Standard Manufacturing’s 1911 Pistol


Building on the successes of the DP shotguns and STD rifles, Standard Manufacturing Company is expected to release a 1911-style pistol at the 2017 SHOT Show in January.

Called the STD-1911, the new pistols are CNC machined from carbon steel forgings to “the most precise tolerances possible.”

Fans of the 1911 will recognize the gun’s appearance immediately as the surface changes from the original are fairly mild compared to some re-interpretations of John Browning’s original design. The STD-1911 has a blued finish with rosewood double diamond grip panels. The gun will weigh 39 ounces (unloaded, of course).

The company uses an oversized beavertail grip safety and an extended thumb safety (left side of gun only) with a solid trigger. The slide top is rounded and fitted with sights – specific type unknown – that are a marked improvement over the original military sights.

Standard Manufacturing company went with a stainless steel match grade barrel. Chambered in .45 ACP, the pistol will ship with a pair of eight round magazines. Also included with each pistol is a polymer storage case that can be locked to keep kids out of it.

A suggested retail price has not yet been announced. The company’s AR rifles don’t seem to be very aggressively priced, so I don’t think this will be a budget gun either.

Richard Johnson

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  • Rick O’Shay

    Pretty classic styling. I’d be interested to see prices and reviews on how well it’s built and how well it functions.

  • iksnilol

    the STD? Really? Nobody in marketing thought about how that might backfire?

    • Stu

      DP? STD? What’s next, the DVDA?

      • Gary Kirk


        • Paul White

          what do the Packers have to do with this?

      • DaveP.

        The Ron Jeremy Signature Model.
        It’s the hardest workin’ gun in show biz.

    • Beju

      Going viral is all the rage these days.

    • Gary Kirk

      Yep.. The DP led to 2 STDs..

      • iksnilol

        Good God! They made the DP as well?

        They… they have to be doing it on purpose at this point.

        • Paul White

          I won’t lie; my inner 12 year old would soooo do that if I worked there

        • 360_AD


        • Mystick

          I hear they are looking at marketing the BJ and HJ models next year… they have a suppressor design for AR’s called the “BBC”, and they have come up with new textured finishes – Dirty Sanchez, Dutch Oven, and Rusty Trombone.

      • Holdfast_II

        What about STIs?

        Isn’t that the correct term now?

        Also great guns.

        • DW

          You pay 4k to get a STI and you like it. Not even kidding.

    • Edeco

      They should have a duckbill choke for the DP shotgun called the “STD Spreader”

    • Allan Segal

      Well, it DOES have a BEAVER tail, so that is one half of the process for an STD.

    • Cymond

      I had an STI a few years ago, but eventually got rid of it because it was so irritating.

    • Mystick

      I can see how a 1911 would lead to STD’s… I mean… they are manly guns. It’s almost inevitable.

  • Allan Segal

    Where is it made? Their web pages offer no “about us” info that I could detect, unless I missed it. Is it an import? Are the slide stops MIM or forged or milled?

  • Toxie

    YES! Just what the gun world was clamoring for, another 1911!

    • Twilight sparkle

      Better than another AR at least

    • Richard

      Isn’t there an old saying that goes like “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  • Is this pronounced “nineteen-eleven” or “one-nine-one-one” anyway? I’ve never seen or heard of such a pistol. It must be a terribly obscure and/or archaic design.

  • Gunslinger Hobbs

    Dear Standard Mfg.,

    Stop making AR15’s. Stop making M1911’s. Get to work on and release the SKO & SKO Bull already!!


  • alex archuleta

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for years for a blued 1911 with solid trigger instead of that skeletonized crap.
    It’s hard to find (without going full on custom shop) a 1911 that’s traditional with just a few modern esthetics I.e. Sights, beaver tail safety, trigger while keeping inline with blued finish and walnut grips.
    The closest I could to was getting the clapp (colt Wiley clapp )
    Thank you STD since I gave my ex wife my clapp I’ve been itching for a new one, I can’t wait to brag about my new STD when I get it!

  • Gus Butts
  • Hoplopfheil

    I’d rather have a Taurus.


  • Southpaw89

    Combining an STD with “tap, rack, bang.” Seems appropriate at least.

  • Cal S.


    Suspiciously absent MSRP is suspiciously absent.


    Probably $4,500…

  • 7n6

    So is this just another 1911 built from Dasan parts?

  • Michael Fallon

    I know you believe you think that 1911s are antiquated, and not reliable as the newer polymer designs, and tops your list as the most overated. I expect that kind of response from a less experienced young person, like yourself, who grew up with Glock and all the polymer framed pistols. Yes, they are great ccw pistols. You should understand that the 1911 is reliable and is STILL being used by special units in our military. You get That? We are talking elite special units of our military, whose lives many times trust the 1911 to survive. SWAT teams also use them. Antiquated? Overated? Hardly. Here’s the dirty little secret, as to why firearms trainers and people like yourself want to toss the 1911 in the trash. A 1911 as pistol to be carried, takes more time to train on. It takes hours of training to draw, disengage the thumb safety, fire, reengage the safety, if needed. Under severe stress, it is important to practice the above actions to make it become second nature. Today’s pistol trainers want nothing but a easy pistol for students to learn quickly, so the trainer can breeze along, and make as much money as possible. The 1911 slows that down, since it takes longer training to use safely and properly. Plus you always have new shooters who bring a 1911 to class, because of its reputation, not realizing how much more training you need to operated safely and properly. It is a pistol that basically you must master completely to a skilled professional level to conceal carry. Capacity is less than others true, but the average gunfight is about four shots fired in a few seconds. Changing magazines for trained, skilled person, is about two seconds at most. Truth.