New Versions of Concealed Carry & Rifle Bags from Vertx

Vertx announced the company is now offering three of its popular bags in new colors. Specifically, the Gamut is now available in Loden Green, the Essential is now offered in Greener Pastures and the Professional Rifle Garment Bag can be had in Bracken Brown. The images in this article show what these colors look like.


This is a backpack style bag that has a large concealment space that can accommodate a full size handgun. One of the things I like about the Vertx pack is that it does not have a “tactical” appearance with PALS webbing all over it. Another thing I like is that it has a generous storage space for a laptop in addition to other pockets and storage locations for all sorts of other things.


Vertx Essentials

The Essential is an EDC style bag for carrying everything from your wallet to your IFAK. It is large enough to fit a tablet and has a rapid access area for a pistol. The bag retails for $109.95.

Professional Rifle Garment Bag


The Professional Rifle Garment Bag is a soft-sided piece of luggage that serves as a traditional garment bag with the added feature of storing a rifle that is up to 28″ in overall length. When carried on a shoulder, the weapon is accessible via a zippered compartment for rapid deployment. The video below shows some of the details of the bag.

More information on this bag can be found in Nicholas C’s article from the 2016 SHOT Show.

Richard Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    Am I wrong or the Gamut backpack allows the quick extraction in the video only if you keep the zip open on one side?
    That does not look like the safest option for carrying… out of your sight, not in contact with your body and easily accessible…

    • Nocternus

      Sometimes off body carry is the only viable option. It just requires a constant level of observation of your bag and not being complacent. Me personally I am not allowed to have a holster on my person while working. My employer allows me to have my CCW in my vehicle but I wouldn’t want to flaunt it by dawning a holster when I get off work. So I carry in a off body courier type bag. It isn’t the best method for CCW but it is what works for me given my situation. I get really tired of people bashing a method of CCW because it isn’t “The Best”. IWB works for some, Shoulder holsters work for others, Off Body carry works for some. As long as you have it with you you are better off than it being at home in the safe.

  • stephen

    Zippers! Zippers everywhere!

    How about a low cost off body carry bag that isn’t the Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts Ballistic Off-Body Bag (B.O.B.B.) that sells for the ridiculous price of $349?

    Just saying.

    • Ark

      But it has to be ruinously expensive, because guns.

  • Stu

    The Garment Bag must weigh 70 lbs after chucking everything in it.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I thought of hiding a rifle in a garment bag for ready access, hanging in the closet. I’m not sure the pros outweigh an actual locking container for safety and security, but it is a cool idea.

  • sadbag

    still can’t find the EDC Essential bag in green =(

  • noob