Tactical Solutions Expands X-Ring Rifle Line with Magpul Stocks

Tactical Solutions, solutions provider to those seeking tactical upgrades for .22 rimfire, has announced the expansion of their X-Ring line of rifles including the Magpul Hunter X-22 stock sets. Announced as a partnership, Tactical Solutions is offering two new combinations using Magpul’s X-22 line, one focusing on the standard 10/22 pattern and the other on its take-down cousin.

The standard “Complete X-Ring Rifle w/ Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock is truly the combination of the two established companies’ offerings. The X-22 is a reinforced polymer stock combining many of the features of the well-known and liked SGA series of shotgun stocks with Magpul’s latest innovations including M-LOK into a modular stock system capable of both standard and bull barrels. The X-Ring action is based on the Ruger 10/22, adding in a monolithic Picatinny rail on top and Tactical Solution’s various upgrades internally and externally including enlarged charging handles and extended magazine release.


Perhaps more interesting for those looking to upgrade an existing weapon versus purchase an entirely new one is the X-Ring Barrel / Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock Combo option. The SKU makes good use of Tactical Solutions Aluminum barrel with fiber optic sight coupled directly to a Takedown model compatible Magpul X-22 stock. All one would have to change is to remove their Ruger 10/22 Takedown receiver from the factory chassis, install in the provided Magpul X-22 base, and attach the new barrel. That’s just easy.

Pricing has not been announced for the new offerings, but one can reasonably expect it to be competitive with similar in the market.

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Nathan S

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  • codfilet

    What is the purpose or use of a “tactical” .22 rimfire?

    • Justin

      I would say mostly training .22 is or at least was a whole lot cheaper than .223/5.56
      I remember taking 1,000+ rounds of 22 out to shoot and coming back with empty boxes and brass on a minimum wage salary and not having to eat ramen for the next month.

      • Cymond

        When I (re)started shooting in college, 22lr ammo was about $45/1000 in stores. Now if I shop carefully, it seems to be about $85. That’s a significant increase, but it’s also been more than a decade.

    • micmac80

      What is the purpose of all shot ‘tactical’ you can buy on the market ? Who cares tactial rimfires are cool and takedown is extra cool even tough the take down mechanis and design is very weak (bull barrel with pencil thin diameter on the chamber end)

      • Ebby123

        Meh, that’s all the material that’s need for the pressure generated by a rimfire.

    • Badwolf

      Darn it! They used that magic word “tactical” again. Now I gotta go out and buy it.

    • Cymond

      What is the purpose or use of a “traditional” .22 rimfire?

      The way I see it, they’re the same tool that does the same job. The only difference is which flavor you prefer.

      • dltaylor51

        The 22 rf with a silencer is golden if you want to make it through a social meltdown with out being heard,now that Trump will at the helm maybe we can retire our bug out bags and stop having to prepare for all that nonsense.I have a take down 10-22 in my bag with a tac sol 22 suppressor and a brick of 22 standard vel ammo stashed just in case.

        • Cymond

          I think you missed my point. codfilet seemed to imply that “tactical” rimfires have no purpose. I was attempting to point out that it doesn’t matter whether a rimfire is “tactical” style or not, the function is the same.

          As to whether we’ll see more domestic unrest or less, that’s another subject for another day … and another blog. This is TFB.

          • dltaylor51

            What the hell is TFB??? Is this some gay site I stumbled into by accident and dont know the code?

          • Cymond

            I’m not sure whether you’re trolling me or really that clueless. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38441cc3a10ab7e2d726bf6471bb341e03d8bec7c3a80e81e4b0d9d8bf21e323.png

            Perhaps you haven’t noticed the slogan.

          • dltaylor51

            Simple Cymond you really are an annoying little grunt aren’t you?People like you get hi brow over the simplest things and cant open their mouths without an insult of some form falling out,you remind me of a liberal democrat who’s still butt hurt that Hilary lost.

          • Cymond

            Yeah, everyone knows there’s nothing more high brow than defending “tactical” rimfires.

            You’re the one making cracks about gay sites and butt hurt liberals, but I’m the one throwing insults?

  • Swarf

    Looks like he’s doing Grampa’s magical floating tumb trick.

  • jpcmt

    Why the heavy magpul crap? You blow so much on the tacsol lightweight stuff then ruin it and create heavy in the rear balance with a dumb stock. Plenty of wood furniture and even plastic that’s lighter than the magpul stuff. But i know, it’s so preeeety!