My friend John C. shared this photo. He is a photo journalist in South East LA. He made this map and plotted shootings that he has published.

I mapped out each one of the 155 shootings I’ve published in almost 3 years as a photojournalist. Mainly covering South East LA. There are several that I didn’t publish due to minor injuries or suicide.


He said he might map out his company’s shooting map. But those results would be in the thousands.

That is a lot of shootings and a lot of data. Also those are only the shootings that he covered in just 3 years. I don’t have to remind our readers about how anti-gun Los Angeles is. I wonder if the shootings have increased in three years or have they decreased?





  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So what am I supposed to take from this exactly?

    Am I supposed to laugh at the fact that people are getting shot to death in liberal California?
    Im not.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Yes, that’s the point of this. Very morbid i know.

      • tts

        If thats the point of the story then its not interestingly morbid, ironic, or funny. Its just awful. And makes no sense.

    • hking

      The shootings show a pattern of grouping around specific cities, such as Compton and Long Beach, which are lower income areas. Poverty drives crime, shocking news we have known for a long time.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        “That is a lot of shootings and a lot of data. Also those are only the
        shootings that he covered in just 3 years. I don’t have to remind our
        readers about how anti-gun Los Angeles is. I wonder if the shootings
        have increased in three years or have they decreased?”

        Seems like this may be something the journalist friend might have some insights on.
        This is just useless information as it stands.

        • Mystick

          They still have journalists out there?

      • tts

        That isn’t what the article was focusing on though. Note the text TheNotoriousIUD quoted below.

      • Billy Jack

        Impossible. There is no poverty in Loss Angeles.

    • Don Ward
      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Maybe everyone on the chart above shot themselves after listening to Nickelback.

      • I hate you. ??

    • Billy Jack

      LA has the second highest officer involved shootings in the nation. Fifteen years since the last homicide charge against an officer. Pretty much Chicago part deux. Must be all the affluent people who have to bust a few shots to thank the Democratic Party for making life fantastic in the new improved South Central/ Southeast Los Angeles.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I think taking smug satisfaction in the death of others is not a good look.

        • Billy Jack

          Smug? No. Very angry? Yes. I’m from LA. It’s not smug satisfaction. It’s anger at certain neighborhoods being allowed to fester for more than four decades. Forty years of murder and mayhem while those in charge grandstand about keeping people safe.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            OK, maybe I misunderstood.

  • wetcorps

    We’re also missing the same maps for different parts of the US, and why not other parts of the world, if we really want to compare. But even then we would still miss a lot of factors. Not sure about the statistical relevence of these numbers too.

    I know it’s tempting to go “haha less guns actually means more crime” but come on, we’re better than this.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I know, right?
      Plus this isnt even the total for all of LA or even for all of East LA. Its just a three year sample of shootings (murders? including accidents and justifiable self defense?) allegedly reported on by one guy.

    • RICH

      I read awhile back that the U.S. would be about 4th from the bottom of countries ‘Worldwide’ for the number of homicides per year if it wasn’t for a half dozen or so of our major cities ! ! Sad how a few fools can make our entire society look bad……

  • End of the West

    Incidents of cultural enrichment.

    • AC97

      Given that we’re not given demographics information here, nope, citation needed.

  • tony

    someone says he will build something to stop all this, lets see how 2017 turns out

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I hope its a time machine.

  • Bill

    Odds are he could have gotten the same “map” from any agency or organization doing crime analysis and mapping, which is by no means new. Policing hot spots is a thing.

    The National Criminal Justice Reference Service is chock full of such stuff.

  • Joseph Goins

    Straight outta Compton…

  • USMC03Vet

    All of this will cease next year when background checks are needed to purchase ammunition.

    – California voters and the idiots they elect

  • RICH

    I would hate to see what a ‘shooting map’ of Chicago would look like, especially for the last 3 years…. !

    • InfidelCrusader

      I suspect that a similar map of Chicago would also show that the shootings tend to cluster in certain areas.

      • RICH

        They always do….. the West Side and the South Side. The drug & gang infested sections of the city. The sad part is that it is continually spreading like a slow moving cancer.

        • InfidelCrusader


    • FulMetlJakit

      Check out heyjackass dot com
      No option for three years consolidated, but yearly data back to ’12 and FAR more details.

      • RICH


  • MOUE

    As the sun burns
    On a hot and humid South East LA mornin’
    A poor little baby child is born
    In the ghetto…

  • Rick Grimes

    Ahh come on TFB….firearms, not politics. It’s your damn tagline.

    • Billy Jack

      Map of shootings = firearms in use

  • Glenn

    As a native Californian most of the areas on the map are shitholes. Wouldn’t drive thru them at high noon on a Sunday

    • DW

      Unless it’s really “High Noon” and you somehow CCW 6shooters

      • Billy Jack

        Only people ccw’in in LA are cops and robbers.

  • John

    I’m sorry, I’m afraid this map can not exist. You see, California has passed laws preventing gun violence, so it is not possible that such violence can exist in California. This is simple physics people, if you remove all the guns, drugs, anger, jealousy, alcohol, psychotics and murderers from a location, (California) then no harm can come to any citizen.

    Remember, the ultimate goal for California is to insure that the only way to be killed by a gun is if you are in the vicinity of a police officer and you are a minority….and in THAT case……STOP RESISTING! I SAID STOP RESISTING!!!!!

  • RICH

    Thanx for the info….

  • Uniform223

    But gun laws protect us and keep guns out of the hands of criminals…

    Is what some liberal hippie p**sy from the PRC would say.