Magpul Now Shipping MOE SL-S Carbine Stocks

SL-S Stock

Magpul announced the company is now shipping its MOE SL-S butt stocks. These new adjustable stocks are made for the AR platform and should work on any rifle with a milspec sized buffer tube (lower receiver extension.)

These are different from the existing SL (slim line) stocks as they are able to store CR-123A batteries (hence the -S in the name: storage). Anyone that has followed the AR for a while may think this sounds similar to the SOPMD style stocks that also store batteries. Well, in a way, the SL-S is an evolution of that stock. Magpul does a pretty good job explaining the details of the original SOPMOD and the differences in the SL-S in this video:

Among the features of this stock: toe is angled for better use with body armor, the cheek weld is wider than SL stocks, but not as wide as SOPMOD style ones and the battery compartment is waterproof to 10 meters.

Right now, the only color available is black. However, when asked on Facebook about when other colors would be introduced, a Magpul representative responded “Very soon. Likely before SHOT on colors.”

Full retail price on this is $79.95. However, various online retailers are selling this for $10+ cheaper. I would expect that these will settle to around $65 after the initial purchasing rush. Considering SOPMOD style stocks run from about $60 – $200, I suspect that this stock will sell well.

Richard Johnson

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  • Gus Butts

    Some people don’t like Magpul for some reason, probably because it’s “cool” to live in 1995 and to not like progress and cheaper options like the old baby boomers that you are, but all the different options they offer at VERY LOW PRICES compared to other companies that sell their similar stuff for 3x the price and the fact that their products are still top notch quality and so widely available, or very easy to find if you want one of their specific items, is amazing. I applaud you, magazine rubber loop thing dudes.

    • pun&gun

      Most of the Magpul haters I see are just gun-hipsters who don’t want their guns looking like every other civilian’s. But when Magpul stuff look like it do, Magpul gonna be like it is. I’m certainly pleased with nigh everything I’ve bought from them.

    • andrey kireev

      I don’t like Magpul stuff on my AK’s generally, as Hogue furniture feels way more comfortable. On my AR’s I prefer Hogue pistol grip and aluminum slim line handguards (mine’s from Odin) and I prefer lightweight Minimalist stock over Magpul’s MOE… I do use a lot of Magpul AR mags, but I prefer Lancer 5’s… Its all about personal preference…

    • I don’t like plastic feed lips. Their other stuff is okay, but everytime I buy it the new-improved-deluxe version comes out the next month. Really, M-Lok is the best thing they’ve ever devised.

  • Jose

    Magpul does the best in tactical upgrades for the ar-15 and ak type rifles. Why spend hundreds of dollars in ugly, tubular handguards that make ar type rifles look like race guns; and worse, over $2,000.00 dollars for a rifle build like a race gun?! With the Magpul stuff, you can built a tactical ar for a very low fraction of that cost; and BCM is joining Springfield with it’s SAINT rifle and its new handguard design.

    For me, the era of tubular, ugly handguards is over; welcome to the new era of tactical handguards, M-LOK or Key Mod, a la Magpul. Just my opinion.

    • Rick O’Shay

      The biggest complaint I hear about Magpul really is that it’s so prevalent, almost to the point of being soulless. Which I think is actually just sour grapes from people who spend tons more for equally tactical upgrades/accessories with little to actually show for it, other than people look at it and think, “ooooh, expensive. Must be a nice gun.” I personally love Magpul. The products are competitively priced, legitimate upgrades from whatever it is they’re replacing, and they’re incredibly durable.

      • If we’re being honest with ourselves, AR-15s are soulless.

      • int19h

        If anything, Magpul being so prevalent is actually a point in their favor. Not just because so many people prefer it (that could be argued as a lemming effect). But because with so many people using it, it is thoroughly tested by real-world use, and all the flaws and disadvantages are quickly exposed.

        Basically, if you buy a Magpul product, so long as you don’t do it on the day of release, you know that there are millions of other gun owners who have already beta tested it for you, and you can easily find their feedback in quantities that reduce any personal bias to inconsequential values.

    • Garmanarnar

      Wow. That was the shilliest post I’ve seen in a .long. time.

    • andrey kireev

      Best tactical upgrades for AK ? Please don’t make me laugh !

    • jay

      BCM looks more and more like a bunch of buthurt social justice warriors when it comes to Keymod. I’m sure they could have sold half a million KMR handguards, had thery made the M-LOK version of it.
      They look pretty stupod.

  • So is my Magpul ACS stock just a pile of garbage now?

    • roguetechie

      Hot garbage in fact…


      If you send it to me along with $10 to cover humane and Eco friendly end of life processing.

    • int19h

      Nope. ACS still has the general-purpose storage compartment in addition to battery storage. This thing doesn’t.

  • imachinegunstuff

    Looks Beard friendly, and similiar to the B5

  • Henry Reed

    I love my SL stock and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Except a UBR 2.

  • dhdoyle

    You will always have people buy stuff as a popularity contest. However, when folks like Pat Rogers endorse MOE hardware, learning should occur.