Video: Kalashnikov AR. KAR-16 from Finland

This is the first prototype of the Kalashnikov-AR, KAR-16, in 7,62×39 mm from Finland.

Forget the large corporations, this KAR-16 has been designed and built by an enthusiastic gunsmith.

I presume the “-16” stands for 2016.


Below: Left hand charging handle.


Burris AR-536 5×36 prism sight.


Nord Arms AR-15 trigger group


The upper receiver is made from steel and the lower receiver is out of aluminum.


The rifle seems to function just fine. Ejected brass seems to go in two directions, mostly about 45 degrees front/right or almost 90 degrees right.


Rifle Specifications below. Taking the best from the AK and the AR and put it together?

– Length: 850 mm
– Weight: 3,6 kg
– Operation: Semi-automatic, short-stroke gas piston
– Barrel: 17,7″ (450 mm) Lothar Walther 7,62x39mm, twist rate 10″
– Optic: Burris AR-536 5×36 prism sight
– Nord Arms AR-15 trigger group

Manually machined:
– Steel upper receiver
– 7075 aluminum lower receiver
– Steel bolt and bolt carrier
– Gas piston
– POM buffer

The weight can be lowered even more by using aluminum for the upper receiver instead of steel.


The five shot group at 75 meters, using a sandbag under the handguard as support, is really impressive but then again, the Lothar Walther barrels are usually really good. And most Finns know how to shoot.


The ammunition is 8,0g / 126 gr bullets, 7,62×39 mm, Sako FMJ.


Finally, see the KAR-16 shoot here in this video:


The length of the rifle is 850mm is due to the legislation that a rifle must be minimum 840 mm.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • JSmath

    “Never been done before.”

    Action seems smooth as butter, which is nice.

    • randomswede

      Indeed, the sound of the action sounds like some B&T products MAC has reviewed.
      On the subject of sound, the report is unlike both AR and AK, I’m not sure what it reminds me of.

      Whilst it’s been done before, and with reservation for this being a one-off prototype, I don’t think I’ve seen it done this well, especially while largely staying on the AK side of the fence.

      • JSmath

        The report in the video reminds me of the action noise one can hear from firing a mini14 (or any Garand derivative) or even a Su16 – not the muzzle blast, but the subtle clanging sounds that comes up through your cheek/chin when firing. That barrel length playing a big role there.

        • randomswede

          Well spotted!
          Could it be that all three are piston guns that cycle quite fast?
          Neither were designed to function in full auto so their cycle rates aren’t tuned for a practical RPM just magazine feed reliability.

  • Anonymoose

    I’ll take 8!

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    Standard AK mags but you load them as an AR15 would, straight in with standard magazine release. That is awesome! Drops free without issue as well. Sweet.

    • randomswede

      Would be interesting to see what mags it works with, it sounds “too good to be true” that it functions that well with all magazines.

  • Rick

    This looks way better built that the other options. I want one

  • Minuteman

    This is a significant game changer. Start a factory in the USA, cut the barrel down to 16″, set MSRP around $1500 and you’ll be a multi millionaire within a year. I’m definitely interested!

    • Marc

      What you said

    • Rick O’Shay

      Make it so it uses a significant number of already-in-production AK or AR parts, and that’s a gold mine.

      • randomswede

        I’ve only seen what’s in the article so I’m only guessing, but it looks like compatibility is limited to buffer tube, stock, pistol grip, “trigger pack” and possibly handguards for the AR and magazines from the AK.
        I’d argue those are the important bits to set the rifle up to suit the shooter.

  • Vitor Roma

    Submoa 7.62×39. Im impressed.

  • clampdown

    This and the ARAK are easily the best looking AK/AR mashups. Love the angled vz58 esque charging handle on this one.

    • Minuteman

      Creative Arms ARK looks cool as well, but isn’t at all reliable and will stay in the same league as the Robinson XCR, which is also a very cool looking gun but a pos.

  • iksnilol

    Folding stock and ten inch barrel would make it perfect IMO.

    • randomswede

      I hope I’m wrong, but there’s no space for a traditional AK style mainspring so that leaves AR-18 style and that’s fine. But the article mentions “POM buffer” and “buffer” sends my thoughts to the unfoldable AR-10/15 style mainspring and the presence of a buffer tube deepens my concerns.

      • Rick O’Shay

        Except there are products out there that allow ARs to have a “folding buffer tube” setup. I don’t know how reliable they are, and last I can recall they weren’t cheap. But they exist.

        • randomswede

          It’s only my opinion, but a rifle that can’t be fired folded but folds is at best a takedown rifle.
          If you have to have a folding AR I’m sure it works but for a compact AR my preference would be one of the PDW style retractable stocks.

          I reread the article and the rifle evidently has to comply to a minimum length for unspecified reason, it’s likely that it’s a legality. If the rifle has to be 840mm with the stock folded (if it folds) then you might as well build it with a fixed stock and use the space for a nice long mainspring.

          • Jesse

            The Finnish Firearms Act states that a rifle must be a minimum of 840 mm in its shortest configuration (all parts removed that don’t require a tool to remove), with a 400 mm barrel. That’s probably the reason why it’s 850 mm, as the firearms classified as “other firearms” (shorter than 840 mm) instead of rifles usually are hard to get permits to.

        • JSmath

          LR300 is a prime, older example of a folding AR15-type; particularly one that’d function after folding too.

  • Wolfgar

    Make it in 6.5 Grendel with a purpose built Grendel magazine and you have the ultimate Modern sporting rifle. Get on it!

    • randomswede

      I’m with you, but “proprietary magazine” is a good way to have people on the internet say they aren’t interested.
      I sometimes get the feeling that they aren’t really buying any other rifles either but they are happy to tell the rest of us why they aren’t buying that rifle.

      I’d also like to see a last-round-bolt-hold-open for it to be truly modern, but I’m not buying any rifles either.

      • Wolfgar

        Last round bolt hold open is nice but manufacture a reliable 30 round AK magazine in 6.5 Grendel for a well made AK or variant rifle and I would most definitely buy one, or two or you get the picture.

        • randomswede

          If “you” get the 6.5 magazine right it would be the defacto standard.
          Technically I suppose a 5.56 AK magazine would work, with a new follower.

          • Jesse

            Molot has made 10 round AK-type Grendel magazines, but no-one other has made such. The 5.56 follower poses a problem as it’s not wide enough for a properly stacked Grendel magazine, and the 5.56 AK magazine has this very same problem.

            The Russian 6.5×39 specification would be better, as it uses the 7,62×39 cases just necked for the .264 bullet, with the taper of the 7.62×39. That ensures reliable feeding from 7.62×39 AK magazines. It’s also compatible with Grendel chambers, as creating fire-formed Grendel brass from 7.62×39 brass is possible without problems (and therefore the 6.5×39 would work too).

            The Grendel mag would be even more straight than the 5.56 mag, as the curvature of the 5.56 mag caused problems in early tests of the configuration for the Grendel AK.

          • Rick O’Shay

            “creating fire-formed Grendel brass from 7.62×39 brass is possible”

            I don’t see how. A grendel bullet is smaller than an AK bullet. You need resizing dies if you want to take 7.62×39 brass and turn it into 6.5 grendel brass.

          • Jesse

            Yeah, of course you first use a resizing die to neck it for the .264 bullet. The brass has a wrong taper for Grendel though, but it doesn’t matter and can be fire-formed for Grendel specs.

            The 7.62×39 taper is however far better for feeding from such magazines than the Grendel taper, which is stupid in that it’s so straight tha Grendel can’t feed from 7.62×39 mags.

          • randomswede

            The Grendel was designed to function in the AR platform so the case taper had to be closer to 5.56, also if I recall my internal ballistics correctly; less taper, fatter case, and harder shoulder are all good for combustion but of course bad for feeding.
            That said, I haven’t seen any ballistic data for the “Grendelski”.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Eh, at that point why not just make an AK variant chambered in 6.5 Grendel? Almost identical caliber length and rim size, so it would just be a matter of minor tweaks to the bolt and magazine. And while you’re tweaking the mag, modify the follower to function as a bolt hold open (make the follower something durable, like steel or titanium, if need be, for durability purposes).
      Come to think of it, that strikes me as a pretty solid business opportunity… manufacturing bolt carriers, barrels and mags for people to convert their AKs to a 6.5 Grendel chambering. It’s not as simple as swapping barrels on an AR15, but for the sufficiently motivated DIY gunsmith who knows what they’re doing, that could be pretty rewarding.

      • randomswede

        The 7.62×39 AK bolt doesn’t need any work for Grendel as the 7.62×39 is the parent case for 6.5 Grendel.
        I think the main reason that there isn’t a sea of 6.5 AKs available is the notion that AK shooters aren’t interested in AKs that aren’t cheap to feed.

        Also, one could argue that this rifle already is an AK variant. ; )

        • Wolfgar

          The metal case Wolf 6.5 Grendel ammo is very inexpensive to shoot.

          • randomswede

            Indeed, I just had to check one of the usual suspects and steel cased 6.5 was cheaper per round than 5.56, 5.45 and only a few cents more than 7.62×39.
            I knew the price was coming down, but I was surprised the cost had come down that far.

            The main point was however that it’s “common knowledge” that AK shooters only want cheap guns and cheap ammo, I don’t know where the truth lies but the Rifle Dynamics products would indicate that it’s not quite that simple.

          • glenn cheney

            22 Cents on sale, about 26 centavos normal pricing. WPA, say Hey!
            I showed up months ago, and 6.5 Gredel was persona-non-grata….now, a sea of meenie….the color Greenie.
            In time, 6.5 may replace the venerable 5.56/.223.
            WPA 6.5 Grendel is 100 gr., and said to have cleaner burning powder.
            Golden Tiger is the 7.62×39 go to ammo, hotter burning, boat tailed…
            My Golden Tiger 5.56 is near 600 M match grade, less flame thrower, more powder burned in the barrel…was lucky to grab the last uh, three rounds at 16 cents per, as the class three crowd cleared a 75,000 round pallet like it was nothing.
            That 16 cent batch needed either or both, heavy hammer spring and enhanced firing pins, so, I ordered a dozen pins and your ADK triggers in a semi-custom order.
            My meat eaters aren’t finicky, they’ll eat anything you feed em’…the Grendels, the 5.56’s, and the wayward 7.62×39’s….all lowers now in process of being “standardized” to Uncle Vladimir specifications.
            I am somewhat surprised the mags are an issue, the less than 30 round mags are debugged. I am not in a position to comment on the 30 round mags, in the past, cartridge shape/taper did present feeding issues, but so did bolts. STEEL, 9310 on 8620 followers in any AR platform is the way to go.
            Avoid 158 carpenter on 5.56/.223, avoid 8620 on 7.62×39 and 6.5 Grendel and just pass go, collect the 9310 bolt in your choice “of colors” lol, and flourish.

  • Big Daddy

    This looks really good, it needs a little refinement. They seem to have gotten a lot of things right. Lothar barrels are some of the best I have shot, very accurate. I would like to see it in 6.6 and 5.45. Since I have enough 5.56 & 7.62×39 I would be interested in it if it were 6.5 Grendel.

    I have a Mutant and 2 PSA KS47s. I love them and the caliber. They shoot much better than any AK I have shot. The best AKs I have shot are the higher end Russian and all cost over a grand. The AKs under a grand are average at best, at worst a total POS. I do not know how my guns will hold up under extreme use though. I know some of those AKs would not hold up at all no matter how much Magpul stuff you put on them. The beauty of the AR15 design is it’s modularity. All my rifles have the same manual of arms except the bolt hold open and that helps operating them consistently. I can change out parts and customize them to suit my needs and ergonomics.

    • Rick O’Shay

      So….. you’re saying you want an AR15 chambered in 6.5 Grendel? They have those, I think.

      Pretty sure of it, in fact.

      • Big Daddy

        They have some things I want to see worked out before I go 6.5. Ammo and magazines. I think the base ar15 is not a great for this cartridge, some mods closer to handle the 7.62×39 would be better. If I am not mistaken they have similar cartridge cases. The side charger is great, maybe improved bolt head and other minor things. Having a wider magwell for AK mags would allow for better magazines for the 6.5. It looks like the 6.8 is kind of dead so the 6.5 will slowly take it’s place but IMO it seems like a pure AR15 is not optimal. The only thing is the bolt hold open but so many other things are not optimal for the bigger cartridge case. The KS47 has wider receivers as well as a redesigned BCG.

        • Wolfgar

          The 6.5 ammo is fine. It is some of the off brand chambers that have caused some problems with a certain manufacturers ammo taken off the market. The AR Grendel’s I own work just fine with the 25rd mags sold buy A.A.Arms. The AK bolt is impervious compared to the AR’s and with this rifles accuracy it is a perfect match up for the 6.5 Grendel. Just the excuse I need to add to my toy box 🙂

          • Big Daddy

            I am very interested in the 6.5 Grendel. I’m just waiting for all the bugs to get worked out. I heard there was a huge recall of 6.5 ammo recently. My AR-AK rifles and pistols are more accurate than any AK I have owned or fired. So I will keep on monitoring the situation with this round. I never just jump on what’s new and what everybody wants, I always wait, there’s always growing pains to every system. For instance the Magpul and later Bushmaster ACR, it looked like a great rifle and y’all see were that went. I wanted an ACE but for that price, no, I like my KS47 and Mutant as they are compatible with so many other AR parts. So I’ll keep watching and hope that more reliable parts are available as well as ammo.

          • Wolfgar

            I have made 6.5 Grendel’s with Lilja, Alexander Arms, and Faxon barrels. They all use the type 2 Grendel SAMMI chamber which are the only Grendel chambers. There are type 1 and variant chambers but they are not Grendels. The Grendel is a very accurate round which is a lot of fun for distant shooting and hunting. Some people have had trouble with bolt breakage mostly with variant chambers, substandard bolts or out of spec uppers. I use Alexander Arms hard use and under ground tactical bolts. I have heard maxim bolts are also top quality.

          • Wolfgar

            There was only one manufacturer who recalled Grendel ammo and I heard it was because there was pressure problems with certain chambers but this has never been verified to my knowledge. The Grendel round is SAMMI certified with many companies manufacturing it. The 7.62X39 is a great cartridge and very affordable to shoot but it is not in the same class as what the Grendel is capable of. With inexpensive Wolf ammo on the market the 6.5 Grendel is now also very affordable to shoot.

          • Big Daddy

            Thanks for the info. I always use top quality parts in my builds. Right now I’m working on a QC10 45acp Ar15 pistol. I’m waiting for their side charger upper. I think with the extra heavy bolt and spring using the standard charging handle setup, even a BCM gunfighter it will be difficult to charge. I notice that on the 9mm I have as well as the CMMG 308, even the mutant which I put a combat latch on. The way it is the heavy buffer and spring puts a lot of pressure on that handle.

            Next will probably be a 6.5 grendel build. I have to study ballistics of the Grendel more to get the right barrel length and twist as well as the proper chamber. Supposedly they like longer barrels which is why I was watching the 6.8SPC which looks like it’s dying. I like shorter barrels, due to spinal issues I prefer a shorter gun. So a lot more research on my part is necessary. I don’t reload so I have to use factory ammo. I have read that it’s more difficult to make Grendel ammo from the factory, don’t care as much about the high prices of ammo it’s not a gun I would shoot a lot, like my 9mm, 7.62×39 and 5.56 guns which I shoot as much as possible. With the Wolf ammo it might turn out to be a more used rifle than my .300 BO for instance.

            Thanks again for the info.

          • Wolfgar

            I use only quality parts in my builds. The Grendel barrel lengths I have are12.5″ 16″ 18″ and 20″. Like most calibers the barrel length does matter with barrel length. The increase in velocity from 16″ to 18″ was not a major factor. My favorite hunting barrel length is 16″ but the 20″ is vary comfortable. The best brass for reloading is Lapua by a far margin and Hornady a distant second. There is nothing wrong with the 6.8 at most hunting distances but the bullet selection is better for the Grendel as is its ballistics. I have been able to shoot every bit as well with my Grendel compared to my 308 but with a much lighter and easier rifle to carry. My Grendel is the rifle I shoot and carry the most, it really is a great cartridge for the AR platform. I would also love to try in an AK platform.

          • randomswede

            I don’t know, but I think it was an issue where the CIP dimensions were different from SAMMI. The CIP dimensions have since been updated.

          • Wolfgar

            This is the first I have heard of this but it does sound very feasible. Thank you for updating me.

          • glenn cheney

            Wolfgar, The issue on bolts went to steel. See my post above. The original Grendel’s were “forced” to use 7.62×39 bolts and those were not the proper bolt design and those likely were Type I also, there were terrible stories between certain folks from camp to camp with ammunition mfg’rs caught in the middle over type I’s and II’s.
            Avoiding that quicksand, head spacing and the correct standardized config’s merged when SAMMI got involved.
            I avoid Type I, as those I understand have compound throats and the Type II have parallel chambering that has significant advantage on accuracy.
            Folks who heated up 8620 bolts in 7.62×39 experienced failures when pushed to temp. extremes, Carpenter 158 were complete failures and most bolt manufacturers of quality, like RED-X Arms, use only 9130 in all AR platform bolts.
            Hybred NiB carriers in 8620 and a 9310 dedicated bolt will serve the master well.
            In the AR-15 class nothing outperforms the 6.5 Grendel and now with WPA, it’s as cheap to shoot as anything available unless we step back to .22 cal. long rifle at a dime a pull.
            Creedmore (AR-10) will be the next big rush, but that ammo requires serious attention from wallets.
            Hornady in SST (for hunting) is the current top shelf choice in 6.5 Grendel, outpacing the hand-loaders by proprietary powder, the Hogdon crowd trying to duplicate the performance found they couldn’t even when bumping up the volume, appears the propellant is a “recipe.” So, until better propellants are available, just buy Hornady. If range warrior is the mission, good ol’ WPA is the way to play.
            Hornady’s SST are a go to for all other uses.
            The metrics of the .264 are mathematically aligned to efficiency and the B.C. bear this out.
            You are of course correct, mount a crappy bbl. to the best cartridge design and you get just that…crap.

          • Wolfgar

            First off the original Grendel bolt is the same today as the one they originally sold. Bill Alexander put a lot of effort in making it right the first time and it was never an AK bolt made from a 5.56 bolt. Other manufacturers have done this with dismal results. The Grendel chamber uses the compound throat where LBC and other chambers have different throat specs with much arguing and fighting over which is best. I have one Lilja barrel that was accidentally chambered in a LBC chamber because of a mistake by Lilja when they purchased their first reamer. It shoots very well with certain loads but my other Lilja barrels are with the Grendel chambers that have the compound throat. They all use the type 2 bolt. They shoot great with a variety of reloads and factory loads especially the Hornady A-max and SST bullets. There are many owners of the LBC chambers who have had great accuracy with them. I would be more concerned that my barrel was head spaced to the correct AA type 2 Grendel bolt than the throat variations if the barrel is manufactured from a reputable manufacturer. [One word of caution is you need to seat your bullets correctly to the chamber you have]. All factory loads work perfectly with the Grendel chamber. I prefer the Grendel chamber for its accuracy over a larger spectrum loads. My AA barrels have been more than accurate for my hunting needs with my 18″ barrel matching my Lilja barrels for accuracy. Lilja barrels are a work of art and I can recommend them highly with no hesitation.

          • Wolfgar

            I forgot my Faxon barrel. It equals my AA barrels and so far has run perfectly. It is a 16″ barrel I purchased as a group buy and it has been put into my best buy category for all of my Grendel barrel purchases..

          • glenn cheney

            Faxon new to me. I was interested in a 6.5 in the Black Rain Polygonal. But I believe it was a type I bolt, so I bolted.
            I’ll take a look at Faxon.
            I am looking forward to using up some of this range stuff and not being black and blue the next day.
            You have to admit, 6.5 Grendel is taking off. Appreciate the in depth replies. We’re on the same page, I try to stay out of the previous days, I came late to the party.
            Lots less stress buying off the shelf, but then……lol.

          • Wolfgar

            I think they still have a Faxon 20″ barrel group buy on the Grendel forum if that barrel length works for you. Good luck.

          • glenn cheney

            Thanks for the reply. I was misread, the 5.56 bolt comment was addressing steel mil-specs, didn’t intend to infer that there was ever any way for a 5.56 bolt to fit or run Grendel.
            My LBC’s run type II. a newbie, I tried to not make mistakes. Grendel, part by part, I think you’ll agree, is for some, a challenge. Have you gotten into Creedmoor yet?
            I’d prefer less than 20″ if I were moving through woods, but they were 20’s and the price point was right so I bought. Some bolts for the barrels were in the haul.
            From the get go, headspacing was the focus, the diff. in the throat goes to accuracy from all I’ve gathered. I don’t have the eyes nor need for the 1000 yd. bench gun.

          • Wolfgar

            I have not shot a Creedmoor yet. There is one fellow that I compete with at a local match that owns one and it looks sweet but pricey. If you are looking for a lite weight rifle for hunting or packing through the woods I wood definitely go with a 16″ barrel. Perfect package for accuracy and lite weight. LBC barrels can be very accurate as some of the other off brands from what I have read. The major problem with the Grendel has been bolts breaking with off brand bolts and barrels. I personally have never had a bolt break and that is with thousands of rounds down range. Get a type 2 bolt from AA or Underground tactical for your chamber and you should be doing great. I have read awhile ago that the bolts LBC was selling with his rifles were breaking but they may have fixed it by now but I don’t know if this has been rectified. If you have any questions go to the Grendel forum and give a shout. There are many knowledgeable people and older post that will answer any question.

          • glenn cheney

            Early on I had read, some non-AA folks had been running 7.62×39 bolts, and problems. After studying the problem, one thing was steel used.
            8620 or less was the culprits on fracturing.
            The bolt actually fitting correctly I read copious quantities, and still prefer to punt, saying that was pre-Sammi, as I can’t fully explain the two sided issues.
            I came away eith: Use only they type bolt for your barrel, headspace, and usee only 9310.
            Several of the co’s I go to are manufacturers with a full line of Russian calibers and parts for AR configs and they only use 9310 be it 5.56, 7.62×39, or Grendel. Their 308 bolts are also 9310.
            Creedmoor is an awesome cartridge, eye popping B.C., which is your language if you shoot competitively.
            I’m older now, the eyes need more “glass” to do tennis balls at 600.
            I have no need for a bench gun but admire the folks that build em’.
            Everyone in the handloading game are finding Hornady’s propellants are for now, excelling vs. ingredients available off a shelf. I sent we both rec Hornady.
            Creedmoor will find its rightful place due to ballistics and “mine can beat yours.”
            It will always be a better mousetrap calling to keep the procession moving.
            I hunted 40 plus years, one rifle st a time. Now, I have rifles I’ve never hunted with.
            AR’s to me are Lego-guns, and they can be fun, mix ‘n match.
            If I had to choose one for all, likely Creedmore, if never out west, .308. Bear min., 220 gr. 30-06, lol, I have 30-06, have never seen 220 grain ammo in my neck of the woods.
            These days grandkids are getting grandpa’s 22 rifles.
            I have one “trooper” in the bunch. He can tell you which lego part on the AR goes where.
            I still need him to operate the kindel.
            Peace, Bro.

          • Wolfgar

            It sounds like we are around the same age. Old age is not for wimps LOL. I live in Montana and hunted with a 3006 most of my life. I used 220 grain but mostly used 180. The Grendel is a nice light compact rifle that is perfect for deer and elk if used with care and the right bullet. The type 2 bolt has less metal than the type 1 bolt but this was done to get the correct clearance needed for the extractor and proper function with the thick 6.5 Grendel case rim. AA uses the proper metals and manufacturing techniques to make the best possible bolts for this cartridge. Grand kids are great and I hope they learn to love hunting and shooting as much as we have. Sounds like one of your grand kids is already on his way 🙂

    • JSmath

      “it needs a little refinement”

      It’s a one-off prototype, man, what more do you want? D:

      • Big Daddy

        Just a true statement. I don’t want anything. It’s a good design that needs refinement, true or not?

  • Johnsmyname

    Unless it is shipping with that Burris sight, why do testing with it, cheapens the whole thing?

    That said, the rifle does look very promising. The straight in/drop free mag situation would be absolutely fantastic. Also using AR furniture and trigger groups leaves lots of options. Lastly that kind of accuracy out of the box is great for 7.62×39.

    I’d like to see more about the gas system and bolt. Also wondering how it would group using Wolf ammo.

    • randomswede

      It’s not a really a product demonstration, it’s a film of a one-of-a-kind rifle (potentially a prototype). I’m thinking he threw on whatever sight was available; or that could be the only suitable sight he owns.

      • Johnsmyname

        That makes sense, I assumed with the fit and finish he was getting ready to launch. Exciting rifle, hope it goes well for him.

  • Michigunner

    Well then, lets get these manufactured and imported! No sense in puttering around. Better yet- someone bring this guy into the U.S. where he can sell a ton of these, because this rifle looks great and I want at least 2 of them!

  • Gary Kirk

    Gas system looks almost like that used on semi auto shotguns??

    Would definitely like to know more about it..

    • mig1nc

      Yes! This!

  • Frank Grimes

    The AK.

    A rifle so much better than the AR15 that every time a new one comes out it more like an AR15 than the previous one was.

    Soon we’ll be seeing direct impingement AKs with aluminum receivers and separate forward assists.

    • The_manBEar

      Haha perfect comment –

    • sometrend

      care to go 100 rnds at 600 meters with off the shelf ammo and box stock guns…for say….2g`s? standard NRA target. 50rnds rapid fire, 50rnds slow fire. No sighters and dial in as you go

      • sometrend

        brand new weapons out of the box….your choice of manufacturer….so long as they are available to the general public, not accurized and price points in line with standard colt or FN products

      • Frank Grimes

        u wot bro?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Already done in the US


  • go4it Here’s mine. All “standard” MIL-spec AR-15 parts except for the 7.62 x39 barrel, the larger 7.62 bolt – and an “enhanced” firing pin to help ignite the harder Berdan primers on Soviet rounds. Magazines are produced by the American firm ASC to fit the mag well of a standard AR-15 Lower receiver and feed the larger, tapered 7.62 x39 Soviet cartridges. And it is “non-MIL” because it is completely left-handed (spent casings eject from the opposite side of a standard military-design rifle)

    • Charlie Soufflet

      Who produces this … I like it , My son is a lefty can you send a link to web site thanks

  • 3.6 kilos for a gun with a steel upper and 17.7″ barrel ain’t bad. I wonder how light you could get it if you put it on a diet.

  • John

    1. Ambi mag release.

    2. Ambi selector.

    3. Tighter twist rate.

    Do all that, and you can sell it to the Finnish military.

  • Nicholas Mew

    I am very impressed.

  • Paul Joly

    – Operation: Semi-automatic, short-stroke gas piston

    – Barrel: 17,7″
    – Weight: 3,6 kg

    Really impressive. That’s some good design, just for that I want to buy one.
    It also looks very practical, well build and beautiful too.

  • Charlie Soufflet

    I like it , and would purchase one . Appears to be very accurate . I like the left side charge handle , and the magazine locks in very nice and appears to release very easy. Would be even better if it was available in the USA at a middle of the road pricing of $700 / $800

  • tom

    The upper looks to have more of the lines of the FAL rather than the AK. Nothing wrong with that. I am glad to see the West starting to adopt the AK round rather than trying to come up with a new magic round. Now the kids in battle may be able to use the ammo the bad guys left behind instead of always yelling ‘I’m out of ammo’.

    • glenn cheney

      Thank obummer too, as the last attempt at drying up the “well” definitely forced the traffic off the highway and into four wheel drive with rooskie calibrations. Grendel got it’s push from across the pond as boutique platform builders began to duplicate the platform here in the U.S..
      Last spring, the ordinance boys handed up their new bullet rec’, must have killed em’, the 6.5. .264.
      Once Privi, and the Russia ammo showed up, it was “on.” I bought my LBC barrels soon after. We needed more than 5.56 but “less” .308/7.72×51 weight and thump, and ammo was the hindrance, now problem solved.
      6.5 Grendel is a superbly flat shooting projectile, a soup to nuts round. Folks like me, just might become “one rifle” folk again, at least for caliber.
      Toy’s R’ Ussins’. I hear Creedmore calling, lol.

  • Walter Williams

    LRHO? Will the AK47 mags with BHO followers work?

  • Old_Geezer

    Complete with FALesque lower and charging handle. Is that selector more like CZ?