Attempted Suicide At Gun Range



Just last week this video has been going around of a woman shooting a handgun in an indoor range. She takes a shot and then immediately turns the gun into herself and fires it into her chest.


There is no sound and there is a little hypothesizing as to what transpired in this video. The woman appears to have turned the gun on herself. The reaction of the range officer is a bit confusing. He Jumps back when she shot herself. So it seems the bullet may have passed thru her but you do not see any blood or exit wound at her back. Since the range officer seems to grab his leg, it is believed the bullet may have exited her left side and struck him in the leg.

Notice that she did not die right away. We can possibly assume she may have been shooting FMJs but even hollowpoints are not a guarantee of instant death.

Incidents like this are the reason some ranges in other countries, tether the guns so that it is not possible for them to be turned to harm someone.

Nicholas C

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  • codfilet

    scary and sad….

    • SomeRandomGuy

      What’s sad is her blatant disregard for another human’s life. The RO didn’t deserve to bear witness to this, let alone get shot herself in her attempt. Suicide is nothing new, mankind has performed this behavior since the beginning of written history. If someone is going to that extreme, they should not put other peoples’ life and limb at risk.

      Whatever happened to a bottle of wine and a bottle of painkillers?

      • Tim

        Or, buy the damn gun, go home & do it.

  • Uniform223

    I live in Las Vegas Nevada and something very very similar happened at a rather popular gun range here. Unforetunaty from what I read the individual was successful 🙁

    • DIR911911 .

      I did some lovin’ myself last time I was in vegas…wait,I think that came out wrong.

  • Joseph Goins

    A few takeaways for those who didn’t already know:
    #1. Chest shots aren’t instantly fatal or incapacitating regardless of the ammo.
    #2. Bullets typically go too fast to produce massive blood loss and leave a sterile wound.
    #3. Always have medical equipment immediately available inside the lanes.
    #4. Always maintain control of the weapon. She could have picked it back up.

    • Drew Coleman

      The range I just joined keeps a trauma kit in one of the bays after some idiot shot himself in the leg while breaking multiple safety and range rules.

    • valorius

      I have to take issue with a sterile wound. A bullet often throws all kinds of debris into the wound tract. Also, any bacteria on the bullet would be transferred into the target as well. And in this case, unburnt powder residue as well.

      • Joseph Goins

        When I said “sterile,” I was referencing the heat from the bullet killing bacteria on the bullet itself. (I certainly never meant to suggest that the gunpowder, clothing, etc. inside a wound was sterile.) However, I’m big enough of a person to admit when I am wrong. What I mentioned was a myth that has been disproven. See “Autosterilization in Low-Velocity Bullets” in the Journal of Trauma from 1978.

        • valorius

          Modern astrophysics, i think, may very well dispute the theory that the heat of the bullet kills bacteria, since many astrophysicists advance the theory that life first came to earth on meteorites. The re-entry process involves temperatures that are, i believe, far in excess of that on the surface of a bullet.

          I’m not a scientist or a biologist so i don’t really know, just throwing that out there.

          Thanks for the link btw.

    • Ebby123

      I think he did pretty good for the victim of a perfect ambush. He literally got shot with no warning.

  • Ramsey

    The RO’s response wasn’t confused at all. He took fire from and was wounded by an active shooter. He immediately attempted to secure the weapon and dove for cover. He kept trying to secure the weapon until it was clear she was not trying to regain it. He did everything right.

    You might want to rephrase that bit.

    Probably FMJ range ammo reloads, so not too surprising that there was no Hollywood spray of blood out of her back.

    • Joseph Goins

      “Probably FMJ range ammo reloads, so not too surprising that there was no Hollywood spray of blood out of her back.”

      Apparently you never [1] shot someone at close range before or [2] treated someone who had been shot at close range before. The bullet is going so fast that it leaves a sterile wound where not a lot of blood leaks out.

      • SomeRandomGuy

        An open puncture wound is never totally “sterile,” often times foreign debris (such as clothing particles) get inserted along the wound channel.

      • Ramsey

        Huh? A contact GSW is hardly a “sterile” wound. Sterile means free of microbial contamination, what are you trying to say here? I am saying that the author’s expression of disbelief was unfounded and based on Hollywood ballistics. Most hunters are well aware that GSWs aren’t accompanied by fountains of blood.

        Velocity has nothing to do with it. It just takes time for blood to leak from damaged tissue. Hell, even stabbing wounds take time to bleed.

        A blank would be lethal at that range. Where do you think all the gas that pushes the bullet goes? That shooters chest cavity was probably pumped full of combustion byproducts.

        • Joseph Goins

          I knew that the debris (clothing, gunpowder, etc.) brought into the wound isn’t sterile and I never intended that it was. I was referencing the heat from the bullet killing bacteria on the bullet itself. However, I’m big enough of a person to admit when I am wrong. What I mentioned was a myth that has been disproven. See “Autosterilzation in Low-Velocity Bullets” in the Journal of Trauma from 1978.

        • idahoguy101

          Sterile in this case means a clean through and through wound channel. If your seeking movie type blood and parts splattering go to the scene of a suicide by way of a shotgun

      • valorius

        Sterile eh?

      • CapeMorgan

        I think you meant coagulating.

    • Frank Grimes

      He shoulda shot her.

      • Ebby123

        But… wouldn’t she have liked that?


    • Beardedrambler

      Sorry but I have to disagree. The RO just freaked out and cowered in fear. Had the loser not lost her guts to go through with it the RO could have easily be shot again

      • Jonathan Ferguson

        How do you propose people react to being shot?

      • Ed Forney

        He was reaching for his cell phone.

      • Don

        Two brothers, the second brother was not hit with the round. It happened at a range in Jersey back in July of 2016

    • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      He did knock the gun out of her hand. A simple replay makes that obvious. Some people’s snowflakes will blame the RO and the gun before the sicko that wanted to off herself and didn’t care who was in the way.

      • Don

        Two brothers, neither were RO’s. Look it up, it happened at a gun range in New Jersey back in July of 2016

        • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

          Even if true, what the heII is your point? Spit it out!

          • J. Murphy

            The point is you’re making sweeping judgements about a case you know nothing about, based on one blog post that got basically everything wrong. The person identified as a woman by the post was a guy, the second person is a brother, not the RO. When you don’t know the basics of the case, how is any of your opinion remotely valid?

          • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            Well, why don’t you provide everyone a link to the article with some proof that this is indeed the same shooter. I’m not going on some wild goose chase, looking for something that may exist only in your mind.

          • J. Murphy

            Right… so you’re making bullcrap claims about an incident, or rather rash of incidents, in New Jersey between 2014 and 2016, and you want me to not give you a smoking gun match on which one of the three 20-something year old young men who were specified to have shot themselves in the chest after Gun Ranges changed their rules so that males who were first time shooters without a firearms I.D. needed to be accompanied by a second person this is, when you yourself can’t be bothered even trying to back your claims either in this case are any other?

          • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            I knew you weren’t up to the task but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. When you are finished blowing hot air, let us all know. Everyone is waiting to hear your great words of wisdom. NOT

          • J. Murphy

            Well, it’s not Guns for Hire, and it’s not Shore shot, so assuming its one of the New Jersey incidents, that just leaves RTSP, and one of their ranges appears to be a match even if the partition walls don’t match.

            But since you’ve put forward a better candidate… oh wait, you haven’t done any research at all, you’ve just made loud assertions about other people while not actually putting forward any original thoughts at all. Well, at least you’re emulating your hero, kudos for that.

    • Ed Forney

      Don’t think he was hit. He was reaching for his cell phone to call 911. You can see him talking on his phone.

    • Don

      It wasn’t an RO, it was the guys brother and he did not get hit with the round. It happened in a range in New Jersey back in July of 2016.

      • Marcus D.

        Then why was he grabbing his right leg near his knee and acting as if he’d been shot?

        • Don

          I think he was just scared shitless and or shocked.

          • Core

            When you are traumatized it’s common for folks legs to give out. Some folks freeze, others collapse, some run, and some fight, and occasionally people carry on with business as usual. I’m a fighter with some of the latter if I get caught completely off guard. If you ever get catastrophic news about someone you love, you might have a weak in the legs moment. It’s psychological, I’m not educated enough in the area to know the proper explanation but I have experience in traumatic environments and have seen many different reactions to different traumatic events. It’s always saddening when folks fail to react and die or carry on and become the next victim. Get offline, assess, and react is a valuable mode of operation.

      • Joshua

        Wait…wait…wait…youre telling me that was a dude that shot himself?

        • Don

          Yep, I posted the link to the actual article from back in July but for some reason the admins won’t put it on here?

  • Minuteman

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment….

    • Ryan the Red

      I liked that movie. Had mixed reviews, but Billy Bob Thornton had some fantastic lines

  • John A. Smith

    Over the last 10 years, there have been at least 3 suicides at my local gun shop/range. All were head shots, and all followed rental of a handgun and a few practice shots. I saw the video of one. Suicide notes were left in their cars in 2 of the 3, if I recall correctly. Ugly business.

    • Drew Coleman

      So goddamn selfish of people to take their lives in such a manner as to force other people to witness it.

      • John A. Smith

        Yep. Which makes sense when you think about it — suicide is a pretty selfish act. Though I suspect that when someone gets to the point where they’re going to kill themselves, it’s not so much selfish (in a traditional “evil” sense as I think of it) as it is that the world has become too much for the person to process…more of an inability to perceive the needs of others or the impact of ones own actions on others.

        • Swarf

          No, I think it’s selfish. Additionally, it is a way of punishing others before you go.

          “I’m gonna do this publicly and messily and you’re all going to have to see it and bear witness to my pain, because no one would look at my pain the right way before it was too late. And some of you jerks are going to have to clean up after ME for once.”

          • Disarmed in CA

            Warped, but true.

        • iksnilol

          Eh, I’d say I deserve to do one selfish thing (that goes primarily out over me) considering how much I’ve sacrificed for others.

          So no, I wouldn’t call it as selfish as you think it is. That, and it ain’t the easy way out as so many people mistakenly believe.

      • valorius

        Or clean it up.

      • Andrew Miller

        And clean it up.
        Local, now closed, gun range had that happen.
        I wandered in a few months after and saw one of the sales clerks scrubbing a pistol.
        It was reduced to components in a tupperware tub.
        I made a snide remark about “so, it must be that time of year, to clean the range rental guns.”
        Guy gave me a look.
        “No, this was the pistol that guy shot himself with a few months ago. We just got it back.”
        It had laid in the puddle of blood and…well.
        Unloaded, thrown in a bag, left, processed…
        Months later, returned.
        In “as is” condition.
        As in, “full of whatever puddle of blood and bodily fluids and whatnot it had sat in.”

        Suicide is cruel, especially if one makes others not just pay for, but clean up their mess.
        And in this case, it was literal, not just the range floor.

        • Ebby123

          My wife’s cousin shot himself in the head with his mom’s LC9. He had long hair that got pulled into the action and jammed it.

          Paramedics cut it out of his hair – his mom had to eventually clean it up so she could sell it…. nasty f*king business.

          She doesn’t blame the gun – he was a 20+ yr old adult who had hacked into her digital safe to gain access. But she couldn’t keep THAT gun. I don’t blame her.

 I said, nasty f**king business.

        • Jim_Macklin

          Blood is highly corrosive. Maybe gun ranges can keep a few RGs available for suicides.
          Maybe the government can create a “Soylent Green shooting range” to speed up the legal processing.
          A sign-in sheet can ask the questions… Are you planning suicide? If you answer yes you will have to wait 15 days and attend classes at the local hospital ward.
          You will have to wave any law suits by yourself [in case you only cripple yourself] and your family or survivors. Also your story may not be used for any anti-gun propaganda.

      • anonymous

        >>> So goddamn selfish of people to take their lives
        >>> in such a manner as to force other people to witness
        >>> it.
        >> suicide is a pretty selfish act.
        > No, I think it’s selfish.
        > “I’m gonna do this publicly

        Maybe people commit suicide in public (as opposed to in private) because they don’t want their bodies going undiscovered for days or weeks? For example, “The guy who offed himself over a girlfriend in the bushes along the parkway by the Pentagon, in August heat, found a week later: black oozing liquids swarming with maggots” (Fred Reed, 7/28/16).

        Also, are cops selfish?

        “It was found that, during 2008, 141 suicides occurred among active law enforcement personnel nationally. The rate of suicide was 17/100,000, compared to a national public rate of 11/100,000.”

        “A slight increase was noted in the number of police suicides, from 141 in 2008 to 143 in 2009. The suicide rate remained at 17/100,000, with a public rate of 11/100,000.”

        “A third study of police suicides took place for the year 2012…The rate of police suicides was 14/100,000 compared to a revised figure for the general public of 13/100,000.”

        • Swarf

          Are cops selfish?

          Yes, Nearly Non-sequitur Man, some of them are. I’m not sure what their suicide rate as compared to that of the general population has to do with whether suicide is itself a selfish act.

          Do donkeys remember birthdays?

        • Bill

          A neighboring agency had a guy kill himself on duty. Just parked out in a remote area and was found after not answering the radio for a while.

      • Ryan the Red

        Sometimes the other people deserve it

      • iksnilol

        Eh, it’s gone be witnessed sooner or later when they spot your corpse.

    • RSG

      Minneapolis? Bill’s?

  • Tobiah

    So other than Live leak, youtube and World star, what is the source of this video? Where did it happen? When did it happen? The time stamp puts on July 4, 2016 but there where no news reports for something like this for that month. So far everything points to a fake video with no verifiable source.

    • valorius

      Looks completely genuine to me.

    • Don

      I posted the link to the article above. It was two brothers in their 20’s, the none shooter was not hit with the round. The shooting occurred at a range in New Jersey in July of 2016.

      • Ryan the Red

        The articles don’t say that the brother wasn’t hit. Sure as hell looks like he was hit.

  • KestrelBike

    How did she miss her heart. Or, I wonder if someone could shoot themselves in the heart, survive long enough to make it to the chair, sit down, then finally the body shuts down.

    • valorius

      Even if shot in the heart it takes about 15 seconds to lose consciousness due to BP loss.

      • Ebby123

        There’s still plenty of oxygen in plenty of blood vessels. Essentially a perfect heart shot (sorry, not trying to be morbid) would be the equivilant of putting someone in a sleeper hold. As soon as the blood stops flowing to the brain, the clock starts, but it still takes time.

    • Tassiebush

      They totally could as long as they didn’t damage their spine. I’ve shot enough things through the heart and lungs that managed to run a distance. Still enough oxygen in the muscles for a bit of activity

    • The_Champ

      You’ve never hunted big game have you? How does a little 130 pound whitetail deer run away when my .300 win mag obliterates its heart and lungs? Some living things are just awfully resilient.

    • Ebby123

      Even a heart-lung-heart shot wouldn’t drop her instantly. Her blood pressure still has to drop to the point where its not getting oxygen to her brain anymore. That takes several minutes at a minimum.

      You’re thinking of the spine / central nervous system. That’s the only way to turn the lights off instantly.

      • KestrelBike

        You forgot the part where I haven’t hunted, either.

        • Ebby123

          Fear not. I was informing, not criticizing.
          I don’t really hunt either. Active Self Protection (on Facebook and Youtube) does analysis of a lot of CCTV footage of violent encounters. Its an excellent resource if you want to learn about such things.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Probably just saw “Independence Day: Resurgence”.
    Man, that movie sucked.

    • Frank Grimes

      Nah, she just watched Miss Sloane.

      • Don

        She was a “He” in his 20’s.

        • Frank Grimes

          You’re going to have to clarify what you mean.

          We’re living in a world where when Bruce Jenner puts on one of his dresses we have to call him a woman.

          So your post is kind of confusing.

          • Phillip Cooper

            No, we do not “have” to call him a woman.

            And I never, ever will, even if he finally decids to go all the way and get his crank cut off.

          • Don

            It was two brothers at the range. This shooting took place back in July of 2016 at a gun range in New Jersey. 6 weeks prior to this shooting another guy shot himself in the head and killed himself at the same range.

          • albaby2

            Geez, I thought it might have been a liberal upset over the election.

          • Rap Scallion

            Liberal gun range then???????

    • Ambassador Vader

      “she may have been shooting FMJs but even hollowpoints are not a guarantee of instant death.”

      But that movie is a guaranteed death of that franchise.

      • Phillip Cooper

        The franchise should have been stillborn. Don’t know what inspired them to make a sequel.

      • noob

        It’s like a Lethal Weapon or four to the franchise.

    • Disarmed in CA

      I’ll take your word for it. F Hollywood

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Zero Dark Thirty was awesome.

        • Core

          Still haven’t seen it…

    • A bearded being from beyond ti
    • Tassiebush

      Damn I was looking forward to it.

  • Bill

    Suicides at ranges are common, and one of the reasons insurance is so expensive.

    Why is this “news?” It happens frequently. It’s not a slow news day.

    • Twilight sparkle

      It’s usually not caught on camera or at a shooting range like this.

      Though this doesn’t really feel like something that TFB would be displaying

      The only reason to have it here would be as a reminder for range officers and gun salespersons to watch out for this kind of thing

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah, this is depressing as sh-t.
        Should be taken down.

        • DanGoodShot

          I agree. Plus the anti gunners don’t need us feeding them ammo to go after gun ranges. They’d take something like this and turn it into an “epidemic” and a “reason” to shut down ranges. I so tierd of the whole “a couple dip sh@ts did something bad with whatever and now no one can use/have it” bs argument.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            A troubled person lost her life. Let’s not make it political.

          • Don

            A troubled 20 something male. The second guy was his brother. The shooting was at a range in New Jersey back in July of 2016.

          • Marcus D.

            you keep saying that. How about posting a link?

          • Ryan the Red

            Looks like replies with links in them go to moderation.

          • Don

            I did post a link to it but for some reason the moderator didn’t approve it? I’ll find the second article again that stated the second guy was not hit and try posting again.

    • J. Murphy

      Actually not that frequently, 50 times before 2014, and then 7 in NJ alone between 2015 and 2016. Which is why the press really shouldn’t report on suicides.

      • Bill

        I don’t know where you are getting your figures from, or the number of ranges that form the sample population, but there have been 3 at one local range in the last decade, if you include the one in the parking lot. Then I had to remove a trainee with suicidal ideation prior to a range session. The there was one at a local, uncontrolled public range that we couldn’t figure out why he picked there and not just in the surrounding forest. I was pushing for it to be a homicide, but the evidence strongly suggested suicide.

        I have suicide and attempted suicide written into the risk assessment & mitigation policy for my former range.

    • Dirk Dasterdly

      You’re probably right, but I wonder why insurance would be expensive? The range isn’t liable for someone committing suicide I wouldn’t think. No more than if you went to “test drive” a car and then drove off a cliff. How could the local Ford dealer be blamed for that? I’d think if the range insurance was expensive it would only be for liability to other people or random stupid stuff like shrapnel or ricochets. But if safely designed, it seems like the risks would be mitigated. And contrary to the libtards claims, guns are pretty damn safe. Billions of bullets are fired each year and very VERY few kill anyone. So if guns are designed to kill people, then how come none of my guns work? I want my money back. 10,000s of rounds and not one of them has killed anyone yet!

      Oh, and if these were brothers, maybe he meant to shoot the brother. He saw some movie where they showed a bullet would pass right through at that part of your body. Notice he didn’t put it to his head or heart, and wasn’t even aligned with his spine. And it WAS aligned with his brother standign right behind him. Hmmm.

  • The Stig

    But more importantly, what kind of gun did she use?

    We need answers to these hard hitting questions.

    • RavishedBoy

      Seems a pistol to me.

  • I don’t use indoor ranges or watch people use them. So, is it common for the RO to stand right behind you up close? Because that would irritate the hell out if me. Might’ve been safer for this guy, too.

    • Swarf

      Might’ve been the person training her.

      And no, it’s not normal under normal circumstances for an RSO to be bulldogging someone like that.

      • Ebby123

        Or someone who could tell something was off… he did seem pretty active in trying to keep her safe, but who could predict that?

    • Don

      No, RO’s don’t stand that close to you. This was two brothers, the brother in the rear was not hit with the round. The shooting happened at a range in New Jersey back in July of 2016.

  • RSG

    A similar thing happened 2 years ago at the most popular range in Minneapolis, Bill’s. A nerdy looking, middle aged man rented a revolver, went to the line and loaded the pistol. He laid down on the firing line and kept the gun pointing down range when he shot himeslf in the head. Amazingly, and I don’t know how they did it, but it was kept very low key without much regional news coverage, let alone national attention.

    • Ebby123

      No one should gain recognition for committing suicide.

      You wanna quit? Fine, p*ssy. Throw in the towel, GTFO and be gone.

      But don’t expect us to feel sorry for you, or worse yet give you recognition. You took gave everyone in your life a big F*CK YOU, so you’ll excuse us if we return the sentiment.

      Disclaimer: I’ve had two relatives commit suicide in the past 2yrs. One left a wife and kids behind. I’ve got some pretty strong feelings on the subject.

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    Ah primary reason why one of the ranges here dont allow people to shoot alone really

  • Gary Kirk

    Wonder if she was trying to make a point with this??

    • May

      All suicide is a statement, usually of depression and desperation.

  • Tim

    Oh….you were behind me? F-you. My public display is more important than your life.

  • Rjcz

    Not sure when “thru” became acceptable in professional writing, but I’ve seen it around and I don’t like it.

    What an inconsiderate way for a person to short herself.

    • Don

      Okay Mr grammar policeman, the term is listed in Meriam Webster’s dictionary with a definition of “A form of through”. It is used all the time so get used to it 🙂

      She, who “short” herself, was a he in his 20’s.

      • FarmerB

        You mean Merriam Webster?

  • USMC03Vet

    This should be shown to all of those jerk ranges that won’t rent to single individuals. Even with a employee breathing down your neck if you want to kill yourself bringing somebody with you won’t change that.

    Also how much of a screw up do you have to be to be unable to kill yourself? Living is all about not dying, it’s easy to kill yourself. Good grief.

    • Don

      Maybe they would if the video showed that. This video was a video from a shooting that took place at a range in New Jersey in July of 2016. The shooter was in his 20’s and the guy behind him was his brother, not a range employee. And the guy died at the hospital later the day.

  • rjackparis

    she’s shooting FMJ’s at that range, im pretty sure that bullet passed throught, and entered the range officer behind her.

    • Don

      Nope… it’s was a male in his 20’s and his brother was the one standing behind him. His brother wasn’t hit with the round. It happened at a range in New Jersey back in July of 2016

  • ResIpsa

    The RO’s move was smart though. Those stall dividers are usually made to withstand pistol
    fire, so he was getting cover between himself and the threat. She turns around with a loaded handgun, he tried to direct it away but couldn’t, so he sought cover.

  • 22winmag

    Hey, while we are at it why don’t we post the ISIS slow motion shotgun headshot executions? The ones that are easily found on Best Gore dotcom using the search “term slow motion” shotgun. Oops!

    • Cattoo


  • Jim

    Pretty straightforward suicide. Contact shot to the sternum. You can briefly see the powder burn on her shirt as she turns. Bullet must have exited at an angle to hit the RO in the leg. Didn’t hit her spine or she would have instantly collapsed. Probably a heart shot as she stood there for a bit and then went over to sit down and bleed out. It is odd that if it was a heart shot, she wasn’t pumping blood. She is not obese, so usually blood comes out freely with an arterial shot like that. I’ve worked homicides and suicides where there was no bleeding what so ever. .22’s and FMJ pistol bullet wounds have a tendency to close up even in skinny people. That poor RO never saw that coming………

    • J. Murphy

      He, and that’s his brother, not a range officer.

  • rc_vic_kerman

    So what was the point of this story; “That she used the wrong ammo?”

    • Don

      Nope… It was about a nutty 20 something male that shot himself in front of his brother at a range in New Jersey back in July of 2016. But to answer your question, I guess people feel it’s news worthy to show that there are a lot more messed up people out there 🙂

  • Jim_Macklin

    There was a suicide at a Wichita gun range last week. In the last two years there have been suicides at at least two shooting ranges here in Wichita.
    Suicide happens because people have been very depressed by the combination of world conditions and local lack of job opportunities they used to actually build airplanes at Wichita]. Lots of people left town for greener pastures, some who were under water on their mortgage just left.
    Suicide is easy to control.
    Just limit all buildings to one story, put a chainlink cage around all bridges, close all swimming pools and fence off all rivers, lakes and ponds. Rope and cable can be used to hang oneself or attached to a car in there are no trees or unsecured bridges. Yep, easy.
    Shooting ranges install video and record because suicide is rare but not unheard of at shooting ranges.
    It may even be an anti-gun plot to demonize guns in order to pass gun laws?
    Suicides should decrease now that Trump has been elected. It may take a year or two, but things will get better .
    Did a Google for for “Wichita gun range suicide” and it appears that this started about 2011. Events are reported many times and repeated over time on radio and TV/newspapers so the 40,000 Google does not represent that there have been 40,000 suicides, just that reporters like to report news even if it isn’t new.

    • iksnilol

      I think suicides will increase under Trump simply due to his lacking political experience and appointing people with a 1930’s understanding of psychology to the cabinet.

      • Lee Enfield

        Yeah because all that political experience and brilliance of the last 50 years put us with unfunded liabilities that total about 100 Trillion dollars.

        • iksnilol

          Soooo… if a pilot struggles to fly a plane, then a cabin stewardess would fly it better?

          Because that’s what you’re saying.

          • maodeedee

            No, what he’s saying is that the political establishment who are supposedly the “Experts” have done a horrible job, but not because they aren’t qualified, but because they’re corrupt and have another agenda besides doing what’s best for the country.

            Can you tell me with a straight face how the Iran “Deal” is supposed to work to make the world a safer place? Your average American airline stewardess could have made a better deal for the USA than that.

          • Lee Enfield

            I’d rather be governed by the first 535 names in the Raleigh phonebook than what is in the current Congress.

      • May

        They already have.

    • May

      There’s ways to prevent suicide without restricting access to means; torpedoing the economy is definitely not one of those ways.

  • Stan Darsh

    Between this article and “Guess which gun the Turk assassin used” TFB is trying to give TTAG a run for their money.

  • Cattoo

    That video is a tease. Now I gotta go find it and others to view.

  • mazkact

    I really hate shooting at public ranges. My wife and I are members of one of the best private ranges in Texas but She loves to shoot at an indoor range near our home. These public indoor ranges give me the willies especially on a busy night. I imagine being a RO at a public range is a bit like heading cats.

    • Five

      You’re not in Austin are you?

      • mazkact

        I’m in Galveston County and I am a member of Pearland Shooting Club.

        • Five

          Obviously I’m near Austin. Now I know to avoid the public ranges if I’m ever over in Galveston area. On the other hand, the PSC website looks like it’s a fantastic facility.

  • Bob

    I was a range officer years ago at our private American Legion range, and was helping out as we let the general public in about 2 weeks before the opening of deer hunting season.
    I had strokes show up with their mall ninja rifles and they’d have a scope mounted on the rifle so CROOKED that there was no way in he11 you’d have enough windage to adjust to even get NEAR the target. If the crowd wasn’t too large, we’d actually try to straighten it out for them. Don’t forget now, these same folks are going to go out into those fields to HUNT!!
    My father was always going to take me hunting when I turned 16. Well, he QUIT hunting when I was 14 because of a “close call” on a hunting trip. I never learned how to shoot until I was in the Army at the ripe old draftable age of 18!
    Funny thing, some guy brought his teenage boy with his NEW whetherby rifle with the cloth camoflage colored extra bullets holder attached to the stock. Well, the kid was on the target but he had a huge group. So, I told him, take the GISMO off the stock so you get a decent and consistent cheek weld to the stock and his group immediately tightened up. Funny, he thought I was a “GOD” of some kind!
    I’d say it was a 50-50 mix of people that had a clue and those that I wouldn’t trust with a gun around me!

  • Phillip Cooper

    OKAY already.

    Is it really necessary to post this reply to every single post in this thread? We get it already.

    • Don

      What can I say, I was bored 🙂

  • jrt 82

    I am going to guess the bullet bounced off the sternum in a downward direction. Although the firearm was level to the ground, the shooter looks like they hunched over to get the assumed angle that the pistol needed.

  • Mark Horning

    One of the reasons I really, really, don’t do indoor ranges.

    This happens every few years. Back in the 90’s I lost a friend at an indoor range in Stockton. Person comes in, rents a gun, shoots several other patrons (including my friend Kevin) and saves the last one for himself

  • Don

    Texas Guy, the guy who shot himself in the head did it at the same range 6 weeks prior to this shooting. There are a ton of articles about both shootings out there.

    • Texas Guy

      You are correct. Read the link in my comment. It states that the 2nd shooting involved a person who died of a gunshot to the head as well. So both shootings according to the article in my link referenced suicide by shots to the head. The person in the video was shot in the chest not in the head. So it may be a different incident.

  • grifhunter

    The “Gun For Hire” range doesn’t have glass dividers as showed on their website. They are opaque. Unless they remodeled the range in the last 6 months, you got the wrong information and have posted it a LOT!.

  • idahoguy101

    Suicides at indoor ranges that rent pistols happen every year. This is the first case I know of a range master getting hurt like this

  • Mikial

    Didn’t see a lot of action on the part of the ‘instructor’ to either get control of the gun or administer any immediate first aid to himself or her.

  • 1inidaho

    We had this happen at a indoor range in Boise, Idaho a few years back. Sad.

  • Hank Seiter

    So sorry to see that. A year ago our local indoor range (which will remain unnamed) had a partially disabled male rent a pistol and buy a box of 9mm and a target. Apparently he had shot there before since none of the RSOs were attending to him in a “qualifying session.”

    I knew some of the RSOs there and they would only say so much because apparently the range is still subject to some litigation by interested family members. Well, the range and RSOs did nothing wrong as the suicide-victim-to-be hung his target, ran it out on the transport line and proceeded to fire 49 rounds in a matter of several minutes. The 50th round he saved for himself, a shot to the temple. He was still breathing when the RSOs attended to him and even when the paramedics got to him but he died shortly thereafter. Apparently he was still technically alive when they loaded him into the ambulance.

    I think he had used 115 hardball 9mm but a shot to the head even with the FMJ fodder can still be devastating. The way I understand it the county sheriff put the word on the local media not to sensationalize the story for the sake of the victim’s family and that the range did nothing wrong in renting a firearm to an Illinois citizen who had a valid FOID card. The guy had been in a stupid accident on a motorcycle of his own doing a few years previous. At high speed he lost control and slammed into a road sign. As a result he lost his leg and because his active, somewhat athletic life was turned on its head, he became increasingly depressed which in turn affected his marriage.

    I guess his self-pity, anger and depression got so bad his wife decided to leave him with their only son and they guessed is he became so despondent at how frakked up his life had become (he apparently admitted that to what few friends he had left), starting with a completely avoidable accident, that he just gave up. But, of course, in the process, he messes up other people’s lives by resorting to a permanent solution to a problem that could have been made better over time … obviously he didn’t see it that way and decided to end it all. As they say, suicide is often a permanent solution to temporary problems.

    BTW, the whole incident is on the range’s security tape with multiple angles.

  • albaby2

    Being it was an “attempted suicide” was it necessary to say she didn’t die right away if she didn’t die at all?

  • Roper

    I would think that the muzzle blast, gases would have been to painful. He, she just stands there. Does anyone know where this happened?

  • Democrats: Just Lies & Hate


    We are at a peak time for suicides during the year. The Christmas holidays are the worst. I will not be visiting an indoor firing range for a bit.

    That being said:

    Merry Christmas & a Happy and FREE new Year to all of you.

    Be safe, be free.

  • Al Shartpants

    This article and a bunch of comments below show a perfect example of how easy it is to manipulate the general public with simple words like “woman” and “she.”

  • Jarhead0369

    It happens, and more often than you might think. I spent a few years working at a range that rented guns, and everyone was trained in identifying potential suicides. It includes erratic behavior, glancing around nervously, asking what the most deadly gun is, or if they could rent a gun and one bullet. Of course there are more, but it also involves being able to identify those on drugs or alcohol. We all wore 3A vests on the range. Our info was that Asians are more likely to shoot themselves in the chest, as opposed to the head.

  • jimpeel

    This is why most ranges will not allow a single shooter to rent firearms. They have to be in a group of two or more for rentals.

    Apparently, the bullet passed through her and struck him. He did one thing right and one thing wrong.

    RIGHT: He immediately removed himself from the line of fire and took cover in case she should attempt to shoot him again.

    WRONG: He did not take possession of the firearm laying on the floor to keep her from accessing it further.

  • Djs588

    It is difficult to tell, clearly, but it seemed, to me, that when she pulled the trigger the muzzle was against her chest, but it was aimed across her thorax not through it.
    I would expect that the bullet entered near the sternum, exited the left side of her ribcage, which would explain the lack of blood on her back, and very possibly entered the range officers pelvic region.
    Just a thought.

  • Ed Ward

    So suicidal people are paying to rent the gun to literally execute their respective desires? I can easily see a major leftists push for a ban on rentals…

  • J.E.Walker

    Why doesn’t anyone know where this happened? Why are there no news reports that fit the story and the date on the video? Why isn’t there info in the video posting itself?

    Fake? I’m thinking yes.