Mechforce Enforcer Muzzle Brakes

Mechforce USA based out of Texas are newcomers to the firearms accessory market, they actually started out in the aerospace and energy business. Being gun enthusiasts they decided to use their knowledge and experience to produce high quality firearms parts. One of their product lines is their Enforcer muzzle brakes.

They’re available for both 1/2-28 TPI 5.56/.223 and 5/8-24 TPI .308/7.62MM firearms. Both sizes come with four variable timing crush washers for installation, they’re made from what Mechforce calls “proprietary Milspec steel” created from a proprietary heat treatment process they says creates a higher strength product. Both the exterior and interior of their Enforcer brakes are black nitrided for corrosion resistance. The 5.56/.223 version is 2.48″ long and weights in at 3.6oz while the .308/7.62MM version is 2.64″ long and weights 4.2oz.

There’s a ton of AR-15 muzzle brakes on the market today,¬†what makes the Enforcer muzzle brakes unique is its wedge shaped geometry. Mechforce claims after much fine tuning and testing that their muzzle brake geometry will not only significantly reduce muzzle rise and recoil but it will also project the shock wave and sound to the front and side of the shooter. They’re made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty from Mechforce. The .223/5.56 version retails at $79.95 and the .308/7.62mm version is $89.95. Check them out at




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  • Jake

    First thing I’m going to do is sharpen it. The only thing better than a boomstick is a boom & stabby stick.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    looks comparable to the lantac dragon sans flash hider prongs

    • raz-0

      Doesn’t have a high pressure chamber.

      It’s a three baffle comp with popple holes before each baffle, no high pressure chamber. That’d put it in the SJC titan end of the gene pool.

      It’s heavier than it needs to be to look cool. minus points there. Isn’t absurdly expensive, so plus points there. The edges of everything gases jet around are nice and thick, so it should wear well. Plus there. Popple holes are big on the first baffle despite it being the smallest opening of the three, so it may push the muzzle down rather than just negate muzzle rise. Minus there. Has lots of needless look cool machining which someone has to pay for, minus there. Timing washers are a nice touch if they actually work as intended, plus there.

      It’s also got a weird big hole in the last baffle, which means that’s probably mostly cosmetic.

      Save space, weight, and money and you can have a dynamic resistance comp that probably does everything this does. It can push the muzzle down as too much popple hole, but hey.

      Doesn’t look totally stupid or a waste of space, not sure I’d bite without seeing a decent review of it.

      • Blake

        How do you give it points for being relatively affordable then negate points for “machining which someone has to pay for”?

        • raz-0

          Super easy. Some places charge a huge premium for looks cool. They are doing it and running middle of the pack.

          If they did less of it they could be cheaper while still retaining similar margins.

          Its more or less a push unless one of those things matters more to you than the other.

  • 22winmag

    Sensible looking design, but I scored a GO GUN SUPERCOMP on Amazon for $55 a while ago and I’ve never looked back.

  • Saw the word MECH and was expecting some gundam or transformers related muzzle brakes. Clearly disappointed.

  • The amazon $17 muzzle brake was magical. Now yhey have their own site and/or are on Ebay.

  • Graham2


  • Blake

    You’ve clearly never used a compensator or brake then.

  • Francis

    Can we just stop with the AR15 muzzle device coverage? It’s a basic product with a saturated market. Unless it does something new, nobody really cares.

  • John

    Watch some of the muzzle brake reviews on YouTube, they can do amazing things to mitigate recoil even to a rifle with hardly any recoil like an AR type .223.

    Now on a .300 Win Mag….they are necessary.

  • Christopher Wallace

    Daddy Rike.

  • noob

    Well it looks like it has a really low radar cross section, so there’s that :/

  • ozzallos .

    Saw the title and guessed this brake would cost north of fifty dollars for reasons.
    Was sadly correct.

    • Glockwork

      Just ordered from their site, blemished plus 15% off sale. 53 and change shipped.
      I can’t find a blemish on it.

      Maybe look into it before they run out.

  • valorius

    Only a quarter pound in weight, eh?