Long Range Rifle coming to 3 Gun Nation

Competitive and dynamic long range rifle competition has becoming more active through the Precision Rifle Series, but currently 3 Gun Nation, one of the largest competitive 3 gun organizations will be breaking into the genre. The group has already hosted a successful Long Range competition in November, and will be offering a December competition on the 10th and 11th, with more to come in follow up years. The Long Range competition consists of 3 semi-automatic divisions, and 1 bolt action division, in addition to a pistol stage on all 4 divisions. There is no shotgun as is in traditional 3 gun matches.

From the 3 Gun Nation website

The 3GN Long Range program combines the speed and dynamic movement of 3-Gun with the precision and accuracy of long-range rifle matches. It incorporates the best of both worlds to provide a new and exciting match with a totally different feel.

3GN Long Range (LR) is longer than 3-Gun and faster than precision rifle. Semi-automatic pistols and accurate rifles are used to engage targets from “arms reach” out to 800 yards in a dynamic environment – with plenty of movement and reactive targetry. It is a challenging new approach designed to stretch out the distance and speed up the shooting.

This new program will make a 3-gunner push their distance limits and become more accurate. The precision rifle shooter will benefit from the faster pace – as it hones their time management skills and improves their ability to get in and out of various shooting positions quickly.

It is a fast paced and exciting sport on its own, but it is also a valuable training tool for 3-gunners and precision rifle shooters alike. 3GN LR takes both disciplines out of their comfort zones and forces them to get better.

In essence, this is an opportunity for shooters who might not be as grounded in the precision rifle community that would otherwise compete in the Precision Rifle Series, to have the chance to compete in a setting that is much more friendly for someone coming from a strictly AR and 3 Gun background. The PRS series shooters are extremely dedicated, with the matches being entirely high quality bolt action rifles until next year with the addition of a Gas Gun stage. An example of this is through the rules for Long Range 3 Gun that provision for shooters to zero their rifles at the beginning of each match. Within PRS, it is expected that you show up, already zeroed, and already prepared for whatever weather condition or altitude will do to your current zero. Someone simply wanting to enter into an entry level long range competition probably wants to absolutely prepare for it, but not to the in-depth standard that PRS shooters go through.

Either way, I think this is excellent that more avenues are opening up for dynamic long range competition. Previously and currently the most a shooter could progress within the competition world was through fixed firing line CMP matches. These are an excellent measure for competition, but similar to the advent of IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA much of the current generation wants something that is more dynamic and realistic.


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  • Sunshine_Shooter

    So PRS is drifting towards 3-gun, and 3-gun is drifting towards PRS. Will they remain distinctly different, or will they end up competing head-to-head, a la IDPA and USPSA?

    • KestrelBike

      Can’t imagine that many 3-gun ranges even have the room to do distances longer than 200yds, and that’s for that one special bay they have.

      • Sam Damiano

        According to one of my High Power shooters who shoots three gun, 200 yards is long range for most of them.

        • KestrelBike

          Exactly, I’ve been to one 3-gun event, Noveske multigun championship (not far from denver colorado), and only one of 10 stages had a 200yd rifle portion.

  • Sam Damiano

    I don’t compete in either PRS or 3 Gun currently, CMP and NRA High Power Rifle and Service Pistol competitor. I’d take a scoped, better than 4 power under new rules, NMAR up against a bolt rifle on most courses.

  • valorius

    The guy in the pic is so C-clampy it makes my eyes hurt.

    • Macht

      I take it you’ve never watched a national 3 gun match then?

      • valorius

        Where would one even view such a thing?

  • Toxie

    Yawn. Gun “games” have gotten far to “gamey” for my tastes.

  • Don Ward

    C-Clamp grip combined with a Creedmoor shooting stance.

    The tactitard idiocy continues.

    • Dougscamo

      How timely….considering the the Creedmoor donnybrook last week…

  • USMC03Vet

    Just the excuse I needed to practice wind calling in my living room.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I personally think that shotguns are outdated. Replacing shotguns with long-range rifles in 3 gun competitions sounds like a good idea since modern combat revolves around pistols, assault rifles, and long-range precision rifles. I also don’t think that the American firearm community focuses on long-range shooting enough. Most American shooting revolves around engaging targets at close range, and as a result we’re losing our long-range marksmanship skills.

    • SGT Fish

      that’s why I only shoot 2-gun matches so far. and I think they should stick to pump only shotguns