Black Sheep Arms were the first to customize a Glock to resemble the Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper light gun. Click here to see it. There have been a few people who replicated that theme. This one caught my eye due to the custom painted bullets made to look like the Super Mario Bullet Bill character.




  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Now that is cool.

  • Juice


    TFB, I love you, but you’ve gotta do some more proofreading sometimes. Spelling mistakes in titles are in too much contrast with the interesting and well-written articles you guys make.

    • Magnus Whitman

      Yeah, everyone knows it’s spelled “zapist”.

    • derpmaster

      do you even zape bro?
      [pulls out nintend-gat, fires indiscriminately]


  • Evan

    I’m still not a fan of painting guns to look like toys, but custom painting ammunition seems like the very definition of pointless.

    • Badwolf

      Yes pointless for shooting. I think these are meant as art pieces for display only.

      • Martin M

        Ah! Now I get it. You used to spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and skill to custom engrave a firearm into a work of art. Now you just paint ’em. This type of stuff feels so millennial.

        • Swarf

          It’s a custom piece of something, that’s for sure.

          Whatever. People and their money. More power to ’em.

        • Aaron

          “You used to spend a tremendous amount of money on a double barrel rifle/shotgun custom engraved into a work of art. This type of stuff feels so Country Club WASPish.”

          Hrm, like how I turned that argument over. Just say “I don’t like it.” if you don’t like it and move on with your life.

        • Renegade

          You used to spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and skill to custom carve and decorate the stock into a work of art. This engraving-the-metal-only stuff feels so European.

        • Edeco

          Makes sense to me, I’m glad there are more accessible media. End of the day, it’s more stuff to cause different feels in the observer.

    • Anonymoose

      Yeah, but everyone knows what a Nintendo Zapper looks like, and this is just reminiscent of one enough to bring a smile to people’s faces. but not fool them into thinking it’s a toy.

      • Evan

        I remember the first Nintendos, although I’ve never had one (or any other video game system) myself. I honestly don’t know what the original Nintendo Zapper looked like. I know guns well enough to tell that that thing is clearly a Glock, but there are people out there who have my lack of knowledge about video games and the general lack of knowledge about firearms as well. I grew up in NYC, and I doubt that most of my childhood friends could recognize that as an actual pistol.

        And custom painting ammo is ridiculous no matter what.

  • Graham2

    I’m trying not to have a sense of humour failure at the moment but really? Making a functional firearm resemble a kid’s toy- what could possibly go wrong…

    • Cymond

      A kid’s toy from like 25 years ago.

      How many kids today would even recognize a SNES accessory?

      • Martin M

        It’s not kids that have the problem making the distinction, it’s snowflakes who go full on freak out.

      • Graham2

        Whether it’s from years ago or current, altering the look of a firearm to make it look like any sort of toy is just stupid. Enough kids pick up guns and shoot someone or themselves already, without this sort of idiocy. These items may be for display somewhere but I’m sure that this sort of thing is going to be copied by someone else down the line and it won’t always end well.

  • J. Murphy

    Why on earth would you paint a functioning firearm to look like a child’s toy? Accident waiting to happen.

    • Dan

      Because kids only shoot themselves with guns that look like toys? Are you that clueless? Perhaps don’t leave you loaded gun where a kid could access it. Let’s just keep being hypersensitive to stuff wr don’t like though.

      • J. Murphy

        How about don’t paint your firearm in the universal colors of toy guns? A bright red or orange muzzle is the universal indicator for “this gun is a toy replica” and Glock plastic painted to look like the plastic used on children’s toys, is going to look like a children’s toy to someone not familiar with firearms, be they child or adult.

        In an ideal world every gun owner would always be hyper diligent about firearm safety, but unfortunately human nature means that there’s going to be lapses by otherwise responsible gun owners, and there’s always going to be individuals who are downright negligent.

        And someone having their Glock painted to resemble a child’s toy for the sake of showing off to their buddies is unnecessarily introducing an additional risk factor that doesn’t need to be there.

        • DIR911911 .

          if a gun owner is diligent then it should make little difference if the gun is black ,white ,purple or green. it would still be locked up. and none of the guns shown have the orange muzzle indicating toy.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          So if I point a gun at a cop with an Orange Tip, they should just casually ignore it right?

  • Cymond
  • Swarf

    I was agin it when it was just the gun painted to look like a zapper, but now that it’s gone all the way around the bend into art territory with the painted cartridges, I’m fer it.

  • MB

    Some LEO may lose his life confronting someone holding this real weapon that resembles a toy. This is a pointless and foolish exercise. Guns are tools, not toys, and anyone who views one as toy has some serious maturity issues.

  • Ray Wilde

    For those that think its horrible to paint a gun to look toyish but yet you defend them when they are made of plastic doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Leon Singleton

    Great even more attractive to a child. Idiots

  • Chris

    Man, so many haters! This isn’t intended to be “used” or EDC, it’s execution of art! It’s a throw-back to an 80’s gaming console. If you had an NES, then you “get” it…The Zapper was kind of a novelty device, especially at the time! The other major home system at the time was the Atari, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a firearm attachment (there may have been one or two other systems, much less popular). Also, the primary game making use of the Zapper, was Duck Hunt! It was a light-hearted duck hunting simulation, in which this stupid dog would laugh at you if you missed! I can still see that little guy laughing away! Anyways, people, chill out..and really, “custom painting ammunition seems like the very definition of pointless.” No kidding! It’s NOT intended to be used! It’s art! The bullet is a type of enemy from Mario Bros of the same system!

    I say, nice work sir!

    • MB

      done to an Airsoft gun I might agree with you, done to a functioning firearm is totally irresponsible, immature , and possibly deadly. Firearms are not toys.