Hudson MFG has a new pistol they are working on. Not much is known and their website is rather vague. It just shows a countdown timer.

From the picture it looks like a hammerless 1911. However I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a striker fire 1911. We will know for sure in 25 days.

To find out more, check out their site.



  • Dickie

    Oo im interested.

  • HystericalFool

    Single stack full sized striker fired handgun? Who would want this?

    • Robocop

      the poor bastards in states with mag limits maybe? I don’t know.

    • Anyone whose ever bought STI mags.

      • HystericalFool

        Explain, I don’t get the reference.

        • The Vacuous Ron

          STI mags are so wide they need a tactical mobility scooter just to drop free from the mag well.

          • Ben

            I used to run an STI and never had drop-free issues with mags. Tactical DS 4.0, ran 126mm and 140mm mags fine.

        • They’re about $85 a piece, and then require a separate “tuning kit” from Dawson to get them running 100%.

    • The Vacuous Ron

      The fact that the grips are panels inserted into a recess on the frame implicates that it’s a double stack. Going to such lengths to minimize overall width would be pointless on a full size single stack.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Rob Pincus is bringing a gun to market that is a 10-shot, striker fired, single stack 9mm. Why? Based on his experience teaching self-defense and reports of what people carry and actually use in defensive situations, he decided that it was a good mix of what people do & don’t need.

      I’m going to keep carrying 15+1, but the concept may have some merit.

    • Bill

      Me. Primarily because the ergonomics tend to be better, thus leading to faster, more accurate shooting.

    • You rang?

    • Edeco

      I’ve always been pretty fixated on assault-capacity mags, having had formative years during the Late Unpleasantness. Now that gun liberty seems to be expanding rather than contracting, and having got my fill of assault clips, I’m ready to enjoy thinner guns. I’m surprised myself, it’s like “What’s happening to me? Darn chemtrails.” but it is what it is.

    • A full size 1911 is surprisingly concealable, because compared to modern striker-fired tugboats it is flat, flat, flat. What makes the 1911 platform so amazingly accurate is the trigger, not the big ol’ hammer swingin’ in the breeze. If it’s reasonably affordable, this thing is gonna sell like cheese curds at Lambeau.

      • HystericalFool

        I disagree. The “butt” of a pistol causes printing issues more than girth.

        • Plenty of 1911 frames on the market with rounded heels for that very purpose, and many different holsters specifically designed to snug the butt in close to the body to avoid printing. You can also accomplish the same effect with an IWB holster not designed that way by cutting up the heel portion of a gel shoe insert and gluing it to the lower body side, which additionally keeps it from moving around.

          • HystericalFool

            Yes, there are many work-arounds for concealing a 1911. It’s just easier to carry a gun with a shorter grip. I’m in the frame of mind that it’s very easy to carry a gun, but many aren’t that way. There is a reason the fastest selling pistols are small pistols like the shield, glock 43, etc.

          • NoNamesOnTheNet

            HUH….. (Races off to get glue and heel)

        • Marcus D.

          The holsters I’ve tried to date have either not kept the gun tight to my side, resulting in lots of printing, or cause the heel to gouge holes in my rib cage. Yes there are rounded heels out there, but the ones I’ve seen are out of my price range.

  • Aaaaaaaaand I’m interested.

  • ostiariusalpha

    As long as they keep the 1911’s linear style trigger with a nice, clean break, they can change whatever else they want. Linear triggers have been neglected since the middle of the 20th century, it’s about time someone gave them some love; because they are awesome.

    • gunsandrockets

      I imagine there’s all kinds of fun things you could do with a 1911 if you redesigned it with a clean sheet knowing everything that we know today.

      For example, this new pistol is probably scaled around the 9mm cartridge. And it looks like it uses the ejection port cutout for the locking recess.

      • Edeco

        That’s why I cringe when a new, basic 1911 comes out, like I’m waiting for a Winchester GI 45. Doesn’t cost me anything, but the wasted opportunity to do things at least a little different!

      • .45

        Probably? Says 9mm right on it. Unless it is a prototype or they are going to offer multiple chambering, I’d say that’s exactly what it is.

      • Giolli Joker

        It looks like it should have a pretty low bore axis as well.

      • Giolli Joker

        The pistol’s name is H9, so yep, pretty sure it is designed around 9 Luger.

        • El Mac

          That will be a shame.

      • El Mac

        9mm? Please, just no.

    • gunsandrockets

      “The research was exhausting. We read everything: print magazines; positive and negative reviews; statistical buying patterns; helpful and inane blog posts. We bought pistols: old and new, took them apart, shot them, put them in everyone’s hands and we asked, “what do you hate?”, “What do you love?”. To start, we wrote our initial concept: striker fired reliability with a single-axis 1911-style trigger.”

      • Sunshine_Shooter


  • Edeco

    Oooh that looks comfortable; the grip goes so much further up in back!

  • Hoplopfheil

    Please be a Colt 1903 Hammerless reproduction.

  • Dougscamo

    Yesterday we had Standard’s STD….as so deftly pointed out by Iksnilol to be a bad acronym for marketing…and today we have Hudson’s MFG….with a similar bad (or good depending on outlook) acronym…..though I must say that I would rather ask someone to give me their M@#&her F&$@ing Gun than give me their STD…..just sayin’….

    • Gary Kirk

      Can see it now.. Joules in pulp fiction 2 “This is my M@#&her F&$@ing Gun!!! And it will KILL you)..

    • Porty1119

      MFG- short for manufacturing. Not necessarily the weapon’s name.

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, it’s a fairly standard abbreviation.
        And it is clearly the company name.

        • Sam Damiano

          So in 2 more models we’ll get a K9?

      • Dougscamo

        Wink, wink….

  • ??
    • .45

      That 1911/Glock trigger looks ridiculous, but then I assumed the same of the Glock trigger until I got some range time with it and found it wasn’t as weird as it looked.

      • ??

        I actually think it is quite brilliant. And depending on the length of pull and disengagement point and type of the striker. This may actually be something. On the other hand. Just because you have a cool design and a booth at the SHOT SHOW. Does not mean your company will be around next year this time.

        • .45

          Don’t mistake me here. I thought the Glock trigger would be a problem, but when I shoot it I don’t even pay any attention to the brush safety. I’m just saying it looks funny is all.

      • El Mac

        Yeah, nothing like ruining a great trigger system by putting on a little flapper device. [Insert eye roll]

  • JSmath

    Modular design?

    That mag release looks mighty high.

  • CTFish

    No grip safety? It’s a Ballester Molina remake.

    • That… certainly looks like a beavertail grip safety to me?

  • What is the pistol circled in red? It looks familiar but I can’t place it:

    • Edeco

      Colt American 2000 I think.

      • Stu

        That’s not a good sign.

      • DaveP.

        Yup. The butt shape is a dead giveaway.
        No Kardashian jokes, please.
        That having been said, the pic in the POTD looks nothing at all like the All American, so sigh of relief.

        • Edeco

          The extra-elevated upper, including the, erm, hammer-beam shape in front of the trigger guard is what I remember about them, since to me it’s the most horribly inexcusable flaw.

      • Thanks! That was driving me crazy.

  • dave

    I’m interested to see if the trigger is decent. If it isn’t then there’s no reason to get one. That’s half the reason 1911’s are used by the big bad tier 1 and tier 2 units

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Why add the stupid beavertail extension? You’d have to have massive hands for it to be effective similar to the SW M&P and it slows down people using current draw technique. It’s pointless and creates nothing but problems.

    The ergos look like they aren’t going to let you as high on the gun as a glock but we’ll have to see. The trigger does interest me.

    • Tom of Toms

      Current draw technique? Where was I when the combat grip died? And on metal-framed guns, it’s easier to take material away, than add a properly-installed/welded beavertail if slide-bite is a real concern. Hell, I don’t even have meaty hands, but if I’m not getting slide marks on my hand when shooting a Glock, I’m not holding it high enough.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Placing the thumb on the top of the slide when drawing. I get slide bite now that I’ve been taught how to how a gun correctly. Doesn’t bother me after getting used to it. If you don’t want slide bite on a glock add a grip force adopter or a backstrap on the Gen 4. Looking at this gun while the trigger might be great I don’t think it’ll shoot as flat as a glock based off of the bore axis. Glock’s tang is high and close to the end of the slide giving more leverage on the gun. This looks almost as high but no where near as far back. All new designs are doing that and it disappoints me. Someone should be able to make a more controllable gun that a glock going on 40 years later.

        • Tom of Toms

          As a guy who is actively working on getting a Model 51 put back together for daily carry, I get the whole “why haven’t we done it better in 40 (or 90) years?” mindset. And you’re right about the leverage vs. recoil on grip location on the Glock. Pretty hard to beat.
          What I don’t get is the “draw with thumb on slide” idea. Now, do I start my draw with my thumb grazing the inside, back edge of the slide? Probably. But it’s an index to get the right, extra-high combat grip repeatedly. In my mind, bringing the gun out of the holster with the thumb on the back is less control than having that thumb wrapped around the grip. But, when re-holstering a Glock, my thumb goes on the back of the slide so that it can’t be pushed out-of-battery as it clicks into the retention.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            I put my support hand so high and slightly far back on the gun that the usual thumb behind the grip doesn’t work. I’m doing the something between a Steve Fisher grip and a Baret Fawbush grip. Plus a ton of competition shooters who have been doing it forever. I can’t get as high on the grip drawing the way most people do.

        • why the flap would you put your thumb on the top of the slide when drawing? I know literally no one who shoots, competition, tactical or otherwise, that does this.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            It’s quicker and allows for a more consistent high grip on the gun. More people are drawing this way now. Maybe it hasn’t caught on in your area. Look up Baret Fawbush on YouTube.

  • Red

    I must be the only person that thinks “Great. Another 9mm. Meh.” So tired of it as a round. Feels weird when the hammer drops like a dud went off and the next round is going to blow the chamber.

    Other than that the first pic I saw made me thing Remington R51 grip. But all O care about is size and weight. If it fits in a pocket it will always find a home. Holsters suck for my body type or maybe it’s my sensory issue. Anyway, I wish them the best of luck. Trigger is my first complaint with carry guns.

  • R3

    Front of the trigger guard looks a little beefy. Built in laser/light?

    • Giolli Joker

      There’s definitely something. Other photos have that area pixelated. I think it’s more likely to be a counterbalancing system (see FK-BRNO).

      • ??

        Interesting thought.

  • Treyh007

    What a nice looking ass-end!

  • Travis

    So tired of striker fired pistols…. I see very little advantage over hammer fired…. And I do own several striker fired, but I do not see myself buying any more.

    • .45

      I think strikers do better in mud tests.

  • USMC03Vet

    Looks like Winchester Train & Defend ammo

  • chris miller

    Looks to me like they decided to build John browning original designed hi power

    • maodeedee

      Not really. The Hi-power grip has a backstrap that is shaped differently. This one looks like a 1911 with a flat spring housing and the picture doesn’t even show the front half of the gun.

      And you can’t tell if it’s a single-stack or a double stack. What made the Hi-power unique was that the double-stack grip frame was wider than the rest of the frame and the slide.

      And that helps give the gun a perfect balance. the grip shape was also just about perfect than that’s why CZ copied it when they made the CZ75

  • Jim Watson

    Three pound crisp trigger and I’m your daisy.

  • maodeedee

    not much information here. I guess we’ll know more in 25 days.

  • JoshCalle

    They’ve finally done it, they made glockteen eleven. If it turns out to be decent we all need to do out civic duty and buy five.

  • Madcap_Magician

    That picture looks attractive, with the caveat that any time I can only see part of something, I suspect the part that I can’t see has been beaten with the ugly stick.

    Also, I love the part on their web site where they said they read everything about guns when designing this one, even the inane blog posts.

    I halfway expected Mon Mothma to show up and tell us that many bloggers died to bring us these plans.