6 Gun-Related Crowdfunding Projects

In this article, we’ll take a look at 6 most interesting gun-related crowdfunding projects currently active in crowdfunding websites. Although many of these sites are not quite friendly to the gun community, there are still some that retain common sense. Namely, the Indiegogo has most of the firearms and outdoor campaigns. So below is the list of six projects available right now on crowdfunding websites (December 2017). The list is in no particular order:

1) TR1 Rotating Free Floating Handguard

Crowdfunding - 1

This handguard is designed by a US company called Stand Fast Tactical LLC. It took two years for the company to design and refine this product. TR1 has a dual tube construction with outer tube rotating on the inner one using it as an axis. In order to adjust it to your desired position, you need to push the outer sleeve forward, rotate it to the position you want and leave it to retract. Once released it will fix itself in the position it is left. The inner tube keeps the barrel free floated. So the idea is to quickly reposition your accessories depending on the need of any particular moment or scenario.

The tubes are made of aircraft grade aluminum and the retaining spring is made of stainless steel. The TR1 handguard will have an MSRP of $300. If you like it, you can support this project by $250 and get a handguard once they are made. You can find the link to their Indiegogo campaign right here.

2) The Gadget — A Striker Control Device for Glock Pistols

The launch of this campaign was earlier written about on The Firearm Blog. So I am presenting you the follow-up of the story.

Striker control device is meant to provide added level of security when holstering a striker fired handgun. It is a steel made safety device which replaces the Glock pistol’s slide plate. It is activated when pressure is applied on it such as the thumb pressure during holstering. The Gadget blocks the striker, which in its turn blocks the trigger bar, which prevents the trigger from being pulled.

Crowdfunding - 2

This is a “passive” safety device and doesn’t interfere with the normal operation of the gun. The main purpose of it is to make holstering a bit safer and prevent accidents. The Gadget was tested through some 300,000 rounds with almost all Glock models and performed flawlessly. It is designed so, that even if it breaks it will retain its slide plate function.

They’ve already reached their goal with more than $81,000 total funds raised. Should you still need to support this project, you can do it here.

3) Swiss-Observer

Swiss-Observer is a round counting device replacing the handgun magazine baseplates. It has a small window on the rear side where it shows the number of remaining cartridges in the magazine. The Observer was tested and has passed a 5000 round test.

The internal construction of the Observer is pretty interesting and looks like a Swiss watch mechanism. Take a look at it in the video below:

This device is designed in Switzerland and covered by a number of patents including a US one (US Patent # 20160169602). They have a number of options to support them which you can see by clicking here.

4) Hurler2 – A Sporting Clay Thrower

Crowdfunding - 3

Hurler2 is a gun shaped clay pigeon throwing device. It makes launching sporting clays much easier and fun too. Hurler2 is loaded with one or two 4 1/2 ” clay targets. It is adjustable for left or right-hand use. It is also possible to adjust the spread of two clay targets. Hurler2 is completely made of plastic and will come with a lifetime guarantee.

The thrower is designed in the USA. The first batch is already manufactured and tested by hunters and skeet shooters. The production is estimated to start in January 2017. You can support this project starting from $15 by going to their Indiegogo page right here.

5) MotoTech SCAR17 25rd SheetMetal Magazine

Crowdfunding - 4

MotoTech Engineering is a Texas-based company, which offers SCAR rifle parts. They’ve designed a 25 round 7.62x51mm magazine for SCAR 17 rifles. The company has already made the prototypes and tested them.

They’ve set a goal to raise $8000 to make the first batch of 100 magazines. By contributing $200 you’ll get a magazine free shipped to your address. MotoTech has crowdfunding accounts in Indiegogo and GoFoundMe.

6) GunMitt

This hunting accessory is somewhat hard to describe not using too many words. It is a sort of gun mounted glove, which allows you to keep your hands warm during hunting and still have access to the controls of the gun with bare hands. In cold conditions of the hunting field, you need to wear gloves thus sacrificing some dexterity. Or, you can keep your hands uncovered for a better feel of the controls, but suffer from cold. So GunMitt solves this dilemma.

Crowdfunding - 5

The exterior material of GunMitt is a synthetic fabric not to absorb sweat and water. It also has an inside pouch to store a HotHands or similar warming bag. In order to prevent the GunMitt from sliding away, it is secured over the buttplate by an adjustable strap. Gunmitt is also ambidextrous and to change it from right to left-hand use you just need to flip it over. Another little feature is the possibility to hold four shotgun shells on the GunMitt.

In order to contribute to this project or to learn more about it, proceed by this link to their crowdfunding page on KickStarter.com.

Other Projects

I have included in the list the projects, which I thought are the most interesting. However, there are several smaller or not quite gun related projects too, which you may also like. Here are the links to that campaigns:

PP GUN – FPS game controller.

A Visual History of Firearms – printed poster.

The Titanium ARti Tool – AR-15 shaped pocket EDC tool.

Quick Response Backpack SURVIVOR X5 -Bug Out Bag.

Shoulder Saving Recoil Pad.

As you can see some of these projects are really innovative and may have wide use, whereas others have limited potential market. Also, note how some of the campaigns have no funding, while others have reached their goals and even raised money past the milestone.

I hope you liked the subject of this article and enjoyed the content.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
Should you need to contact him, feel free to shoot him a message at TFBHrachyaH@gmail.com


  • Jim N Jenna SK

    That scar mag looks ugly as F$&! And not worth $200.. If it works and is sub $50 I’ll buy a few.

    • Gary Kirk

      It’s a SCAR.. It costs you $200 every time you pick it up..

      • Major Fret

        Yes, but how else are you suppose to do your best Tier 1 Operator cosplay at the range?

      • ModelT

        Stick with the Scar 16. it’s 5.56mm and pmags wont cost you so much.

    • PK

      $200 might be the cheapest SCAR 17 accessory yet.

  • SD

    I just don’t see the point of the rotating rail…

    • Bull

      If you have a keltec sub2000 and wants to use a optic… But otherwise it’s pretty silly

      • SGT Fish

        or use an offset rail adapter. Ive seen some really nice very low profile ones that would conserve the foladability of the Sub2k

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        And the Keltec has a rotating rail option for years now. Come to think about it, there was a rotating quad rail for ARs for sale a few years ago too.

    • ModelT

      I had this idea a year ago for a rotating rail.
      It’s useful for when you have a magnified optic as your primary. But you can switch to a red dot CQ setup with a 90° quick flip of the rail; which can eliminate the bad ergonomics and need for canted iron sights.

      • SD

        I don’t understand what you’re saying. If you’ve mounted a magnified optic as your primary, rotating a rail isn’t going to move the magnified optic out of the way for a red dot.

  • Jim

    So the hurler2 took the mtm easy thrower, made it blue and put a pistol grip on it….how very novel. I hope the have a good patent attorney because I don’t see mtm sitting on their hands.

  • iksnilol

    That Swiss-Observer seems good, just have some tritium backlighting for the numbers and a clear font. It provides a tangible benefit and worst case scenario you’re back to using your gun as it was earlier.

    • Jeff Smith

      Yea, I get that it’s a startup and everything, but you have to provide more incentive to donate than the finished product at quadruple what it should cost.

      • iksnilol

        Well, to be fair you’re getting it at half price if you’re backing them. So it is only 100 bucks a pop then.

        • Jeff Smith
          • iksnilol

            I was thinking about the SwissObserver, I’ve no interest in SCAR mags.

          • Jeff Smith

            Ah, My mistake!

          • Tom Currie

            Either way. There seems to be a trend among these “crowd funded” items – that even the discounted price for early backers is still ridiculously above what the product could possibly achieve as a market price. I can’t imagine anyone outside a government agency even considering $200 for one standard capacity pistol magazine even with a fancy round count device stuck on the bottom.

            Then again, if you go beyond the “six” and look at the others listed at the end of the article you find the guy who isn’t offering anything to backers, which is probably a good idea since he appears to be doing product development on a way to repeal Newton’s Third Law. The listing says he plans to develop “a rifle recoil pad to eliminate all recoil”

    • Ben Loong

      I’ll wait for either Casio or Timex to make an electronic one with an LCD counter that runs off a watch battery.

      • iksnilol

        Oooor until Seiko makes a mechanical one that blows it outta the water for a fraction of the cost.

  • My opinion of the projects
    Rotating handguard – clown shoes
    Striker Control Device – I am willing to plunk down money for a couple.
    Swiss Observer – Neat idea, way too expensive
    SCAR Mags – Are they nuts? $200 for the honor of owning one of the first 100 when I can buy a factory one for $40
    Gun Mitt – Needs someway to secure the collar. But even still you would need to keep your hand in it constantly.

  • Graham2

    So it’s possible to buy a 20 round SCAR mag for $40, or a 25 round mag for $200. That’s $160 for an extra 5 rounds, I’d rather buy 4 extra 20 round mags and be able to hold 80 rounds!

    • John

      Keep in mind, it’s $200 for an American-made metal magazine that holds 25 rounds and doesn’t jam. I’m fairly sure prices will go down after a supply is made.

      • DW

        And the 20round OEM scar mag aren’t?

    • Red McCloud

      The magazine is $90; it’s only $200 if you want to back the company with the extra $110 and get one earlier.

      • Graham2

        So you go to the store and buy 5 x 20 round mags today for $200, or pay $200 for the privilege of having an extra 5 rounds in a magazine compared to a 20. I’m sorry but I really can’t see the logic! I doubt many SCAR owners are in a life or death situation where those extra 5 rounds are going to make a great deal of difference…

  • Sianmink

    Got my Gadget, it’s good stuff.
    Sadly the price nearly doubled because he wasn’t expecting to have to individually CNC machine each one domestically. At $55 it’s an easy yes. At $95 it’s a little harder of a choice.

    • DGR

      If they didn’t know how much something was going to cost in production, then they had no business trying to sell them. Easily one of the most basic elements of a business. To go from $55 to $95 means they had no idea how much it was going to cost, and they had no back-up when their plan to make product for cheap offshore, and sell in the US at a 200-300% markup failed. I’m being a little harsh I know, but I dislike companies that use crowdsourcing for this very reason. Just because you can make a cool product, doesn’t mean you know how to run a business.

      • Sianmink

        The trouble is the original local producer was unable to deliver good product, so they tried China in order to deliver on promises but still keep it under cost. China was unable to meet their quality requirements, so in order to satisfy backers, they decided to go full CNC, but at correspondingly higher cost.
        The realities of manufacture catch up to you pretty hard when you’re not used to it.

    • throckmorten

      Actually, the price is listed as $79.

      • Sianmink

        Yeah he just updated with a lowered price.

  • GD Ajax

    Striker Control Device – For those who still think that mall ninja condition one BS is useful on a striker pistol. Everyone but the morbidly obese and 1911 crutch users carry them Israel Style.

    • just carry a da/sa gun instead like a Beretta px4

    • pun&gun

      I don’t know anyone who carries a striker pistol without a round in the chamber.

  • lol just get a da/sa hammer gun instead of relying on some funky striker blocker

  • Brett

    You can mod FAL mags to fit the SCAR 17. Brownell’s sells 30 rounders.

  • raspberryjam

    Crowdfunding is indicative of an entrepreneur’s inability to secure a legitimate bank loan. Yeah it’s romantic to “be a part” of the development process, but don’t expect to receive the same pre-production sample that is advertised, and don’t expect it to be done within a year of their projected deadline. The very essence of crowdfunding is that the entrepreneur has zero manufacturing experience. I’ve backed projects that took five extra years to deliver.

  • Cymond

    The PP Gun controller failed to hit its finding goal *4 months ago*.