Blue Alpha Gear Gun Belt With New Type Cobra Buckle

Many of us own nylon gun belts with Cobra buckles. Most of us like these belts except for one problem. The buckles don’t fit through the belt loops of our pants no matter if they are your favorite jeans or 5.11 type pants. Honestly, it’s a pain to remove the buckle every time you wear the belt. In fact, there have been times I’ve skipped wearing the belt and gone with a regular gun belt.

Blue Alpha Gear EDC Hybrid belt.

Blue Alpha Gear EDC Hybrid belt.

That problem has been solved by a small company in Atlanta, Georgia called Blue Alpha Gear. The three owners make the belts themselves in one of the owners garage. Nothing uncommon about that with a small company which started about a year ago. The owner I speak with named Kurt told me they want to expand the business, hire employees and turn out some innovative gear they are designing. Kurt told me they talked about this same problem of the buckle needing to be removed to use a belt with a Cobra buckle and came up with the “Hybrid” belt which uses a smaller buckle half which does fit any 1 1/2 belt loop.

The hybrid buckle

The hybrid buckle

Kurt contacted the company in Austria that makes Cobra buckles and ordered a large number of these hybrid buckles. This time the guys used a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money for the number of buckles required as a minimum order by the Austrian company. You can check the Kickstarter page here to see how the campaign works and what you get for helping out. There are only three days left!

Kurt told me they decided to not use a stiffener between layers of nylon rather they used a medium strength nylon material which is stiff enough for holster use. There is one other grade of nylon but it’s so stiff and abrasive it tends to wear out the belt loops of the pants as well as wear on the holster depending on what material the holster is made of. As far as sizing they decided to make it very simple and less confusing. The buyer simply orders a belt the same size as the pants waist size. There is enough material to allow for adjustment of a size up or down. Should you get a belt and it doesn’t fit just call and they will ship out another belt when your belt is returned on their dime. There are no extra charges for larger belts. Kurt said they made a size 62 inch belt and didn’t charge a thing for the extra material. These guys are all about customer service!


The cost of the new hybrid belt is $64.95. They do make other belts for less money just check the website to see the other styles. Blue Alpha Gear Website

The belt hold your gun close to the body.

The belt hold your gun close to the body.

This video shows the belts advantages and how it works.

I received a Wolf Gray belt several days ago so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to test it. I have worn it each day since I got it and it continues to hold my full size 1911 close to the body with no sign of stretching. The belt fits through the belt loops easily without having to remove part of the buckle.


The photo above shows my carry rig for the days I’ve used the Hybrid belt. Remington 1911 in a Wilson Combat Sharkskin holster.

Materials Used:

Hybrid Cobra Buckle

CNC machined from lightweight 7075 aircraft aluminum
Breaking strength of over 2000 pounds
Used for military, rock climbing, and other heavy duty load bearing purposes.
Very satisfying “Click” when you connect it.
Nylon Webbing

Two layers of 1.5″ resin impregnated nylon webbing sewn together
4015 Webbing with a breaking strength of over 4000 lbs
Rigid yet comfortable
Unlike leather belts, there’s no stretching or sagging

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Ron

    I have worn a Blue Alpha Gear cobra belt for the last several months, I have it along with cobra style belts from several other manufacturers and it is a good belt for the price.
    But they are approaching this all wrong, all the cobra buckle styles belts out there even with the smaller buckles are a pain in the snake through standard belt loops, the best way to put them through the loops is remove the webbing from the male slide of the buckle and run that side through the belt loops and than re-lace webbing though the male buckle.

    • This belt is different than the overlap style belts I believe you’re talking about. I can assure you this belt is extremely easy to put on. I can put it on in less than 10 seconds without having remove or adjust anything.

      • Ron

        Since I have a belt addiction according to my wife, I will be buying one in Coyote.
        Hope it works as claims because the even the 1 1/4″ cobra buckles don’t thread through even MCCUU belt loops well because of the release lever wings

  • Both of those belts are overlap style belts that many people do not like. They tend to be very bulky up front where there are too many layers of webbing overlapping. They are also more difficult to put on since the buckle hangs kinda loose from the webbing so you have to put the webbing through first, then put the buckle through.

    The Hybrid EDC belt is very different in design from those belts. It’s also SIGNIFICANTLY more affordable. It’s only $50 via the Kickstarter.

  • screw kickstarter

    Kickstarter? Really? Now why the F**K does a company need a Kickstarter campaign for a simple cheap product that is marginally different from what they already make? Really go shove that belt deep up your rear end, pull the front from your mouth and close it up to make a loop. Not getting a single cent from me until it is for sale like any normal item. Jesus…. if there’s another thing besides the ISIS that needs to be put out of business permamnently then that’s Kickstarter. It’s just a big giant wishing well where on one end gullible idiots put in an endless flow of cash, the middle man takes a cut and at the end are magicians with big promises that just MAY deliver on those promises… maybe… probably… not likely though.

    • We check these companies prior to writing anything. Kickstarter is the only organization of it’s type we feel is reliable enough to use.
      To answer the question the company that makes the Cobra buckles has a minumum order dollar amount that is prohibitive for a small company. This is the way to bring a product to market and give those who participate a discount and other goodies making it worth investing in.
      It’s not a cheap product by any means in fact it’s well made. You might get more people to pay attention to your comment if you phrased it without the insulting language.

      • screw kickstarter

        Fine that you check and whatever other thing you do, but you’re missing the point: there is NO REASON ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH for an established company to run ANY KS campaigns. This is from a financial standpoint extremely devious, as KS is intended for start-ups that can’t get investments or that are started by people with very limited understanding of how to seek one.
        This has been extrensively used and abused, and the vast majority of what KS does today is exactly that – collect money for people/companies who very often don’t deliver.
        Here however the ante is upped a notch or two – with an existing company asking for money for a product they can make, no sweat, and get the customers to take all the risk for it. That’s like a rich guy who has millions on book to go ask for food stamps.
        As for my language: I say when I say, what I say, the way I want it to be said and I mean every word of it. I’m pointing out a lowlife con that no decent businessman would ever even attempt to pull off, and that requires some words that go beyond “safe spaces” and kindergarden vocabulary.

        • Hi I’m Kurt and I co-own Blue Alpha Gear. We’re a super small business that operates out of a garage. We still have day jobs. We also don’t have lots of extra money for major investments.

          Here’s why Kickstarter works for us. We needed $10,000 to do the minimum order of the custom Cobra buckles that are VERY expensive and make up a huge majority of our cost in the production of the belts. The Kickstarter also provides us with a great deal of marketing value as well. So far we’ve raised almost 45K in pre-orders that will be fulfilled once we get the buckles. It’s actually beneficial that we’re an established belt maker. It gives people confidence that we know how to follow through on the pre-orders.

          The reward for people willing to pre-order our belt via Kickstarter is they get at least 25% off and they get to be the first to get one. The benefit for people who don’t support the Kickstarter is these belts will become a product available on our website much sooner than if we didn’t do the Kickstarter.

          Thanks for reading.


        • Rightway1208

          Yeah, I’m a bit like you screw kickstarter, I say when I say, what I say, the way I want it to be said and I mean every word of it. I’m curious, do you own a business that you built from the ground up? If so, what is your product line. How did you fund it?

    • Ripley

      It’s true that Kickstarter is a place for realizing _creative_ projects and not just a generic source of venture capital which this should categorize as. But campaigns are also pre-approved for solidity and there shouldn’t be any failed deliveries on a fully funded project unless the people behind it are shifty.

  • Michael Powers

    While I have and use an instructor belt, they scream “gun” in my mind. Not sure if that is a bad or good thing.

  • Chase

    Whats with all the symbols and writing thats always on cobra style buckles?