POF updates Corner Shot Clone

The Pakistani state arms company Pakistan Ordnance Factory has updated their clone of the Israeli Corner Shot weapon system, with their POF Eye system. We covered the POF Eye on TFB back in 2008, but since then the company has been continually updating the design. Most recent is the addition of an LCD screen mounted on the users back, that allows team members behind the user to see what the user is observed through the system. In addition the system now has an ocular device that straps to the user’s helmet, and a battery pack that straps to a vest. The battery pack is configured so a battery can be inserted by the user from above for a quick “reload” of batteries.

From Army Recognition

The POF Eye package has image downloading and transmission capability so that the enemy can be located and information shared with other troops to enable the commandos to take the best positions to engage the targets.

At IDEAS 2016, the POF Eye package upgrade was fitted with an IR camera with an effective range of 20m. The video recorded by the camera can be transmitted on the on a monocular screen fitted on the helmet. At the same time all the video information can be send by data link at a maximum range of 400m.

The video is also displayed on large color screen fitted at the back of the soldier allowing all the assault team to see the combat situation.



Though initially very forward thinking and pioneering from the Israelis, and copied by the Pakistanis, South Koreans, Indians, Iranians, and Chinese, I think the design is dead in the water. The concept of being able to shoot from behind a corner or wall, without exposing ones self has been tested for at least the past century, and although innovative, hasn’t seen much actual operational success. On a MOUT range with targets, it appears to work fine. But the problem is that MOUT isn’t a cookie cutter situation to begin with, targets aren’t always going to be present within the tidy confines of an LCD screen, but instead exist at all matters of angles and locations.


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  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Looks really stupid.

  • forrest1985

    Is this so they can peer round the corner and laugh at India’s INSAS replacement programme?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Seems like a tiny drone would be more effective. I mean how accurately can you be expected to shoot with one of those things even if you do zero the bad guys?

  • Audie Bakerson

    The system the US was doing, where a night vision optic was mirrored to a monocle (covered here a fe days ago), seems far more practical.

    • Herr Wolf

      aka The Mr Peanut System

    • User

      Yes absolutly, i mean whats the sence in having a tiny pistol in a large corner shot mount, + having this helm mounted thing. When you just can use the helmez mounted thing with an actual Rifle that ofcourse has higher range, high penetration, high accuracy, flat trajectory, high lethality, short time to flight, high capacity…

  • wildbillb

    super easy. we’ve been playing with this for 2 years now. WiFi camera mounted on a cheap laser for a Glock… and everyone’s cellphone can watch-n-see. <$50 and anyone can put it together. plus – put on an IR flashlight and see-n-da-dark! no backpack required!

  • User

    If you already can see trough the Helmet mounted thing than its fully senceless to use a tiny pistol in this corner shot mount… Just use a Rifle.

  • Gary Kirk

    Perhaps the next upgrade could be proper fitting helmets that don’t sit crooked as Hell..

  • Frank Grimes

    They should make one that rotates the gun around 180 degrees.

    Then issue one to every member of the Pakistani military.

    Osama harboring scumbags,

  • John

    >”But the problem is that MOUT isn’t a cookie cutter situation to begin
    with, targets aren’t always going to be present within the tidy confines
    of an LCD screen, but instead exist at all matters of angles and

    Turn the Cornershot sideways like a gansta and you can aim down… and UP.

    Ain’t no Xenomorphs getting the drop on you now.

  • Antonio

    Literally thought this was a crossbow

  • Badwolf

    You can wifi the video from a gopro to your mobile phone. So to me that’s the size and weight standard to beat.

    • Seriously, a GoPro with a Picatinny mount would do the same thing hella cheaper and easier.

  • What’s the Hindi word for “Goldbergian”? There’s so much extraneous gear attached to that standard handgun I’m half surprised it doesn’t have a VTOSL lift fan in the middle to keep MARCOS happy. Just use your sidearm and stick a webcam or GoPro on the accessory rail, for फक’s sake.

  • noob
  • Paul Joly

    Wow that’s freaking modern for the 80’s, 2016?!

  • jjjaja

    They should rename it the WussyShot, I think it will sell.