired with both hands and has an overall length of 26″. You would need an ATF ruling.

      • tru16200

        Ruling?! You don’t need no stinking ruling! This is AMERICA! Home of the …… welllll mostly FREE.

        Just build it …. and let us know how it works out.

      • SGT Fish

        its a SBR. SBR’s are designed to be fired with both hands. “Firearms” don’t have stocks. shotguns and rifles do

    • imachinegunstuff

      What about a 26 inch firearm like the Robinson Arms almost an AR pistol? 26 inches overall without a stock makes it a firearm that I can mount a forward grip on, could I mount a forward pistol as well? The NFA hack potential here…

  • TechnoTriticale

    So they weren’t able to think up any applications for this that:
    a. made sense, and
    b. didn’t require ATF paperwork

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Since when has that stopped anyone from making money?

      • Every mall has a ninja, and some of them have day jobs with decent salaries.

  • Gary Kirk

    Forward “pistol” grip… For the ultimate tacticool bearded mall ninja operations..

    • Jim Slade

      Do they make a pic-rail cupholder for my OrangeJulius at the mall so I can have a sip before the SWAT team gets there?

      • Matt Taylor

        Battle Mug has been doing that for a while. Lol.

  • Cymond

    I’m not sure why you’d clamp two AR-15 to rails together.
    Coming soon, the Poor Boy’s double barrel AR-15 (side by side, hopefully).

    • MrBrassporkchop

      Why stop at 2?

      • Seriously, forget HexMags– get some 45° offset rails and roll with a HexRifle!

    • Sam

      I can see it now, Stag and Stag left handed mounted top rail to top rail both ejecting down, tacticool 100 round drum magazines, paintball style trigger, and a home fabbed pintle mount.

    • Thomas Weißhuhn

      how about 4 AR57?

  • Jim Slade

    I just wish there was a term that combined how tactical and cool this is….. ~nope~ can’t think of one.
    All I see is the TruckBoatTruck from Squidbillies:

    • Nicks87

      We saw that you like guns, so we found a way to attach a gun to your gun so you could shoot a gun while shooting your gun…

      • B. Young

        and again, hell yea!

    • B. Young

      hell yea!

  • SGT Fish

    I see they copied tony Rumore’s Siamese 16 with this clamp. though im not positive they have the trigger worked out

  • J. Murphy

    An Under barrel handgun? Someone’s been playing too much MGSV.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    “Oh my god this is so stupid why would anyone want to…to….is that a shotgun in the 3rd picture?…”


      Yes and the only logical application would be for door breaching.

  • Cal S.

    Wow. Um, huh. At least it takes Glock mags…

    I’m really wondering what kind of stresses prolonged use of a 12ga would put on that upper receiver.

  • Mall Ninja

    Greatest invention yet! Perfect for Christmas!

  • HenryV

    The universe demanded somebody do this…….

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Attaching a shotgun with a piece of 6061 seems like a fantastic idea! No way anything bad could happen!

    • Austin

      Attaching a shotgun with a piece of 6061 (which is in turn attached to the teensy, tiny scope mount holes). Why have only a single point of failure?

  • Edeco

    OK, yes, I want to see a varmint-style AR15 but with rails, with one of these with a glock on a siderail, in the gangster-grip orientation, and an M203 underneath.

    And maybe a shotgun on the other side. And, you know, 50mm scope, backup red dot, green laser-light. Someone could basically buy youtube views if they could manage this.

    • Nashvone

      Add 45 degree BUIS and you would have the complete package.

  • wetcorps

    That’s what I call a good railing.

  • LazyReader

    Same rail couples…..

  • derfelcadarn

    Sadly, science has of yet to perfect a means of harnessing the power of stupid and the above proves it it is in unlimited supply.

    • Roger V. Tranfaglia

      Walmart’s hiring……………………………………

  • int19h

    What we really need is a П-shaped one. Then you could easily attach an unlimited number of ARs, shotguns etc side by side.

    Just think of all the creative uses this could be put to in Hollywood!

  • “Do I need two stamps or one? Well, do you feel lucky, mister ATF inspector?”

  • Keiichi

    Isn’t the whole point of a backup pistol to be… GHASP…. a backup if the rifle isn’t handy (or if it’s empty/borked)???

    On the other hand, if you can make money on it, good for you :^)

    • Nashvone

      Make it a quick-detach and you wouldn’t need a holster for the pistol.

  • Capn Jack

    Join two guns together…Hmmm. They should have called that thing, “The Rambo Rail.”

  • Noble

    Is it just me, or is the article’s subject the least-interesting item/accessory in the pictures?

    I wanna know more about:
    -The stock and drum mag in pic 1.
    -The stock and muzzle brake in pic 2.

  • Uniform223

    I can understand an under-barrel 40mm or KAC’s Masterkey but the picture just tells me that training on transitioning is just too hard for some people.

  • I wanna see some HSLD tactical operator ninja using one of these like a stocked pistol, with a two handed grip on the Glock.

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    I would use this to attach my vortex R/T monocular behind my red dot on my ar15.

  • Robert Payes

    Oh yeah, THAT’s New Jersey compliant. 😉

  • JoshCalle

    I see no reason why every VFG shouldn’t be a Glock. If you’re going to point one gun at a bad guy you might as well point 2 at him.