My friend Kris K. complied a few pics showing some HK416C out in the wild. The HK416C is a short barreled PDW with a collapsing stock. I have only seen the HK416C by VFC.

Umarex has a licensed airsoft version made by VFC in Taiwan.


I thought the 416C was just an airsoft creation. Clearly not as you can see in the photos below.

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  • iksnilol

    It looks sooo tactical… it hurts how much I want one.

    • Nicholas C

      You could get the .22LR pistol and add the airsoft stock. The receivers are similar

    • smitty26

      Check out the website of :ZIP Militaria (Hamburg ,Germany) look for the part :Free Gun Partsand Magazines : Lots of new H&K parts .
      These 416/417 stocks (original H&k) 299,- euro.
      Gasbock’s,compleet lowers etc etc etc

  • Who’s the dignitary in the last photo there?

    • Chris22lr

      Muhammad V, Sultan of Kelantan, Malaysian head of state.

      Last years they’ve got a lot of HK’s cool stuff including various XM8s.

      • mike

        I guess they will not be getting anymore, I don’t think they are in NATO.
        UK police getting all the cool toys, do they know something we don’t ( or are they just realizing what we already knew)

        • Tom

          I wouldn’t read to much into the “we will only sell to NATO/Allied states thing I imagine if Malaysia has any trouble acquiring HKs they will just buy them from the UK subsidiary same as Nepal did.

          • Dougscamo

            They don’t want their PC report card to state “Does not share with others”….

          • Jeff S

            Didn’t SIG Germany get peter-slapped for selling pistols to the Mexicans by way of SIG USA?

        • Ben

          UK Police forces largely adopted G36 variants across the country after it was released. G36’s have a 20 year service life so they’d be due for replacement anyway by 2016/7.

  • SP mclaughlin

    I think the HK416C was made for a UKSF tender originally.

  • Gary Kirk

    That close to the muzzle on that short of barrel.. Hope Eotech worked out the whole thermal issue..

    • ExMachina1

      I’d think that it’d be really hard to reliably pick up the reticle that far away too. I like dot type sights closer in rather than farther out…

      • Blake

        Picking up the reticle isn’t really an issue on a rifle where you have a consistent cheek weld.

        • ExMachina1

          For range shooting sure, but counting on getting a good cheek weld in CQB seems chancey

          • Blake

            Not if you’ve got a rifle this short. You can pretty much just keep the cheek weld the entire time. Granted my CQB experience is limited to extensive airsoft battles, but the concept is still the same. I don’t understand the compulsion to run any optic that far out though. I run mine as far out on the receiver as I can. Any farther than that and you’re risking a wandering zero.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      It’s an Eotech. It crapped out a long time ago, so he doesn’t have to worry about where it is. That’s part of the mystique.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • Tassiebush

      I didn’t get that reference so I looked it up and saw it was from some movie called X-men which going on the name and title I figure must be some kind of action film about transsexuals.

      • Ambassador Vader

        Your not too far off from how far off this last one was. Come to think of it, an action movie about transsexuals would have been more entertaining.

    • iksnilol

      I did always find that “you’re good as you are rhetoric” to be silly considering some mutants wouldn’t mind being cured (IE the girl who kills living things by simply being near them).

      • Tassiebush

        Hir would have to assume a secret identity like as an incompetent gardener or zookeeper.

      • Nomar Abdiel Vazquez Vazquez

        You meant touching them.

  • Ryan

    Apparently Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley Police Tactical Firearms Department use the 416C so that would explain the first picture.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      That makes sense.
      Thames Valley is the Fallujah of South Central England.

      • Ryan

        Thames Valley AFO’s get all the nifty gear, must be the perk of being there.

        • Ben

          More rich people = more tax = more toys!

  • Ark

    The dude in the last picture is just about the only one who figured out where his optic should be installed.

    • Bronson

      Am I missing something? In every picture it looks like the sights are installed on the receiver.

  • Malthrak

    I like the CZ Scorpion in there…

    • FulMetlJakit

      Really wanna know what the guy on the left with the chest rig is rocking too, looks bullpup.
      And all those medals and cool outfit… but no blue suede shoes, epic missed opportunity.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        The bullpup looks like an F2000. Looking closer it had what looked like that little cover it has over the chamber.

        • BaconLovingInfidel

          Definitely. Good eye.

  • toms

    I remember reading that HK discontinued the c model for reliability problems?

    • Anonymoose sells a PDW stock under their HK416 header. Slap that on a 10″-barreled SBR and you should what is basically an HK416C.

      • Rob

        The actual HK PDW Stock is shorter and requires a shorter carrier. The one on hkparts is a replica that was lengthened to facilitate the use of a normal carrier with an abbreviated buffer.

        • Anonymoose

          Yeah, well, you’d also need a shorter gas system and a 9″ barrel for it to be a true HK416C, but 10.4″ is the best you’re gonna get unless you have connections to get crazy experimental HKs the way Malaysia does…I would be completely unsurprised if they started parading around with G11s and UCPs.

  • Sid Collins

    Does anyone else notice that the aide holding the umbrella in the photo seems to be holding the firing line in place?

  • Andrew

    I spy a SureFire 60 round mag as well!

  • Some more hot HK416C action: