Battleworn Glock 19 Pistols

battleworn glock pistol

Legal Manufacturing teamed up with Chattanooga Shooting Supply (CSS) earlier this year to produce Glock 19 pistols with the NIB Battleworn finish. It would seem that these were commercially successful as CSS is set to show a new Battleworn Glock 19 with relief cuts at the SHOT Show next month.

The guns are third generation G19 pistols that have extensive machine work done on the slide surface. Relief cuts are made on the top and sides of the slide. This machine work includes the addition of forward slide serrations, parallelograms, a Tetris shape and flowchart arrowheads. (Well, the company may call them something different, but that’s what they look like to me.)

The slides are then finished with the NIB Battleworn process. This process gives the slide a Rockwell hardness of 70 while also reducing friction and increasing resistance to corrosion. While these are all good things, let’s be honest: many (most?) are opting for the Battleworn finish because of the looks.

With the finish, high surfaces have a light grey color as if they have been worn down by years of hard use. Recessed areas have a darker grey appearance that both highlights the machine work and gives authenticity to the look.

The finish looks good in my opinion. I just wonder if this is the gun world’s equivalent of buying pre-ripped designer jeans. Regardless, I like it better than the Pumpkin flavored G19 and the gold inlayed one. The MSRP on the new gun is $629.

Richard Johnson

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  • BattleshipGrey

    “Are you tired of having to actually use your guns to get that battle worn look? Well now you can get that look without firing a shot or by drawing and holstering.”

    “Coming soon: pre-soiled plate carriers!”

  • Ah, Duke Nukem 3D was a fun game.

  • The Reclusive Boogur T. Wang

    ” I just wonder if this is the gun world’s equivalent of buying pre-ripped designer jeans.”


    • M1911

      Yes it is and it is just as stupid.

    • Anomanom

      Not exactly, its more like CS:GO skins in real life. Except more expensive. Sort of like the “SIG Legion”

      • Bill

        The Legion series actually have mechanical upgrades and not just cosmetics. They have really impressive triggers that are worth the upcharge.

    • raz-0

      It’s even worse. A lot of the rip it yourself and pre-ripped jeans weren’t about having a worn look, but about a particular fashion look. They weren’t being marketed with names to imply they looked well operated in and stuff. It wasn’t like you were a poser because you paid someone to fashionably pre-rip them.

      This is all about pretending to something you aren’t. I.e. someone who used and abused it that way.

      • The Reclusive Boogur T. Wang

        While I agree with you completely for about 95% (a high factor) of what you are saying; I will say that having went to their website and read their advert for this treatment, it appears that this “worn look” is only 1 (one) part of the offered package (I could be wrong). The increased lubricity and lack of a need for other lubrication, if done according to their advert, does make a nice offering.
        Of course that guy out in Az (Phoenix/Cave Creek/ same same) has been doing this for years.

        • raz-0

          If the nib coating is anything like np3, it is imo too slick for use in any situation that might involve even mildly sweaty hands.

  • lol

    A guy walks in to a gunsmith’s shop and says:

    “Hey, I just came out of the closet… yeah. Being a latent homosexual is hard. No dude, really, thanks for the encouragement and support. Look I know many guys like me who like exhibitionism and crave attention go here to get help, so you see I got this plain looking boring Glock…”

    Gunsmith: “SAY NO MORE! I’ve got just what you need!”

    • Rick O’Shay

      Well, that’s one way to keep your comment from getting queued up for moderation…

    • Swarf

      You don’t know any actual gay people, do you?

      Or rather, you probably do, they just don’t tell you because they know this is how you are.

      • 7.62x54r

        Who cares if he knows any or not? Are you a closeted Hillary SJW on the alert for gay disrespect? Get a life.

    • 11b

      Go be homophobic somewhere else.

    • AC97

      Oh look, you’re straw-manning a group of people that you don’t like because you think you’re hilarious. But you’re not.

      • 7.62x54r

        .It’s funny. Stop being an identity politics SJW or go try out the Salon dot com forum.

        • AC97

          Show me the part that I’m supposed to be laughing at, because I for the life of me can’t find it.

          It’s seriously a bland joke if I ever saw one.

    • Amplified Heat

      Such blindingly white knights around these parts…

  • William Nelson

    Jesus Christ.

    This whole,”tier 1 operator life,” (as I take it to be) needs to stop. It makes us all look silly – like that fat kid buying the new Battlefield game wearing all that high-speed stuff that was two sizes too small for his corpulent, pimple ridden frame. Enough already. Get that “worn,” look by wearing and using the goddam thing.

    • Madcap_Magician

      And go do some dead lifts. Seriously.

  • Dickie

    Ok so someone will buy it cause how it looks. Just like you do with half the stuff you own. Variety is the spice of life

  • 22winmag

    Look! New wheels and a paintjob on my Toyota!

  • Swarf

    I try not to generalize about or judge people and their choices, especially when it comes to firearms, but… I would have a hard time not sneering derisively at anyone who showed up on the line with one of these Scotch-Brite specials.

    • billyoblivion

      Wait until they finish shooting the first course of fire.

      Just in case you were wrong about how the patina was acquired.

  • HealthyCuriosity

    I like multipurpose tools.
    You could grate cheese with that slide.

  • The arrows on the top of the slide remind me of the instructions on a claymore mine – “this side towards enemy”!!!.

    Hopefully this will prevent some accidental suicides.

  • pithy

    Every time I see the “battleworn” thing, I can’t help but think of toys from when I was a kid.


    and then his chest plate would pop off or something. Basically, less embarrassing to own as an adult male than a gun with this finish.

    • Rick O’Shay

      I had a He Man action figure that had a rotating chest portion that, when it was tapped/hit, would rotate to show “battle damage.” My brother had the Skeletor version. Yeah, basically the same thing.

  • Scott Tuttle

    the top looks good but the lower needs a half assed soldering iron stippling job to finish it off.

  • john huscio

    All the cuts make it look stupid. Its like all these aftermarket slide makers (slide “pimpers”?) compete with each other to see who can make the ugliest product.

  • gunsandrockets

    Behold! The Greeble Glock!

  • Amplified Heat

    Is it just me, or does this make the gun look fake? The rounded corners look like cheap, injection-molded contours (as do the needless shallow pocket features). And that paint does not look like worn metal in any way. Worn metal has scratches and dings, this looks like a way-too-consistent spray-tan with airbrushed ab muscles.

    “It would seem that these were commercially successful” *sigh* …pre-worn guns and designer clothes for dogs; I hate America.

  • Cymond

    Alright I detest the “battle worn” far, I think this looks good, not battle worn. Maybe because it like grey slides.

    Most of all I’m surprised by the MSRP. A lot of places would charge that much just for the machine work and refinishing.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Huh, that’s funny, that finish looks just like my Gen 4 slide finish does after I gave it a hard look for thirty seconds just after purchase. I bet they’re selling that bug as a feature now.