Lucid’s New MLX Scope

Lucid Optics announced a new variable power scope that magnifies up to 18x while keeping the price tag less than $700. According to Lucid, this is the company’s first FFP scope and it spent a lot of time talking with shooters to learn what people wanted prior to development. The result is an optic it feels checks all of the “must have” boxes along with quite a few of the “want to have” options as well.

The MLX is a first focal plane rifle scope with a variable magnification range of 4.5 – 18x and an objective lens diameter of 44mm. The tube is 30mm.

These scopes carry a limited lifetime warranty. Lucid Optics states the scopes are waterproof (submersible – not just splash resistant), fog proof and shock proof.The company states the scope is nitrogen purged and has been tested safe with rifles up to and including the .338 Lapua. The tubes are made of 6063 aluminum and have a matte black finish.

The lenses are multicoated and offer a 92% light transmission. Turrets adjust for 1/10 mil per click and are lockable.

Lucid Reticle

First focal plane reticles grow and shrink with the magnification setting on the scope. In theory, this keeps the reticle measurements consistent across all magnifications.

The suggested retail price of these scopes is $649.

Richard Johnson

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  • 22winmag

    There’s LEUPOLD and then there is everything else… like this.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Does LEUPOLD include Night Force, Schmidt & Bender, high-end Vortex, high-end Bushnell, and/or Zeiss? If it doesn’t, then you are in denial.

      • quix

        Dont forget Trijicon, Swarovski and Hensoldt

        • 22winmag

          Whenever I drop my rifle, I try to make sure it lands on my Leupold scope. That way, I know nothing will end up damaged. Nothing outperforms a VX6 in the bush and extreme climates.

          • Dave

            my Steiner and my Premier thrashed the vx-6 a mate had, you need to stop drinking the ancient koolaid leupy sells you

          • Jake

            my wife was going into labor during a bear hunt in southern wyoming and just when I thought all was lost, my Leupold delivered my 10 pound baby boy.

  • RobertB

    Leupold is a has been company. Has been for a long time. This coming from a die hard Leupold fan. They lost focus a long time ago (pun intended).

  • Gary Kirk

    “This is the company’s first FFP scope, and it spend a lot of time talking to shooters..”

    Forget the 18x, sub $700 and this thing will have a conversation with you.. Damn, is Apple involved here??

  • JumpIf NotZero

    LOL at that reticle. No one who has spent any amount of time behind a scope would have a gap right under the cross hair. Outright STUPID.

    And this is along with the general lol at Chinese garbage optic.

    • GSC

      That’s true for a second focal plane scope, but a first focal plane scope with an 18x top end benefits in many ways by having an aiming dot and interrupted mil-hash reticle.

  • Steve Kovarik

    This looks like a rebranded Falcon M18+ with a tweaked B20 reticle. The Falcon scopes go for about $400-450. I got my M18 for $330 to my door. If I’m looking for a mid-price long range optic I’m going to lean much harder toward Athlon Optics for better reticle designs and features. That or the new Viper PST II that will retail for a couple hundred more dollars. They’d have to have a really compelling retail price to get me to jump on this.

  • 22winmag

    Yet another tactickool China scope that wouldn’t last long in the bush or the sand. I’ll stick with my oversized heavy-ass Leupolds every time.